Wychwood House
4 Landscape Close Weston on the Green Oxfordshire OX25 3SX
Mon-Fri: 08:30 - 16:30

The areas covered by our southern round are:

  • Eastham;
  • Bromborough; and
  • Bebington

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Abbots Drive (2-14) Friars Close (26-34)South17/11/2016
Abbots Drive (16-24) Friars Close (2-4)South21/11/2016
Abbotts Grange FlatsSouth17/11/2016
Allison Avenue Flats 11-27South14/12/2016
Bebington Road FlatsSouth14/12/2016
Brougham Av. 1-12, 31-37 & Beaco'd Ct.South15/12/2016
Cedar Ave FlatsSouth22/11/2016
Clifton Avenue FlatsSouth14/11/2016
Courtney ParkSouth02/12/2016
Delamere Court Sheltered HousingSouth15/11/2016
Devon GardensSouth20/12/2016
Dorset GardensSouth02/12/2016
Green Lane BungalowsSouth16/12/2016
Green Lawn FlatsSouth02/12/2016
Green Lawn GaragesSouth02/12/2016
Grenville Road Flats 2-18South15/12/2016
Grenville Road Flats 22-34South19/12/2016
Grenville Road Flats 23-45South19/12/2016
Hall FarmSouth15/11/2016
Harrogate Road FlatsSouth06/12/2016
Juliet Avenue Grass AreaSouth23/11/2016
Kennet Close Housing EstateSouth14/12/2016
Kennet Close verge outside 16-18South14/12/2016
Knowsley CourtSouth06/12/2016
Laurel Avenue Flats 14-21South07/12/2016
Lime Avenue14-24South22/11/2016
Meadowfield CloseSouth15/12/2016
Meadowfield Close verge outsideSouth15/12/2016
Mendell Close Sheltered HousingSouth15/11/2016
Merseybank Flats 1-12South08/12/2016
Millersdale Close Flats 19-37South14/11/2016
Millersdale Close Flats 39-57South15/11/2016
Millersdale Close Flats 59-73South16/11/2016
Monksway (37-43)South22/11/2016
Monksway (51-53)South22/11/2016
New Ferry Road Sheltered HousingSouth08/12/2016
Parkside Close Sheltered HousingSouth22/12/2016
Plane Tree Road (area in front of flats)South07/12/2016
Plane Tree Road Flats 5-21South07/12/2016
Plane Tree Road Flats 18-32South07/12/2016
Portia GardensSouth09/12/2016
Quigley StreetSouth15/12/2016
Shorefields House & FlatsSouth14/12/2016
Shorefields House & Flats VergesSouth15/12/2016
St Pauls, Wye LydbrookSouth20/12/2016
St. Peters Road FlatsSouth01/12/2016
The Dell Sheltered HousingSouth19/12/2016
The Dell Sheltered Housing rearsSouth19/12/2016
Ward Grove FlatsSouth08/12/2016
Well Lane FlatsSouth19/12/2016
Windsor Close Community CentreSouth02/12/2016
Winstanley House/Mayfields HouseSouth14/12/2016
Woodhey CourtSouth18/11/2016