Continental Landscapes have for many years used a bespoke advanced works scheduling system to ensure that all work is planned and recorded. Traditionally this has been accessed solely from the office/depot, but now we have over 300 mobile devices (smartphones and 4G enabled tablets) out in the field enabled work to be marked as complete "live" as they progress. This saved extra work on returning to the depot, it also means that we can record GIS locations for the job completion, and attach photos of the locations. We can also report progress live on our website.

From the initial plan to replace paper tick sheets and manual updates, we have pushed forward to give our staff more functionality and information whilst out in the field. Supervisors can raise variation orders for extra works and send quotes to the client on the move, they can also report issues.

Other access includes access to high resolution, searchable maps linked to central GIS systems, using the ESRI collector app they can even update progress for things like tree surveys using the ESRI Collector app.

Playground inspections use a range of apps, depending on the client requirement, including industry standards such as PSS Live.

We have also worked on paper reduction. Previously staff had to take around paper versions of safety documents such as safe procedures of work and COSHH information. These documents are now available on all the tablets, meaning they are closer to hand, and more easily updated.

Vehicle and machinery safety inspections also used to be paper based, but we have partnered with industry leader Qooling to digitise the process. This has led to information transparency and process improvements.

The uses aren't all directly work related. The Big Butterfly Count app was added to devices as part of a campaign encouraging staff to take part in the annual survey for Butterfly Conservation.

Further developments are planned to help our staff be safer and more productive whilst out working.