If you wish to see the Ward boundaries, click here.

We last visited the assets listed below on the date given.
Our intended schedule for grass cutting work is to revisit the same site in approximately twelve business days from the date of the last visit shown below;

We carry on cutting in the inclement weather and will only miss or delay a cut if we find we are causing damage such as leaving ruts, or there is a health and safety issue.

Our grass cutting machines are fitted with special tyres, to enable working on grassed areas during wet weather. Sometimes when the ground conditions are wet the disturbed surface soil appears to stain the grass, however this is superficial and no damage has actually occurred and will soon wash out. It may look unsightly for a day or two. However if we were to delay the cut due to wet weather for several days, this will cause more damage and mess, therefore we continue to cut the grass when some people may not expect us to.

Our teams are very well experienced and have cut the grass in Leeds for several years, and found that this system works.

To find your street simply type its name into the 'Search' box.

Park LaneLast Season
Lingfield View29 Feb 2024
Elland RoadLast Season
Wetherby Road01 Mar 2024
Branch End RoadLast Season
Spring ViewLast Season
Alwoodley LaneLast Season
Lakeland CrescentLast Season
Bruntcliffe LaneLast Season
Denshaw DriveLast Season
Wide LaneLast Season
Whincover RoadLast Season
Birkdale Way01 Mar 2024
Cow Close GroveLast Season
Bradburn RoadLast Season
Ring Road -BeestonLast Season
Cottingley DriveLast Season
Bramham Road01 Mar 2024
Church Hill01 Mar 2024
Birch GroveLast Season
Derwent Avenue29 Feb 2024
Alandale Crescent29 Feb 2024
Glebe Field DriveLast Season
Shaftesbury AvenueLast Season
Roman CrescentLast Season
West Park RoadLast Season
Rooms LaneLast Season
St Andrews Walk01 Mar 2024
Alden AvenueLast Season
Thorpe LaneLast Season
Shadwell Park AvenueLast Season
Old Run RoadLast Season
Scotchman LaneLast Season
Church AvenueLast Season
Marston WayLast Season
Broadgate Lane / Melrose GroveLast Season
Park StreetLast Season
Stanningley Road -Central ResLast Season
Sandford RoadLast Season
Naylor Place -Path01 Mar 2024
Winrose DriveLast Season
Orion ViewLast Season
Bewick GroveLast Season
Broom GardensLast Season
Petersfield AvenueLast Season
Aberfield RoadLast Season
Ganners Road01 Mar 2024
Ganners Lane01 Mar 2024
Landseer DriveLast Season
Prospect ViewLast Season
Farrow RoadLast Season
Heights WalkLast Season
Farrow ValeLast Season
Wyther Park HillLast Season
Aston DriveLast Season
Raynville RiseLast Season
Burton Crescent26 Feb 2024
Foxcroft MountLast Season
Newlay LaneLast Season
Ambleside WalkLast Season
Station Road29 Feb 2024
Cattle Lane26 Feb 2024
Temple LaneLast Season
Primrose AvenueLast Season
Woodland RoadLast Season
Flaxton Gardens01 Mar 2024
Disraeli Terrace01 Mar 2024
Newlaithes RoadLast Season
Bank GardensLast Season
Victoria Avenue26 Feb 2024
St Margarets CloseLast Season
St Margarets RoadLast Season
Hall Park AvenueLast Season
West End DriveLast Season
Lomand Avenue29 Feb 2024
Perth Mount29 Feb 2024
Weston Drive Garages29 Feb 2024
Greenlea Close28 Feb 2024
Northwell Gate29 Feb 2024
Park Road / Grove28 Feb 2024
Domestic RoadLast Season
Elmfield Grove29 Feb 2024
Cheltenam Street29 Feb 2024
Austhorpe RoadLast Season
Kingswear ParadeLast Season
Crossgates RoadLast Season
Thorn Walk26 Feb 2024
Oliver HillLast Season
Haigh Wood GreenLast Season
King George Road01 Mar 2024
St Margarets RoadLast Season
Moseley Wood Walk27 Feb 2024
Vesper RoadLast Season
Woodhall DriveLast Season
Springwell Close26 Feb 2024
Windmill Lane26 Feb 2024
St Andrews Road27 Feb 2024
Highfield Green28 Feb 2024
The Gardens26 Feb 2024
Fawcett RoadLast Season
Granny LaneLast Season
Moorland IngsLast Season
Falkland MountLast Season
Falkland CrescentLast Season
King Lane01 Mar 2024
Clifton Road29 Feb 2024
Surrey Grove29 Feb 2024
Iveson DriveLast Season
Ring Road West ParkLast Season
Farrar Lane01 Mar 2024
Tinshill Lane27 Feb 2024
Grove Farm Drive27 Feb 2024
Tinshill Avenue27 Feb 2024
Church Hill Gardens / Green27 Feb 2024
Fearnville Drive28 Feb 2024
Fearnville Road28 Feb 2024
Don AvenueLast Season
Laws CloseLast Season
Audby LaneLast Season
Freemans WayLast Season
Third AvenueLast Season
Queensway29 Feb 2024
Rakehill RoadLast Season
Cliffe Park CloseLast Season
Swinnow Gardens01 Mar 2024
Acres Hall Avenue28 Feb 2024
Fairfield Mount27 Feb 2024
Rycroft Place01 Mar 2024
Rodley Lane27 Feb 2024
Langley Garth27 Feb 2024
Ferncliffe RoadLast Season
Heights GreenLast Season
Broadlea Road29 Feb 2024
Whinegate26 Feb 2024
Tong Road / Albany TerraceLast Season
Over Lane28 Feb 2024
Broadgate LaneLast Season
Whitehall RoadLast Season
Oakwood Park29 Feb 2024
Latchmere GreenLast Season
Old Farm DriveLast Season
Bedford GroveLast Season
Kirkstall LaneLast Season
Queenswood RoadLast Season
Woodbridge GarthLast Season
Iveson Rise / LawnLast Season
Raynel Green28 Feb 2024
St Mathias GroveLast Season
Sir George Martin Drive27 Feb 2024
Stonegate Farm CloseLast Season
Green RoadLast Season
Highcliffe RoadLast Season
Annie StreetLast Season
Park LeaLast Season
Crossgates Ring RoadLast Season
Swardale Green29 Feb 2024
Black Moor RoadLast Season
Leicester PlaceLast Season
Holborn ApproachLast Season
Servia RoadLast Season
Wensley GardensLast Season
Beckhill Vale29 Feb 2024
