The areas covered by our western route are:

  • Woodchurch;
  • West Kirby;
  • Hoylake;
  • Meols;
  • Greasby;
  • Moreton; and
  • Overchurch.

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    Ashton Court FlatsWest13/11/2017
    Blackhorse Hill sheltered HousingWest16/11/2017
    Dorset road FlatsWest13/11/2017
    Coronation buildingsWest13/11/2017
    Somerset Road Flats 18-23West13/11/2017
    Somerset Road Flats 4-9West13/11/2017
    Government Road FlatsWest13/11/2017
    St. Johns Close Sheltered HousingWest14/11/2017
    Brookdale Close Sheltered HousingWest14/11/2017
    Hoose Court FlatsWest13/11/2017
    Gainsborough Road Flats 1-11West14/11/2017
    Gainsborough Road Flats 33-43West22/11/2017
    Gainsborough Road Flats 34-44West22/11/2017
    Moreton Road Flats 109-119West14/11/2017
    Moreton Road Flats 135-145West14/11/2017
    Moreton Road Flats 151-161West14/11/2017
    Moreton Road Flats 83-93West14/11/2017
    Royden Road Flats 131-237West15/11/2017
    Royden Road Flats 70-102West15/11/2017
    Inman Road Flats 41-85West15/11/2017
    Greystoke/Molyneux Housing EstateWest20/11/2017
    Berrylands CL Sheltered HousingWest20/11/2017
    Berrylands Road Flats 19-23West20/11/2017
    Blackthorn Close Flats 7-19West27/11/2017
    Blundells Drive Flats 35-41West20/11/2017
    Chapelhill Road Flats 161/171West23/11/2017
    Chapelhill Road Flats 184-194West23/11/2017
    Chapelhill Road Flats 208-218West23/11/2017
    Chapelhill Road Flats 220-230West23/11/2017
    Chapelhill Road Flats 236-246West23/11/2017
    Cherry Tree Road Flats 1-15West22/11/2017
    Curlew CourtWest27/11/2017
    Curlew Way Flats 134-182West27/11/2017
    Curlew Way Flats 192-214West27/11/2017
    Fender View Road Flats 1-11West23/11/2017
    Fender View Road Flats 30-40West24/11/2017
    Fender View Road Flats 42-52West24/11/2017
    Furze Way Flats 1-11West20/11/2017
    Hayfield Place Flats 2-12West23/11/2017
    Hayfield Place Flats 18-28West23/11/2017
    Holly Place Sheltered HousingWest11/12/2017
    Lyons Road/Close Housing EstateWest12/12/2017
    Mallard Way Flats 19-41West22/11/2017
    Felicity Grove (fenced area)West27/11/2017
    Maryland Lane Sheltered HousingWest27/11/2017
    Pasture Road Flats 33-43West22/11/2017
    Pasture Road Flats 66-124West22/11/2017
    Pasture Road Flats open areaWest22/11/2017
    Pasture Crescent (side of 27)West22/11/2017
    Sandbrook CourtWest22/11/2017
    Sedgefield Close Flats 7-9West23/11/2017
    Sedgefield Close Flats 12-22West23/11/2017
    Sedgefield Close Flats 27-37West23/11/2017
    Stavordale Road Flats 116-126West24/11/2017
    Stavordale Road Flats 58-68West24/11/2017
    Stavordale Road Flats 82-92West24/11/2017
    Stavordale Road Flats 94-104West24/11/2017
    The DalesWest23/11/2017
    Hopefield Road Verge(b/h sunnigdale)West24/11/2017
    Sunningdale FlatsWest23/11/2017
    Tern Way Flats 87-139West21/11/2017
    Tern Way Bungalows 14-22West21/11/2017
    Town Meadow Lane Flats 140-156West27/11/2017
    Town Meadow Lane Flats 59-101West21/11/2017
    Town Meadow Lane HousesWest
    Town Meadow lane ShopsWest21/11/2017
    WaStdale Court/Mews 1-21, 2-20West27/11/2017
    Westway Square Flats 1-36West21/11/2017
    Westway Square Flats all grassWest21/11/2017
    Witley Avenue/Close EstateWest12/12/2017
    Yew Tree CentreWest12/12/2017
    Saughall Massie Sheltered HousingWest29/11/2017
