As a successful and sustainable business, our vision is to take a leading role in the stewardship of open spaces by assisting our clients and partners to manage and improve them by protecting, conserving and enhancing biodiversity in a holistic and responsible manner. By investing in this vision we can make an enduring contribution to biodiversity and the environment for the benefit of all. We employ an Environmental Advisor to develop our company approach, culminating in our biodiversity strategy document 'Together for Nature'. This document provides company-wide guidance on what we are doing to best implement improvements to our business methodologies and contract management techniques.

Conservation Programmes

Together for Nature

Guided by regional biodiversity action plans created by leading conservation experts, our biodiversity team have created an action plan for every contract we manage. These have the aim of assisting our managers in looking into schemes they can support, which will help their clients meet their legal obligations for reversing the decline of the target species and habitats in their area. Monthly reporting back to the biodiversity team ensures that we are having a continuous and quantifiable positive impact in our clients’ areas.

Activities we have undertaken in the past twelve months for our clients include:

Bulb planting, mini-beast hunts and bird box making with local schools

Wildflower plug planting and seed sowing with gardening clubs

Donation of staff time to Wildlife Trusts

Invasive species removal

School holiday activities including mini-beast hunts for local communities

We also invest in training for our staff to broaden their knowledge and skills to better benefit the works we carry out for our clients and offer advice where appropriate.