Woodland Terrace29 Feb 2024
Leafield GrangeLast Season
Southgate01 Mar 2024
Hawkstone Avenue01 Mar 2024
Brownlea Close28 Feb 2024
South View Crescent28 Feb 2024
Stanks Parade28 Feb 2024
Dearne CroftLast Season
Ainsty RoadLast Season
Ainsty CrescentLast Season
Beechwood RiseLast Season
Cambrian Street01 Mar 2024
Ash Grove28 Feb 2024
Barfield Drive28 Feb 2024
Greenacre Park28 Feb 2024
Hammond CrescentLast Season
Castleings DriveLast Season
Aberfield CrestLast Season
Raylands PlaceLast Season
Ring Road -MiddletonLast Season
Turner Crescent29 Feb 2024
Farnley Road29 Feb 2024
Larkfield Crescent28 Feb 2024
Peasehill Close28 Feb 2024
Henley Avenue29 Feb 2024
Moorfield Close26 Feb 2024
Benton Park Drive27 Feb 2024
Avenue Terrace26 Feb 2024
Long Mead28 Feb 2024
Tredgold Garth28 Feb 2024
Tyersal View26 Feb 2024
Daleside Road28 Feb 2024
Meadow Park DriveLast Season
Ring Road FarsleyLast Season
Rockwood Crescent28 Feb 2024
Ederoyd Grove28 Feb 2024
Calverley Moor Avenue28 Feb 2024
Foxholes Crescent26 Feb 2024
Carr Hill Road26 Feb 2024
Westdale Road28 Feb 2024
Park Road -MiddletonLast Season
Manor Farm RoadLast Season
Manor Farm CloseLast Season
Gilling Avenue28 Feb 2024
Promfret Place28 Feb 2024
New Stourton Lane28 Feb 2024
Garland DriveLast Season
Knights HillLast Season
Knightsway CloseLast Season
Colton LaneLast Season
Victoria Crescent / Grove28 Feb 2024
Victoria Rise28 Feb 2024
Littlemoor View29 Feb 2024
Littlemoor Crescent -South29 Feb 2024
Woodlands Park Road28 Feb 2024
Half Mile26 Feb 2024
Half Mile Lane26 Feb 2024
Troydale Gardens29 Feb 2024
Harley Green01 Mar 2024
Rycroft Drive01 Mar 2024
Billingbank DriveLast Season
Middleham MoorLast Season
Astley LaneLast Season
Kirkfield ViewLast Season
Meadow WayLast Season
Naseby TerraceLast Season
Eden Drive / CrescentLast Season
Woodside ViewLast Season
Oaklea Gardens27 Feb 2024
Adel Park GardensLast Season
Spring Bank CrescentLast Season
Monk Bridge RoadLast Season
Moor Park Drive26 Feb 2024
Holmwood AvenueLast Season
Alderton BankLast Season
Coal Road26 Feb 2024
Snake Lane26 Feb 2024
Deanswood DriveLast Season
Abbott Road27 Feb 2024
Mistress Lane26 Feb 2024
Limetree AvenueLast Season
Allerton Grange AvenueLast Season
Backstone Gill Lane27 Feb 2024
Keswick LaneLast Season
Woodacre LaneLast Season
Fountains AvenueLast Season
Bylands CloseLast Season
Fruit And Veg Market27 Feb 2024
Whinmoor Gardens26 Feb 2024
Cranewells RiseLast Season
Temple View Road26 Feb 2024
Oakwell MountLast Season
York Road KillingbeckLast Season
Wilfrid TerraceLast Season
Maple DriveLast Season
Barleyfieds CourtLast Season
Norman TowersLast Season
Moor Crescent Chase28 Feb 2024
New Pepper Road26 Feb 2024
Potternewton Heights01 Mar 2024
Marshall StreetLast Season
Hopefield DriveLast Season
Stead Lane01 Mar 2024
Parkland DriveLast Season
Red Hall Vale26 Feb 2024
Rosgill DriveLast Season
Barncroft RiseLast Season
Fearnville Close28 Feb 2024
Fearnville Drive28 Feb 2024
Lincoln WalkLast Season
Halliday Road29 Feb 2024
Maryfield Avenue Community CentreLast Season
Farndale Gardens29 Feb 2024
Rocheford Court26 Feb 2024
Sussex Place26 Feb 2024
Winrose GarthLast Season
Lupton AvenueLast Season
Tinshill View27 Feb 2024
Shuttocks FoldLast Season
Tynwald CloseLast Season
Tynwald GreenLast Season
Musgrave EstateLast Season
Lidgett Park AvenueLast Season
Hansby BankLast Season
Spencer PlaceLast Season
Adel Towers Court27 Feb 2024
Langley Place27 Feb 2024
Helmsley CourtLast Season
Pinfold Lane29 Feb 2024
Parkwood AvenueLast Season
Walton RoadLast Season
Folly Lane01 Mar 2024
Larkhill WayLast Season
Brathay Gardens28 Feb 2024
Global Avenue29 Feb 2024
Stoneleigh Avenue27 Feb 2024
Denison Street27 Feb 2024
Roundhay RoadLast Season
The Cedars27 Feb 2024
Topcliffe LaneLast Season
King George AvenueLast Season
Montreal AvenueLast Season
Lindsey Road And CourtLast Season
Beckett StreetLast Season
Edgware AvenueLast Season
Stoney Rock LaneLast Season
West Winn View27 Feb 2024
Inner Ring Road27 Feb 2024
Whinmoor Way27 Feb 2024
New Adel Lane27 Feb 2024
Sandgate TerraceLast Season
Diadem DriveLast Season
Poplar DriveLast Season
Marlowe Close29 Feb 2024
Post Hill Court26 Feb 2024
Back Sholebroke AvenueLast Season
Wykebeck Valley Walking Way28 Feb 2024
Cardinal Square29 Feb 2024
Playfair Road28 Feb 2024
Hunslet Road26 Feb 2024
Shakespeare WalkLast Season
Rooms FoldLast Season
Meynell RoadLast Season
Abbott Court27 Feb 2024
Levans Place28 Feb 2024
Bankfield MountLast Season
Northcote Green01 Mar 2024
Westwinn Garth27 Feb 2024
Bruce Lawn28 Feb 2024
Holdforth Place28 Feb 2024
Holdforth Gardens28 Feb 2024
Hedley Gardens28 Feb 2024
Second Avenue27 Feb 2024
Bodmin Road01 Mar 2024
Crescent Towers28 Feb 2024
Oakwell RoadLast Season
Helston Croft01 Mar 2024
Bodmin Road Westwood Grange01 Mar 2024
Westbury Grove26 Feb 2024
Belle Isle RoadLast Season
Levens Close28 Feb 2024
Rookwood Vale27 Feb 2024
Holtdale GreenLast Season
Parkstone AvenueLast Season
St Helens CloseLast Season
Moor LaneLast Season
Pennington PlaceLast Season
Teale DriveLast Season
Old Lane29 Feb 2024
Thane WayLast Season
Bamborough CloseLast Season
Portage CrescentLast Season
Portage AvenueLast Season
Kentmere RiseLast Season
Main Street -ShadwellLast Season
Valley Terrace27 Feb 2024
West Park GroveLast Season
West Park Drive -EastLast Season
Bacon StreetLast Season
Carlton Lane GuiseleyLast Season
Queenshill GarthLast Season
