Partnership Working

We have developed a strong partnership ethos throughout all aspects of our business, working collaboratively with our client organisations as well as with our invaluable suppliers.

Our supply chain

We have developed strong partnerships with our national and local suppliers, with relationships based on mutual trust, team work and reliability. Our supply chain is particularly critical during contract mobilisation periods, times when our long term relationships are both tested and rewarded. We can rely on our supply chain to engage with us by offering the best advice and service and we can be relied upon to be loyal long term business partners.

Our client organisations

We have developed a partnership model which all of our contracts work from based on:

    A commitment to improving current service quality
    A commitment to service sustainability
    An understanding of each other’s expectations and values
    A relationship based on openness and trust
    Shared knowledge, expertise and resources
    A public service ethos combined with commercial edge to develop a cost effective quality service
    Shared risk