Wychwood House
4 Landscape Close Weston on the Green Oxfordshire OX25 3SX
Mon-Fri: 08:30 - 16:30

Cut & Leave Rural

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Beanthwaite Close (Levens)Housing estate15.09.15
Beck Nook (Staveley)Housing estate17.09.15
BoontownHousing estate15.09.15
Brow Lane (Staveley)Verge17.09.15
Castle Garth (Sedbergh)Housing estate18.09.15
Castle Haw (Sedbergh)Housing estate18.09.15
Chestnut Close (Milnthorpe)Play area14.09.15
Crag View (Staveley)Housing estate17.09.15
Cycle Track and Cinder OvensOpen space14.07.15
Dallam Chase/GrisleymiresPlay area14.09.15
Doddingholme (Mealbank)Housing estate15.09.15
Dragon Croft (Dent)Open space17.09.15
Dragon Croft (Dent)Play area17.09.15
Fell Close (Sedbergh)Housing estate18.09.15
Ferncroft (Casterton)Verge16.09.15
Firs Road (Milnthorpe)Housing estate14.09.15
Gowan Crescent + Common LaneVerge17.09.15
Greenside (Kirby)Sheltered housing16.09.15
Havera (Sedbergh)Housing estate18.09.15
Kings Close (Arnside)Housing estate15.09.15
Kirkhead (Milnthorpe)Housing estate14.09.15
Lunefield Drive (Kirby)Estate16.09.15
Main Street (Staveley)Housing estate17.09.15
Maryfell (Sedbergh)Housing estate18.09.15
Middleshaw (Old Hutton)Housing estate16.09.15
NethercroftHousing estate15.09.15
New Road (Kirby)Car park16.09.15
Owlett Ash Estate (Milnthorpe)Housing estate14.09.15
PaddockOpen space18.09.15
Pear Tree play areaPlay area15.09.15
PlumgarthHousing estate17.09.15
Queens Drive (Sedbergh)Housing estate18.09.15
Raygarth (Kirby)Housing estate16.09.15
Road Verge (Staveley)Verge17.09.15
Shaw Green (Storth)Housing estate15.09.15
St Andrew'sChurch yard17.09.15
St John's View (Old Hutton) (twice a year)Verge15.05.15
St Mary's GreenHousing estate15.09.15
Station Road (Holme)Verge15.09.15
Stewart Close (Arnside)Housing estate15.09.15
SummerlandsHousing estate16.09.15
The Green (Levens)Housing estate15.09.15
Thornsbank (Sedbergh)Housing estate18.09.15
Toilets (Arnside prom)Verge15.09.15
Toll Bar Estate (Sedbergh)Industrial estate18.09.15
Woodbank Crescent (Endmoor)Housing estate16.09.15