Barncroft HeightsLast Season
New Park Avenue26 Feb 2024
East Grange RoadLast Season
Badminton DriveLast Season
Rods ViewLast Season
Hall Park MeadowsLast Season
Nook RoadLast Season
North Grove ApproachLast Season
Telford Gardens28 Feb 2024
Whincover GrangeLast Season
Ramshead HillLast Season
St Albans RoadLast Season
Norwood CrescentLast Season
Valley DriveLast Season
Frankland PlaceLast Season
Louis StreetLast Season
Gipton Wood Road29 Feb 2024
Thorn Grove26 Feb 2024
Foundry Place27 Feb 2024
St Wilfreds Grove27 Feb 2024
West Grange RoadLast Season
Brander Close27 Feb 2024
Ring Road -Moortown28 Feb 2024
Pennington LaneLast Season
Sandringham Green27 Feb 2024
Northwood ParkLast Season
Whincover CloseLast Season
Whincover Bank / RoadLast Season
Butterbowl LawnLast Season
Silver Royd RoadLast Season
Borrough AvenueLast Season
Lincombe BankLast Season
Holborn StreetLast Season
Melville RoadLast Season
Allerton Grange WayLast Season
Larkhill ViewLast Season
James AvenueLast Season
Baildon Place27 Feb 2024
Mill Green Place01 Mar 2024
Swarcliffe Road29 Feb 2024
Ash Tree Close28 Feb 2024
Penwell Lawn28 Feb 2024
Rookwood Crescent27 Feb 2024
Gledhow Lane EndLast Season
Sandy GroveLast Season
Hawksworth RoadLast Season
Rosebery TerraceLast Season
Hall LaneLast Season
Easterley MountLast Season
Easterley View27 Feb 2024
St Wilfreds Grove27 Feb 2024
Inglewood ApproachLast Season
Cross Gates LaneLast Season
Murton CloseLast Season
Hansby CloseLast Season
Northfield AvenueLast Season
Middleton Park GroveLast Season
Bodmin Place01 Mar 2024
Lyme ChaseLast Season
All Saints RoadLast Season
Allerton Grange GardensLast Season
Manor RoadLast Season
First AvenueLast Season
Upper Wortley Road / Tong Road26 Feb 2024
Heathfield28 Feb 2024
Kenworthy GardensLast Season
Old Farm ApproachLast Season
Spen Gardens26 Feb 2024
St Chads Avenue26 Feb 2024
St Chads Rise26 Feb 2024
Eden RoadLast Season
Methley LaneLast Season
Normanton Place01 Mar 2024
Moss SykeLast Season
A58Last Season
Constable RoadLast Season
Westerton RoadLast Season
Sycamore AvenueLast Season
Lawrence Road27 Feb 2024
Chartists WayLast Season
Marsh Lane26 Feb 2024
Lumb Hall WayLast Season
Outwood WalkLast Season
Grasmere CourtLast Season
Manor House LaneLast Season
Carrfield RoadLast Season
Grange Farm Court27 Feb 2024
The Plantation - Swarcliffe Drive29 Feb 2024
West View 5 & 6Last Season
245 Stonegate RoadLast Season
Bishop WayLast Season
Kingsdale CourtLast Season
Fairfield Lane01 Mar 2024
Westover GreenLast Season
The Lane26 Feb 2024
Gelderd RoadNot Applicable
East Park PlaceLast Season
Green LeaLast Season
Leeds Road -RothwellLast Season
Lingfield Gardens28 Feb 2024
Sunningdale Avenue01 Mar 2024
Springbank CrescentLast Season
Church Street28 Feb 2024
Melton CloseLast Season
Ledbury GroveLast Season
Lakeland DriveLast Season
The FairwayLast Season
The LaneLast Season
The Drive28 Feb 2024
King Close01 Mar 2024
Birkdale Drive01 Mar 2024
Branch RoadLast Season
Ring Road Lower WortleyLast Season
Park GroveLast Season
ParkwayLast Season
Westfield Road / Leadwell LaneLast Season
Kirkfield Lane01 Mar 2024
Thorp Arch ParkLast Season
Barleyhill Crescent29 Feb 2024
Ninevah LaneLast Season
Devonshire AvenueLast Season
Park CrescentLast Season
Victoria Road28 Feb 2024
Harrogate RoadLast Season
Primley Park Mount29 Feb 2024
Harrogate Road28 Feb 2024
Lingfield Drive29 Feb 2024
Queenshill DriveLast Season
Britannia RoadLast Season
Sandmoor DriveLast Season
Wigton GroveLast Season
Acre MountLast Season
Eyres Mill Side26 Feb 2024
Queenswood Drive / Woodridge FolLast Season
Newport RoadLast Season
Rycroft Avenue01 Mar 2024
Queensthorpe AvenueLast Season
Windmill RoadLast Season
Winrose GroveLast Season
Low Grange ViewLast Season
Middleton RoadLast Season
Belle Isle RoadLast Season
Winrose HillLast Season
Orion CrescentLast Season
Middleton RoadLast Season
Broom CrescentLast Season
Aberfield CloseLast Season
Hawley CloseLast Season
Gildersome LaneLast Season
Ganners Hill01 Mar 2024
Waterloo LaneLast Season
Armley Grange DriveLast Season
Armley Ridge Road26 Feb 2024
Canal Road26 Feb 2024
Batcliffe Drive26 Feb 2024
Piper Lane28 Feb 2024
Burras Lane Otley28 Feb 2024
Wensley DriveLast Season
Church Wood Mount26 Feb 2024
Moorside StreetLast Season
Airedale DriveLast Season
Burnham CourtLast Season
FarndaleLast Season
A63 Ring Road29 Feb 2024
Highfield Road26 Feb 2024
Newsam CourtLast Season
Temple Park GardensLast Season
Temple Gate RiseLast Season
Temple GateLast Season
Church Lane28 Feb 2024
Waverley Garth01 Mar 2024
Folly Lane01 Mar 2024
Greenside TerraceLast Season
Lower Wortley RoadLast Season
Newlay GroveLast Season
St Margarets AvenueLast Season
Church AvenueLast Season
Greenacre Park Avenue28 Feb 2024
Manor Close28 Feb 2024
Sandy Way27 Feb 2024
Portland RoadLast Season
Lingwell Gate LaneLast Season
Allerton AvenueLast Season
Pendas DriveLast Season
Kennerleigh CrescentLast Season
Manston GroveLast Season
Montague Avenue28 Feb 2024
Montague Rise28 Feb 2024
Silk Mill DriveLast Season
Broadgate Drive01 Mar 2024
Wood Hill Crescent27 Feb 2024
Green Lane28 Feb 2024
Moseley Wood Drive27 Feb 2024
Lea Farm RoadLast Season
Bolton Road26 Feb 2024
Alma Street27 Feb 2024
Millcroft Estate28 Feb 2024
Thorpe Road28 Feb 2024
Burton Street26 Feb 2024
Croft Street26 Feb 2024
Farfield Drive26 Feb 2024
Beech Mount27 Feb 2024
Lower Wortley RoadLast Season
Fawcett BankLast Season
