Our northern round covers the following areas:

  • Wallasey;
  • Seacombe;
  • New Brighton;
  • Liscard; and
  • Egremont.

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Albion Street 59North30/11/2018
Cambridge Road Sheltered SchemeNorth30/11/2018
Field road Housing EstateNorth06/12/2018
Mount Pleasant Road FlatsNorth30/11/2018
Osbourne Vale/GroveNorth30/11/2018
Seabank Road 92a-92bNorth30/11/2018
Seymour CourtNorth30/11/2018
Seymour Court (next to entrance)North30/11/2018
Seymour Street FlatsNorth03/12/2018
St James Road 10North30/11/2018
Stringhey Road FlatsNorth03/12/2018
Wellington Road FlatsNorth30/11/2018
Apollo CourtNorth06/11/2018
Cherry BankNorth03/12/2018
North & South Park CourtNorth28/11/2018
Brighton st, Leopold stNorth03/12/2018
Oakdale Housing EstateNorth29/11/2018
Mersey Court FlatsNorth28/11/2018
Oakdale Rd/Vernon AvNorth
Poole Road/Marsden Rd Housing EstateNorth04/12/2018
Rankin St Sheltered HosuingNorth03/12/2018
Shakespeare Road Flats 43-57North29/11/2018
Shakespeare Road Flats 59-73North29/11/2018
Union St/King St/Rice La EstateNorth04/12/2018
Wickham Close Housing EstateNorth05/12/2018
Withens Lane Flats 34a-34jNorth03/12/2018
Church St/Darlington St HousingNorth04/12/2018
Church St/Water St FlatsNorth04/12/2018
Conningsby Dr Sheltered HousingNorth06/12/2018
Egerton Grove Sheltered HousingNorth30/11/2018
Eric road/Mill Lane FlatsNorth30/11/2018
Urmson Road FlatsNorth06/12/2018
Folly Lane Flats 2-12North29/11/2018
Kelmscott Drive Flats 15-21North29/11/2018
Leasowe Road FlatsNorth29/11/2018
Marshlands Road Housing EstateNorth04/12/2018
Mosslands Drive Flats 152-158North29/11/2018
Mosslands Drive Flats 159-169North29/11/2018
Mosslands Drive Flats 91-97North29/11/2018
School Lane Flats 2-16North30/11/2018
Wallacre Road Flats 22-30North30/11/2018
Wallasey Village 1-33bNorth29/11/2018
Wallasey Village Flats +small vergeNorth29/11/2018
Wallasey Village Flats 37-59North29/11/2018
Wood Lane Housing EstateNorth04/12/2018
The TowersNorth
Atholl Street Housing EstateNorth
Beech Court1/10 Milton Road 28/40North06/12/2018
Carlisle Mews Flats 7-30North07/12/2018
Clarendon Close Flats 1-24North07/12/2018
Mount Grove PlaceNorth07/12/2018
Oxton Road Flats 80-184North