    Shortfield Road (between 1 &70)West28/11/2017
    Big Meadow Road Flats 164-174West29/11/2017
    Big Meadow Road Flats 17-27West29/11/2017
    Big Meadow Road Flats 2-12West29/11/2017
    Big Meadow Road Flats 226-236West29/11/2017
    Big Meadow Road Flats 238-248West29/11/2017
    Big Meadow Road Flats 284-294West29/11/2017
    Big Meadow Road Flats 49-59West29/11/2017
    Big Meadow Road Flats 75-85West29/11/2017
    Big Meadow Road Flats 88-98West29/11/2017
    Bridge Farm Flats 1-11West30/11/2017
    Bridge Farm Flats 2-12West30/11/2017
    Caldwell Drive Flats 3-13West06/12/2017
    Caldwell Drive Flats 4-14West06/12/2017
    Carr Bridge Road Flats 145-155West30/11/2017
    Carr Bridge Road Flats 157-167West28/11/2017
    Carr Bridge Road Flats 197-207West28/11/2017
    Carr Bridge open spaces x 2West28/11/2017
    Carr Hey CloseWest04/12/2017
    Fender Court FlatsWest28/11/2017
    FernyBrow RoadWest28/11/2017
    Ferny Brow Road Flats 130-140West28/11/2017
    Ferny Brow Open SpaceWest28/11/2017
    Ferny Brow Road Flats 56-66West28/11/2017
    Ferny Brow Road Flats 86-96West28/11/2017
    Glebe Hey Road Flats 12-22West07/12/2017
    Glebe Hey Road Flats 25-35West06/12/2017
    Glebe Hey Road Flats 37-47West06/12/2017
    Glebe Hey Road Flats 61-71West06/12/2017
    Glebe Hey Road Flats 73-83West06/12/2017
    Glebe Hey Road (internal verges)West06/12/2017
    Glebe Hey Road Bungalows 71 A/CWest06/12/2017
    Grasswood Road Flats 101-103BWest08/12/2017
    Grasswood Road Flats 105-115West11/12/2017
    Grasswood Road Flats 128-138West11/12/2017
    Grasswood Road Flats 156-166West11/12/2017
    Grasswood Road Flats 38-48West11/12/2017
    Grasswood Road Flats 85-87BWest01/12/2017
    Greenwood RoadWest05/12/2017
    1/ 11 Greenwood RoadWest11/12/2017
    2 / 12 Greenwood RoadWest01/12/2017
    Home Farm Close (small area on RHS)West04/12/2017
    Home Farm CloseWest04/12/2017
    Home Farm Road Flats 191-203West04/12/2017
    Home Farm Road Flats 212-222West04/12/2017
    Hoole Road Flats 93-103West07/12/2017
    Hoole Road Flats 175-185West07/12/2017
    Leeswood Road Flats 44-54West05/12/2017
    New Bridge CloseWest04/12/2017
    New Hey Road Flats 309-319West30/11/2017
    New Hey Road Flats 377-387West30/11/2017
    New Hey Road Flats 389-399West04/12/2017
    New Hey Road Flats 404-426West07/12/2017
    New Hey Road Flats 421-431West07/12/2017
    Pemberton Road Flats 125-135West08/12/2017
    Pemberton Road Flats 58-68West07/12/2017
    Poolwood Road Flats 37-47West05/12/2017
    Poolwood Road flats 5-15West05/12/2017
    Robin Way Flats 26-36West30/11/2017
    Robin Way Flats 35-45West30/11/2017
    Schoolfield CloseWest30/11/2017
    Schoolfield RoadWest30/11/2017
    Springfield CloseWest04/12/2017
    The Meadow VergeWest07/12/2017
    The Meadow Flats 1-11West07/12/2017
    The Meadow Flats 2-12West01/12/2017
    The Meadow Flats 45-55West01/12/2017
    The Meadow Flats 73-83West01/12/2017
    The Meadow Flats 82-92West01/12/2017
    Woodland Road Flats 100-110West01/12/2017
    Woodland Road Flats 48-58West06/12/2017
    Woodland Road Flats 65-75West06/12/2017
    Woodland Road Flats 70-80West06/12/2017
    Houghton Road Flats 1-11West05/12/2017
    Houghton Road Flats 2-12West05/12/2017
    Houghton Road Flats 22-32West05/12/2017
    Houghton Road Flats 51-61West06/12/2017
    Houghton Road Flats 60-70West06/12/2017