Street LaneLast Season
Stonegate RoadLast Season
Falkland RiseLast Season
Whinbrook GroveLast Season
Bracken HillLast Season
Beech Crescent27 Feb 2024
Otley Old Road01 Mar 2024
Bedford DriveLast Season
Moseley Wood Lane27 Feb 2024
Kirkwood Way27 Feb 2024
Harrowby Road26 Feb 2024
Notholme Avenue26 Feb 2024
Luttrell CrescentLast Season
Hawthorne AvenueLast Season
Calder CloseLast Season
Chapel LaneLast Season
Swallow CrescentLast Season
Privilege StreetLast Season
Haydans TerraceLast Season
Fernbank Drive26 Feb 2024
Harley Road01 Mar 2024
Fairfield Hill01 Mar 2024
Rycroft Close01 Mar 2024
Rossefield Drive28 Feb 2024
Westover Close and Wesley TerraceLast Season
Henconner LaneLast Season
The Heights WestLast Season
Wyther Park CloseLast Season
Addingham Gardens26 Feb 2024
Fillingfir Drive -Rear OfLast Season
Latchmere CrossLast Season
Bedford CloseLast Season
Bedford GardensLast Season
Gilbert CloseLast Season
Woodbridge RoadLast Season
Latchmere CloseLast Season
Old Farm CloseLast Season
Spen Lane28 Feb 2024
Heathfield Walk28 Feb 2024
Holt DriveLast Season
Holt Park RoadLast Season
Kendal Close / Carr / Grove27 Feb 2024
Willow Garth27 Feb 2024
Church GroveLast Season
Oak RoadLast Season
Lewisham StreetLast Season
South Parade29 Feb 2024
South ParadeLast Season
Ackroyd StreetLast Season
Middleton Park RoadLast Season
Southwood Close29 Feb 2024
Alderton PlaceLast Season
Beckhill Green29 Feb 2024
Carr Manor GroveLast Season
Leafield TowersLast Season
Tynwald RoadLast Season
Tynwald MountLast Season
Clay Pit LaneLast Season
Hawkworth Avenue01 Mar 2024
Back Lane01 Mar 2024
Apperley Lane27 Feb 2024
Westfield Grove28 Feb 2024
Southwood Gate29 Feb 2024
Barwick RoadLast Season
Ashfield Terrace01 Mar 2024
Cliffe CrescentLast Season
Sandbeck WayLast Season
Top Moor SideLast Season
St Davids Road29 Feb 2024
St Richards Road29 Feb 2024
Weston Ridge29 Feb 2024
Rufford Avenue27 Feb 2024
Dinsdale Buildings28 Feb 2024
St Johns Way28 Feb 2024
Haw Lane27 Feb 2024
Copt Royd Grove28 Feb 2024
Winthorpe AvenueLast Season
Nesfield ViewLast Season
Broom PlaceLast Season
Broom GroveLast Season
Throstle LaneLast Season
Wellcroft28 Feb 2024
Batter Lane28 Feb 2024
Canada Crescent28 Feb 2024
Layton Park Close29 Feb 2024
Belmont Grove26 Feb 2024
Hawthorn Road27 Feb 2024
Old Bramhope Lane28 Feb 2024
Church Close28 Feb 2024
North Mead28 Feb 2024
Tredgold Avenue28 Feb 2024
Tyersal Road26 Feb 2024
Manor Farm RiseLast Season
Newhall ChaseLast Season
Barrowby LaneLast Season
KnightswayLast Season
Penlands WalkLast Season
Kelmscott GarthLast Season
Stanks Greenm28 Feb 2024
Gledhow LaneLast Season
The Cote26 Feb 2024
Calverley Lane27 Feb 2024
Chaucer Grove29 Feb 2024
Littlemoor Road29 Feb 2024
Sycamore Chase29 Feb 2024
Bransby CloseLast Season
Horton Rise26 Feb 2024
Harley Close01 Mar 2024
Nora Road27 Feb 2024
Park Spring Gardens01 Mar 2024
Summerfield Road26 Feb 2024
Shannon Street26 Feb 2024
MoorsideLast Season
Holmwood DriveLast Season
Bullerthorpe LaneLast Season
Tarnside DriveLast Season
Deanswood GreenLast Season
Farm Hill NorthLast Season
Redhall Crescent29 Feb 2024
Heathcroft Crescent29 Feb 2024
Lidgett TowersLast Season
Stainburn ViewLast Season
Brackenwood DriveLast Season
BankfieldLast Season
Woodacre CrescentLast Season
Primrose LaneLast Season
Red Hall Chase26 Feb 2024
Colton RoadLast Season
Appleton WayLast Season
Willow Garth Avenue27 Feb 2024
Quarry HillLast Season
Foundry Mill DriveLast Season
PlaygroundLast Season
Low Moor Side LaneLast Season
Southlands Avenue / DriveLast Season
Foundry Mill GardensLast Season
Richmondfield LaneLast Season
Long LaneLast Season
Mill Pond LaneLast Season
Millbeck ApproachLast Season
Otley Bypass29 Feb 2024
Swaine Hill Terrace28 Feb 2024
West LaneLast Season
Westminster Crescent28 Feb 2024
Kendal Drive28 Feb 2024
Queen StreetLast Season
Aberford RoadLast Season
Scholes LaneLast Season
Jervaux CloseLast Season
Blands TerraceLast Season
Potternewton LaneLast Season
Parkland CrescentLast Season
Sherburn Road North27 Feb 2024
Ringwood Avenue26 Feb 2024
Monkswood AvenueLast Season
Naburn Walk27 Feb 2024
Naburn Road27 Feb 2024
Woodhall Lane28 Feb 2024
The MaltingsLast Season
Deanswood PlaceLast Season
Perth DriveLast Season
Naburn Approach Library27 Feb 2024
Swarcliffe Parade29 Feb 2024
Low Grange CrescentLast Season
Balmoral Chase26 Feb 2024
Stocks RiseLast Season
Westfield Oval28 Feb 2024
Redesdale Gardens Roundabout28 Feb 2024
Saxon GreenLast Season
Buckstone GardensLast Season
Boundary Farm RoadLast Season
Cranmer Rise01 Mar 2024
North StreetLast Season
Becketts Park Crescent26 Feb 2024
Earlswood AvenueLast Season
Bideford AvenueLast Season
Kirkwood GroveLast Season
Gascoine RoadLast Season
New Park Street RoundaboutLast Season
Noster Hill01 Mar 2024
Wetherby Road -WaltonLast Season
Queenswood RiseLast Season
The Meade29 Feb 2024
Beeston Park Croft29 Feb 2024
Jenkinsons PlaceLast Season
Rose Court28 Feb 2024
Clarence Road27 Feb 2024
Riviera GardensLast Season
West Lodge GardensLast Season
Leven GardensLast Season
Beckhill Grove29 Feb 2024
Dewsbury Road -TingleyLast Season
Lovell Park HillLast Season
Old Lane Bramhope28 Feb 2024
Pembroke CloseLast Season
Lincoln TowersLast Season
Town Street Gardens RodleyLast Season
Thornfield WayLast Season
Tynwald WalkLast Season
St Martins AvenueLast Season
Milner Gardens26 Feb 2024
Sheepscar Street NorthLast Season
Stairfoot Lane27 Feb 2024
