Wychwood House
4 Landscape Close Weston on the Green Oxfordshire OX25 3SX
Mon-Fri: 08:30 - 16:30

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Ambleside Road Verge12.08.15
Biskey Howe View PointOpen space28.08.15
Borrans ParkOpen space01.09.15
Bowness CemeteryAshes section28.09.15
Bowness CemeteryCemetery28.09.15
Braithwaite FoldCar Park10.08.15
Broad StreetCar Park01.09.15
Broadgate MeadowPark01.09.15
Chapel HillVerge24.09.15
Chapel StileClosed church yard25.09.15
Compston Road CornerVerge24.09.15
Coronation ParkOpen space27.08.15
Coronation ParkPark07.09.15
Droomer EstateHousing estate14.09.15
Droomer S.EHousing estate14.09.15
Drying GreenOpen space28.08.15
Fairfield Road Housing estate15.09.15
Ferry NabCar Park18.08.15
Ferry NabVerge10.09.15
Ghyll Road03.08.15
Glebe Road Car Park27.09.15
Grasmere Cemetery03.09.15
Grasmere Road Verge03.09.15
Greenbank/CastlefieldHousing estate09.09.15
HawksgarthHousing estate09.09.15
Helme CloseHousing estate15.09.15
KirkfieldHousing estate09.09.15
Lick BarrowWildflower area18.09.15
Limethwaite Road Housing estate14.09.15
Longtail HillVerge11.09.15
Millrise EstateHousing estate15.09.15
Old Field Road Housing estate18.08.15
Park Avenue/Park CloseHousing estate14.09.15
Putting green bankingOpen space27.08.15
Queen's Park BankingsOpen Space21.08.15
Queens ParkFootball Pitch18.09.15
Queens ParkPark18.09.15
Rayrigg MeadowOpen space01.09.15
Rayrigg MeadowFootball pitch07.09.15
Rayrigg MeadowCar Park01.09.15
Rayrigg RoadVerge23.07.15
Rayrigg Road Car Park28.08.15
Red BankCar Park12.08.15
Rothay ParkFootball Pitch01.09.15
Rothay Park (Ambleside)Open space21.07.15
Rothay Road Car Park01.09.15
Rothay Road Ornamental Park01.09.15
Rydal Road Car Park28.08.15
School KnotHousing estate15.09.15
School KnotSheltered housing15.09.15
St Martin's ChurchyardChurch yard28.08.15
St Mary's (Windermere)Closed Church yard28.08.15
Stone CroftHousing estate28.08.15
The GlebeOpen space07.09.15
The Glebe Golf CourseGolf course14.07.15
The Glebe Pitch and PuttOpen space02.09.15
Trout BeckOpen space21.08.15
Verge off Police StationVerge24.09.15
Victoria GardenOpen space01.09.15
Walthwaite Row10.08.15
Waterhead PromenadeOpen space11.08.15
WindermereRoad Verges03.09.15
Windermere CemeteryCemetery28.09.15