Along a quiet secluded shrubbery area along the main walkway into Barrow Park from Abbey Road you will find a new exciting and interactive joint project between Continental Landscapes and Barrow Council.

This gentle giant is made from clay and is held together using a combination of mesh fencing, timber and concrete. The Barrow Mud Man has two mosaic eyes, lovingly made by ‘Love Barrow Families’, two recycled paving slab ears, a chicken wire nose and a tufty crop of Liriope for hair.

During the Barrow Mud Man’s creation, he was treated to a yogurt facial from family sized yogurt tubs, which were kindly donated by the Co-op. The yogurt was painted onto the face and other sculpture areas to encourage growth of mosses and lichens.

This locally unique project has been well received, and is a major talking point for visitors of all ages to Barrow Park.

Barrow Mud Man