Derwent Drive27 Feb 2024
Wepener MountLast Season
Denbigh Approach28 Feb 2024
Surrey RoadLast Season
Hazel RiseLast Season
Embleton RoadLast Season
Preston ParadeLast Season
Penny Lane Way28 Feb 2024
LydgateLast Season
Brown Hill CrescentLast Season
Woodland MountLast Season
A64229 Feb 2024
Burley Street27 Feb 2024
Cottingley ApproachLast Season
Hazell AvenueNot Applicable
Westwinn Garth27 Feb 2024
Holdforth Close28 Feb 2024
Dewsbury Road01 Mar 2024
Fairfax AvenueLast Season
Horsfall StreetLast Season
Darley AvenueLast Season
Bodmin Approach01 Mar 2024
Helston Garth01 Mar 2024
Ring Road Beeston Park29 Feb 2024
Westbury Place26 Feb 2024
Ivy Grove27 Feb 2024
Holtdale DriveLast Season
Holtdale ViewLast Season
Nr Springwood Court29 Feb 2024
Lawns LawnLast Season
Selby Road28 Feb 2024
Osmondthorpe Lane27 Feb 2024
Hansby DriveLast Season
Gateland DriveLast Season
Ash Hill LaneLast Season
Roundhay Park LaneLast Season
Westcombe AvenueLast Season
Roman TerraceLast Season
Amberton Street27 Feb 2024
Stanmore MountLast Season
Barncroft GrangeLast Season
Montague Crescent28 Feb 2024
Whitfield Square27 Feb 2024
Nepshaw LaneLast Season
North Street Lovell ParkLast Season
Hesketh LaneLast Season
Carlton LaneLast Season
Balm Road28 Feb 2024
Telford Terrace28 Feb 2024
Telford Close28 Feb 2024
Leasowe Close28 Feb 2024
Low Road26 Feb 2024
Stoncliffe Approach26 Feb 2024
Eastdean DriveLast Season
Coppice WayLast Season
Gledhow Wood RoadLast Season
Oakwood Drive29 Feb 2024
Montagu Place29 Feb 2024
St Wilfreds Circus27 Feb 2024
St Johns Close27 Feb 2024
Hyde Park Close27 Feb 2024
South Farm Crescent27 Feb 2024
Bay Horse LaneLast Season
Linton Grove27 Feb 2024
Chelwood AvenueLast Season
Needless Inn LaneLast Season
Coniston WayLast Season
Church Street27 Feb 2024
Cross Lane26 Feb 2024
Chandos GreenLast Season
Holborn GreenLast Season
Kirkstall HillLast Season
Leopold GroveLast Season
Rookwood Road27 Feb 2024
Brooklands ViewLast Season
Churchfields RoadLast Season
Park WestLast Season
Upland Road29 Feb 2024
Easterly Mount27 Feb 2024
Hawkhill GardensLast Season
Redmire ViewLast Season
St. James ApproachLast Season
Middleton Park AvenueLast Season
Bodmin Street01 Mar 2024
Belle View AvenueLast Season
Temple Gate AvenueLast Season
Temple AvenueLast Season
Skelwith ApproachLast Season
Eshald PlaceLast Season
Eshald PlaceLast Season
Bodmin Gardens01 Mar 2024
Wynford Terrace28 Feb 2024
Heathfields28 Feb 2024
Ring Road HorsforthLast Season
Foxcroft RoadLast Season
Weetwood Grange Grove26 Feb 2024
Laurel Bank CroftLast Season
Williams AvenueLast Season
Model Terrace27 Feb 2024
Elsworth Street27 Feb 2024
Beck LaneLast Season
Appleton CourtLast Season
Sunnyside AvenueLast Season
The GroveLast Season
Orange Tree GroveLast Season
Royston HillLast Season
Gledhow Park RoadLast Season
Bracken EdgeLast Season
Roxholme RoadLast Season
Kentmere GateLast Season
Tyersal Park Road26 Feb 2024
High Street Boston SpaLast Season
Sledmere Garth28 Feb 2024
Dolly Lane26 Feb 2024
Cardigan GreenLast Season
Gipsy LaneLast Season
Woodlea Mount28 Feb 2024
Westfield AvenueLast Season
West Grange CloseLast Season
The Avenue26 Feb 2024
Holtdale GroveLast Season
Ashlea GreenLast Season
Ashlea GateLast Season
Ring Road B6902Last Season
Holtdale RoadLast Season
Blenkinsop DriveLast Season
Low Hall RoadLast Season
Violet RoadLast Season
Crabtree GreenLast Season
Holmsley LaneLast Season
Holmsley Field LaneLast Season
Springwood Road29 Feb 2024
Springbank RoadLast Season
Scott Green CrescentLast Season
Sharp LaneLast Season
The MountLast Season
Old Barn CloseLast Season
Wynyard DriveLast Season
Leeds RoadLast Season
Long Thorpe LaneLast Season
Newlands DriveLast Season
Turnberry Avenue01 Mar 2024
Blackpool StreetLast Season
WoodcrossLast Season
Birchfield AvenueLast Season
Westfield Road / Leadwell LaneLast Season
Lidgett PlaceLast Season
Cottingley FoldLast Season
Dulverton GreenLast Season
Cottingley GreenLast Season
Kirkfield Lane01 Mar 2024
Avon Drive29 Feb 2024
Ashburn DriveLast Season
Overdale CloseLast Season
Church CrescentLast Season
A642Last Season
Jarvis SquareLast Season
Church WayLast Season
Stonegate CloseLast Season
Hawks Nest Garden West29 Feb 2024
Fir Tree Green29 Feb 2024
Albert RoadLast Season
Albert DriveLast Season
Rydal DriveLast Season
Harlington RoadLast Season
Primley Park View29 Feb 2024
Commercial RoadLast Season
Craven Street28 Feb 2024
Buckton Mount01 Mar 2024
Broom RoadLast Season
Broom GarthLast Season
Newhall CroftLast Season
Bruce Gardens28 Feb 2024
Roker Lane28 Feb 2024
Hough End LaneLast Season
Spring Valley Crescent01 Mar 2024
Spring Valley Drive01 Mar 2024
Ganners Way01 Mar 2024
St Catherines Crescent29 Feb 2024
Belmont ViewLast Season
Heights CloseLast Season
Pudsey RoadLast Season
Aston CrescentLast Season
Cross Aston GroveLast Season
Raynville ApproachLast Season
Raynville DriveLast Season
Greenhill MountLast Season
Bondgate28 Feb 2024
St Annes Lane POSLast Season
Becketts Park Drive26 Feb 2024
Becketts Park Road26 Feb 2024
Linton RoadLast Season
Parlington Drive26 Feb 2024
Grove RoadLast Season
Selby RoadLast Season
Field End GroveLast Season
Boston RoadLast Season
Green Hill Lane29 Feb 2024
West End GroveLast Season
King Edward AvenueLast Season
New StreetLast Season
Victoria DriveLast Season
Victoria WalkLast Season
Hall Park RiseLast Season
Scotland Lane29 Feb 2024
Scotland Way29 Feb 2024
