We have been delivering gully cleansing services to a wide range of local authorities since 1990, including Cumbria County Council, Lancashire County Council, Isle of Wight Unitary Council and London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. We own a fleet of purpose-built gully cleansing vehicles as well as a range of specialist ancillary equipment.
Low Volume Combination units (LVC)
The LVC is an entry-level vehicle that provides an excellent solution for emptying and cleaning roadside gullies in an efficient manner. It is also equipped with high and low pressure water jetting hoses to clear gully connections and domestic drains. The vacuum tank can also be used to empty septic tanks and cesspools.
These vehicles are used for day to day gully emptying. They have a split tank front compartment with a capacity of 800 gallons for clean water and rear compartment holding 1000 gallons for dirty water and sludge.
Medium Volume combination units (MVC)
Our MVC vehicles are highly developed, multi-functional machines ideal for working on mainline sewers, gullies and drains. It includes all the features of the LVC, but also has up-rated jetting performance and the benefit of years of focused research and development. The result of this investment is a very efficient standard package. The fundamental difference and upgrade is apparent with the fitting of the large hydraulically powered jetting hose reel to the rear door. This machine can clean pipe work up to 15inches and a root cutter can be used by attaching to the jetting hose. The water delivery is 18 gallons per minute and the pressure is 1800 psi.
Trailer mounted jetters
Our trailer mounted machines are used predominantly for those places which are difficult to access. The jetters are frequently used to unblock drains for households. The water carrying capacity of the jetter is 200 gallons, delivering up to 8 gallons of water per minute. The pressure can be adjusted to suit individual circumstances, with a range from 1000psi up to a maximum of 4500psi.

Despite the occasional pieces which may be deemed as street art, most instances of graffiti are often simplistic tags that need to be safely removed. We have the trained technical expertise and modern, well-maintained and presented machinery to deliver a timely, safe and professional graffiti removal service. All our operatives are all NVQ level 2 trained in graffiti removal.
Photographic evidence is produced both for internal and external reporting purposes, including for police or local authority enforcement.
We utilise a range of high pressure jet washers and surface-specific solvents and wipes to remove graffiti in a safe and sustainable manner, protecting the surrounding environment and water courses.
An example of before and after treatment: