Following the Covid-19 pandemic and the government instructions to close all playgrounds since March 20, Continental Landscapes were asked by the Westminster Client to provide a disinfection service to all playgrounds and outdoor gym equipment within the borough and only four days prior to the re-opening of the facilities. The target date was for all playgrounds and outdoor gym to be open on 4th July 2020 – as per Government guidance. In this short period of time we were able to source additional staffing, materials and equipment to carry out this task. Six additional staff were recruited locally and through the Westminster Employment Service. In addition to increasing local opportunities, the new staff were homeless and had met difficulty finding employment.

The process of disinfection is carried out at a minimum of 3 times a day, but more where higher usage is recorded. Prior to the disinfection taking place, our staff moves all the members of the public from the playgrounds to minimise any exposure. We anticipated difficulties moving the public from the playgrounds, however so far parents and guardians have co-operated with our staff and have been happy to comply with our requirements and in fact have been very complementary towards this service provided by us. At this stage the client’s instruction is to continue with this task until end of September, although we remain flexible in case this needs to be extended further.