Stirling Crescent29 Feb 2024
Tennyson StreetLast Season
Back Lane27 Feb 2024
Coppice Wood RiseLast Season
Fairfax Street28 Feb 2024
Highfield Close29 Feb 2024
Hawkhurst RoadLast Season
Third Avenue27 Feb 2024
Belmont TerraceLast Season
Thorpe LaneLast Season
Church DriveLast Season
Manston LaneLast Season
Green LaneLast Season
North Farm Road27 Feb 2024
North Farm Road27 Feb 2024
Beech Lane27 Feb 2024
Wood LaneLast Season
Cragg RoadLast Season
Moseley Wood Approach27 Feb 2024
Wood Hill Road27 Feb 2024
Tinshill Lane27 Feb 2024
Sussex Avenue29 Feb 2024
Moseley Wood Green27 Feb 2024
Abbey RoadLast Season
High Street27 Feb 2024
Westdale Grove28 Feb 2024
Victoria Crescent28 Feb 2024
Water Lane26 Feb 2024
Chaucer Avenue29 Feb 2024
Oakwood Lane27 Feb 2024
Fawcett ValeLast Season
Wyncliffe GardensLast Season
Scott Hall RoadLast Season
Nunroyd StreetLast Season
Greenwood Row28 Feb 2024
Tofts House Close29 Feb 2024
Silk Mill WayLast Season
Iveson ApproachLast Season
Raynel Way28 Feb 2024
Hospital LaneLast Season
Bedford GarthLast Season
Wrenbury Crescent27 Feb 2024
Ancaster Road26 Feb 2024
Caythorpe Road26 Feb 2024
Spenninthorne Drive28 Feb 2024
Wynford Grove28 Feb 2024
Derwent RiseLast Season
Albion TerraceLast Season
Wakefield Road29 Feb 2024
Blue Hill LaneLast Season
Thorn Hill PlaceLast Season
Stanningley Road27 Feb 2024
Intake Road01 Mar 2024
Newport Avenue27 Feb 2024
Leeds and Bradford Road01 Mar 2024
Summerfield Walk26 Feb 2024
Rossefield Gardens28 Feb 2024
Rossfield Place28 Feb 2024
Henley RoadLast Season
Ganners Walk01 Mar 2024
Prospect PlaceLast Season
Broadlea Crescent29 Feb 2024
Broadlea Place29 Feb 2024
Broadgate AvenueLast Season
Lea Farm GroveLast Season
Fillingfir DriveLast Season
Fillingfir Walk / RoadLast Season
Latchmere RoadLast Season
Spen LawnLast Season
Holtdale ApproachLast Season
Bedford GreenLast Season
Tinshill Close27 Feb 2024
Wooodnook DriveLast Season
Latchmere WalkLast Season
Knowle AvenueLast Season
Weetwood Lane27 Feb 2024
Howden GardensLast Season
Longroyd Terrace28 Feb 2024
Corporation StreetLast Season
Magpie LaneLast Season
Glen MountLast Season
Lingwell AvenueLast Season
Lingwell RoadLast Season
Manor Farm WayLast Season
King Alfreds DriveLast Season
King Alfreds GreenLast Season
King Lane01 Mar 2024
Hawksworth Avenue01 Mar 2024
Fairway01 Mar 2024
New Way01 Mar 2024
Hollin Gate29 Feb 2024
Briarlea Close28 Feb 2024
Woodlea Close28 Feb 2024
Woodlea Drive28 Feb 2024
Stanks Grove28 Feb 2024
Dennil RoadLast Season
Pendas WalkLast Season
Kelmscott AvenueLast Season
Kelmscott Green / CrescentLast Season
Park AvenueLast Season
Fairfax Road01 Mar 2024
Harper Lane27 Feb 2024
Barfield Avenue28 Feb 2024
Wooley AvenueLast Season
Plantation Gardens27 Feb 2024
Lanshaw ViewLast Season
Lanshaw CloseLast Season
Nesfield RoadLast Season
Nesfield GreenLast Season
Raylands WayLast Season
Holme Well RoadLast Season
Dolphin RoadLast Season
Manor FarmLast Season
Newhall MountLast Season
Newhall BankLast Season
Wrenbeck Drive29 Feb 2024
Athelstan Lane29 Feb 2024
The Crossways29 Feb 2024
Aire Grove26 Feb 2024
Southfields28 Feb 2024
Wynmore Avenue28 Feb 2024
Creskeld Drive28 Feb 2024
Sunnyridge Avenue28 Feb 2024
Woodhall Croft28 Feb 2024
Upper Carr Lane26 Feb 2024
Hollin Park Road26 Feb 2024
Windmill Hill28 Feb 2024
Manor Farm DriveLast Season
Ouzlewell LaneLast Season
Austhorpe GroveLast Season
Barrowby AvenueLast Season
Chepstow Close28 Feb 2024
Appleby Lane28 Feb 2024
Bolsover Close28 Feb 2024
Detroit AvenueLast Season
Gibson DriveLast Season
Fourth AvenueLast Season
Temple GreenLast Season
Davies AvenueLast Season
The Walk26 Feb 2024
Lumby Lane29 Feb 2024
Hillthorpe Road28 Feb 2024
Oakroyd Mount01 Mar 2024
Richardshaw RoadLast Season
Harley Walk01 Mar 2024
Montreal Terrace01 Mar 2024
Swinnow Lane27 Feb 2024
Rock Lane and Leeds Bradford Rd27 Feb 2024
Eightlands LaneLast Season
Lower Town StreetLast Season
Gledhow Valley RoadLast Season
Poppleton DriveLast Season
Great North Road27 Feb 2024
Gargrave Court28 Feb 2024
Naseby ViewLast Season
Shaw Lane26 Feb 2024
Adel Lane28 Feb 2024
Sandfield Avenue26 Feb 2024
Manor Field Bungalows29 Feb 2024
WhitegateLast Season
Scotland Wood RoadLast Season
Bentcliffe DriveLast Season
Moor Allerton DriveLast Season
Stainburn AvenueLast Season
Bentcliffe MountLast Season
Talbot GroveLast Season
Chelwood DriveLast Season
Wike Lane27 Feb 2024
Cornmill LaneLast Season
Westwood WayLast Season
Rosedale RiseLast Season
Naburn Approach27 Feb 2024
Oakdale Meadow27 Feb 2024
Whitelaithe Approach27 Feb 2024
Red Hall Walk26 Feb 2024
Fitzroy DriveLast Season
BeechfieldLast Season
Church Road27 Feb 2024
Lyndhurst RoadLast Season
Leasowe Road28 Feb 2024
Barkers Well GateLast Season
Blands CrescentLast Season
Station LaneLast Season
Lime Trees FarmLast Season
Ebor MountLast Season
Ring Road BramleyLast Season
South Accom RoadLast Season
Westfield LaneLast Season
Carr Manor MountLast Season
Carr Manor ParadeLast Season
Wensley RoadLast Season
Hathaway Walk26 Feb 2024
Monkswood GateLast Season
Monkswood GateNot Applicable
Naburn Close27 Feb 2024
Fearnville Place28 Feb 2024
Rosgill DriveLast Season
Cotefields Avenue26 Feb 2024
Somerdale GardensLast Season
Colton GarthLast Season
Oakwood GardensLast Season
Stainmore CloseLast Season
Holborn TowersLast Season
Grange Avenue26 Feb 2024
Prince Henry Road29 Feb 2024
Woodlea ParkLast Season
Cragside WalkLast Season
Carrholm Drive / RoadLast Season
Stainbeck LaneLast Season
Wensley GreenLast Season
Tynwald GardensLast Season
Tynwald HillLast Season
Sackville StreetLast Season
Woodbourne AvenueLast Season
Studio RoadLast Season
Gamble Hill EstateLast Season
Newlands CrescentLast Season
Ring Road Beeston ParkLast Season
Coniston WayLast Season
Wentworth GateLast Season
Bantam CloseLast Season
Midland Close28 Feb 2024
Newton Lodge DriveLast Season
Clifford Road01 Mar 2024
Coldcotes Circus26 Jan 2024
Bankside StreetLast Season
Wickham Close / AvenueLast Season
Ramsden StreetLast Season
Hebden Path27 Feb 2024
Hebden Place27 Feb 2024
Wickham AvenueLast Season
Farnley ViewLast Season
Tudor Gardens29 Feb 2024
Clayton Road28 Feb 2024
Garmont RoadLast Season
Dominion AvenueLast Season
Mickletown RoadLast Season
Otley Old Road01 Mar 2024
Sandringham Drive26 Feb 2024
Henshaw Avenue27 Feb 2024
Thirlmere Gardens29 Feb 2024
Middleton Grove WorksLast Season
Parsonage RoadLast Season
Hunslet Road27 Feb 2024
Elmfield HouseLast Season
Beacon GroveLast Season
Cottingley HeightsLast Season
Cherry PlaceLast Season
Whitelaithe Community Centre27 Feb 2024
Shayfield LaneLast Season
Pilot StreetLast Season
Goody Cross LaneLast Season
Hollyshaw Lane PosLast Season
Cherry Rise27 Feb 2024
Asquith CloseLast Season
Asquith DriveLast Season
Junction Middleton Rd Town StLast Season
Back Helston Way01 Mar 2024
Pontefract Lane27 Feb 2024
Beevers CourtLast Season
Church Walk GardensLast Season
Old Farm WalkLast Season
Silk Mill ApproachLast Season
Grangewood Gardens28 Feb 2024
Whitebridge Crescent28 Feb 2024
Mercia WayLast Season
Ullswater Crescent28 Feb 2024
Neville Approach27 Feb 2024
Blind LaneLast Season
Charville GardensLast Season
West Park Drive -EastLast Season
West Park Chase 114-124Last Season
West Park Chase 30-112Last Season
New Road / Crofters Lea28 Feb 2024
Brookland TowersLast Season
Barncroft TowersLast Season
Thorner Lane01 Mar 2024
High Bank AppraochLast Season
Swithens LaneLast Season
Asket Hill29 Feb 2024
Eyrie ApproachLast Season
Ramshead ApproachLast Season
Ring Road Seacroft29 Feb 2024
Brander Road27 Feb 2024
St Albans Close27 Feb 2024
Coldcotes Drive28 Feb 2024
Bright StreetLast Season
New Park Walk26 Feb 2024
Well GarthLast Season
Northfarm Road26 Feb 2024
Stanks Lane North01 Mar 2024
Mill Green Gardens01 Mar 2024
Dewsbury Road -TingleyLast Season
Highthorne Drive27 Feb 2024
Butterbowl GarthLast Season
Brackenwood Drive GledhowLast Season
Holborn ViewLast Season
Parkside Road -Nr Stonegate SchoolLast Season
Weetwood Avenue26 Feb 2024
Enterprise House - Apex ViewLast Season
Darfield RoadLast Season
Bunkers Hill26 Feb 2024
Lincombe MountLast Season
Baildon Close27 Feb 2024
Laycock PlaceLast Season
Raby AvenueLast Season
Churchfield LaneLast Season
FearnleaLast Season
Styebank LaneLast Season
Park WestLast Season
Woodsley RoadLast Season
Easterley Cross27 Feb 2024
Redmire DriveLast Season
Calverley RoadLast Season
Meynell WalkLast Season
Morwick GroveLast Season
Oaklea RoadLast Season
Harehills Park View27 Feb 2024
Foundry Lane28 Feb 2024
Ironwood ApproachLast Season
Poole CrescentLast Season
Ashleigh GardensLast Season
Allerton Grange RiseLast Season
Stainburn RoadLast Season
William StreetLast Season
Middleton Park AvenueLast Season
Whinfield28 Feb 2024
Melrose GroveLast Season
Canterbury DriveLast Season
Wike Ridge Lane27 Feb 2024
Longwood Close27 Feb 2024
Southfield Street28 Feb 2024
Barnet Street27 Feb 2024
Westerly Croft26 Feb 2024
Waterside Road26 Feb 2024
Trip LaneLast Season
Torre GreenLast Season
The CrescentLast Season
Moor Knoll LaneLast Season
Laburnum CloseLast Season
Cherry Tree WalkLast Season
Foxhill Crescent26 Feb 2024
Grove Lane26 Feb 2024
Gledhow Park CrescentLast Season
Roxholme GroveLast Season
Roxholme AvenueLast Season
Barncroft DriveLast Season
Ramshead CrescentLast Season
Alwoodley CourtLast Season
Buslingthorpe LaneLast Season
Ring Road Beeston29 Feb 2024
Newlands Drive Garage Site01 Mar 2024
Ring Road - BeestonLast Season
Swallow Drive28 Feb 2024
Marsden StreetLast Season
Whitehouse Lane -A642Last Season
Commercial RoadLast Season
Greenhow Close27 Feb 2024
Blenkinsop WayLast Season
Coal Hill LaneLast Season
A58Last Season
53 Old Park RoadLast Season
Ring Road - Low WortleyLast Season
Holtdale LawnLast Season
Ring Road WeetwoodLast Season
Scott StreetLast Season
Barncroft MountNot Applicable
Leeds Road (Rothwell)Last Season
Maryfield GreenNot Applicable
Lingfield Crescent28 Feb 2024
Sunningdale Green01 Mar 2024
Spring AvenueLast Season
Whitfield Way27 Feb 2024
Ledbury AvenueLast Season
Sharp House RoadLast Season
Hillingdon WayLast Season
Shadwell Lane27 Feb 2024
Peel StreetLast Season
Oak GroveLast Season
Spibey LaneLast Season
Whitehall RoadLast Season
Wakefield RoadLast Season
Westgate LaneLast Season
MillshawLast Season
Church CausewayLast Season
Burnham Road29 Feb 2024
Templars Way29 Feb 2024
Grange Avenue29 Feb 2024
Smithy Lane27 Feb 2024
Ninelands Lane29 Feb 2024
Fairburn Drive28 Feb 2024
Springwell RoadLast Season
North Park AvenueLast Season
Victoria RoadLast Season
Ingle AvenueLast Season
Primley Park Walk29 Feb 2024
Primley Park Avenue29 Feb 2024
Primley Park Grove29 Feb 2024
Rydal CrescentLast Season
Acre CircusLast Season
Queenswood DriveLast Season
Theaker Lane26 Feb 2024
Kirkstall Road27 Feb 2024
Landseer GardensLast Season
Heights LaneLast Season
Armley Grange OvalLast Season
Birk LaneLast Season
Ring Road -MiddletonLast Season
Ring Road -MiddletonLast Season
Windmill CloseLast Season
Helston Road01 Mar 2024
Broadlea View29 Feb 2024
Lincroft CrescentLast Season
Bell LaneLast Season
Landseer RoadLast Season
Poplar ViewLast Season
Queensthorpe Avenue / CloseLast Season
Heights DriveLast Season
Heights WayLast Season
Cockshott DriveLast Season
Raynville CrescentLast Season
Victoria Park GroveLast Season
Moor Park Avenue26 Feb 2024
Batcliffe Mount26 Feb 2024
Langdale AvenueLast Season
Green Lane27 Feb 2024
Pinfold LaneLast Season
Sycamore AvenueLast Season
Park View TerraceNot Applicable
Temple WalkLast Season
The GroveLast Season
Northcote Drive01 Mar 2024
Green Top29 Feb 2024
Newlaithes GardensLast Season
St Margarets DriveLast Season
Old Hollins Hill01 Mar 2024
Throstle Nest Cose29 Feb 2024
Banksfield GroveLast Season
Shaw LeysLast Season
Netherfield Close28 Feb 2024
Coppice Wood AvenueLast Season
Highfield Gardens29 Feb 2024
Amberly Road29 Feb 2024
Ashfield TerraceLast Season
Cross Green Lane27 Feb 2024
Knights WayLast Season
Oak Tree Drive26 Jan 2024
Oakwood Lane29 Feb 2024
Broadway / Cragg RoadLast Season
Cragg AvenueLast Season
Woodbine TerraceLast Season
Haigh Wood RoadLast Season
Silk Mill GardensLast Season
Batchelor Lane01 Mar 2024
Carr Bridge Drive27 Feb 2024
Holly Drive27 Feb 2024
Wood Hill Grove27 Feb 2024
Moseley Wood Way27 Feb 2024
Moseley Wood Bank27 Feb 2024
Abbeydale OvalLast Season
The GreenLast Season
Mount Pisgah Terrace28 Feb 2024
Markham Avenue28 Feb 2024
St Andrews Close27 Feb 2024
Victoria Close26 Feb 2024
Tyersal Crescent26 Feb 2024
Leeds Road / Crowtrees Court28 Feb 2024
Westdale Gardens28 Feb 2024
Fawcett GradensLast Season
Fieldhouse CloseLast Season
Falkland GroveLast Season
Moorland CrescentLast Season
Iveson GreenLast Season
Iveson RoadLast Season
Grove Farm Crescent27 Feb 2024
Haven ChaseLast Season
Silk Mill AvenueLast Season
Cookridge Avenue27 Feb 2024
Mavis LaneLast Season
Kirkwood Crescent27 Feb 2024
Kirkwood ViewLast Season
West Parade26 Feb 2024
Northolme Crescent26 Feb 2024
Fearnville Road28 Feb 2024
Ouse DriveLast Season
The ChaseLast Season
Fourth AvenueLast Season
The ApproachLast Season
Wheelwright AvenueLast Season
Fernbank Avenue26 Feb 2024
Harley Terrace01 Mar 2024
Harley Gardens01 Mar 2024
Lowell Grove01 Mar 2024
Swinnow Green01 Mar 2024
Fairfields Close01 Mar 2024
Wellstone Green01 Mar 2024
Langley Mount27 Feb 2024
Whitecote HillLast Season
Ross Grove27 Feb 2024
Summerfield Place26 Feb 2024
Rossefield Approach28 Feb 2024
Rossefield Avenue28 Feb 2024
Rosemont Terrace28 Feb 2024
Rossefield Grove01 Mar 2024
Ganners Rise01 Mar 2024
Prospect ViewLast Season
The Heights EastLast Season
Snowdon CrescentLast Season
Broadlea Terrace29 Feb 2024
Broadlea Gardens29 Feb 2024
Burnsall Grange26 Feb 2024
Victoria GardensLast Season
Silk Mill CloseLast Season
Moorland GardensLast Season
Broomhill DriveLast Season
Moorside RoadLast Season
Hollin Park Mount28 Feb 2024
Fillingfir RoadLast Season
Moor Grange CourtLast Season
Lea Farm Drive / RoadLast Season
Old Oak GarthLast Season
Spen BankLast Season
Cragside CloseLast Season
Raynel Mount28 Feb 2024
Kirkstall LaneLast Season
Tunstall Road28 Feb 2024
Commercial StreetLast Season
King StreetLast Season
Back Mount PleasantLast Season
Swarcliffe Drive29 Feb 2024
Swardale Road29 Feb 2024
Blenheim WalkLast Season
St Marks RoadLast Season
Leafield DriveLast Season
Tynwald DriveLast Season
Main Street01 Mar 2024
Ridgeway01 Mar 2024
Bradford Road01 Mar 2024
Fieldhead Road01 Mar 2024
Hawkhill Avenue01 Mar 2024
Fieldhead Drive01 Mar 2024
West Lea Crescent28 Feb 2024
Westfield Mount28 Feb 2024
Sliverdale Drive01 Mar 2024
The OaksLast Season
Denhill Crescent01 Mar 2024
Stanks Gardens28 Feb 2024
Swarcliffe Green29 Feb 2024
Newell Avenue29 Feb 2024
Weston Crescent29 Feb 2024
Hillfoot Drive28 Feb 2024
Spenser RoadLast Season
Newell Carr Road29 Feb 2024
Howden Clough RoadLast Season
Low Moor Side LaneLast Season
Crescent BungalowsLast Season
Oakwood DriveLast Season
Aberfield RiseLast Season
Town StreetLast Season
Aberfield BankLast Season
Sharp Lane / Town StreetLast Season
Throstle Lane NorthLast Season
Neville Road28 Feb 2024
Wrenbeck Avenue29 Feb 2024
Larkfield Drive28 Feb 2024
Moorlands Avenue26 Feb 2024
Rufford Bank27 Feb 2024
Hill Crescent28 Feb 2024
Illingworth Close27 Feb 2024
Wynmore Drive28 Feb 2024
Creskeld Lane28 Feb 2024
Renton AvenueLast Season
Hillcourt DriveLast Season
Peckover Drive28 Feb 2024
Ring Road Farsley / Bradford Rd26 Feb 2024
Westroyd28 Feb 2024
Newhall CloseLast Season
Back Manor Farm GardensLast Season
Holmsley CrestLast Season
Muncaster Road28 Feb 2024
Sunningdale27 Feb 2024
Tenterden WayLast Season
Rockingham CloseLast Season
Woodlands TerraceLast Season
Priesthorpe RoadLast Season
Littlemoor Gardens29 Feb 2024
Turnbary AvenueLast Season
Harley Drive01 Mar 2024
Wellstone Avenue01 Mar 2024
Harley Rise01 Mar 2024
Cambridge Gardens27 Feb 2024
Summerfield Drive26 Feb 2024
Butterbowl DriveLast Season
Churchville27 Feb 2024
Millenium VillageLast Season
York Road27 Feb 2024
Torre RoadLast Season
Linton LaneLast Season
St Annes LaneLast Season
The TurnwaysLast Season
Parkside Road26 Feb 2024
St Helens Lane27 Feb 2024
Back Church Lane27 Feb 2024
Grove Gardens26 Feb 2024
Alderton RiseLast Season
Tithe Barn LaneLast Season
Lambert AvenueLast Season
Dunstarn Lane27 Feb 2024
Buckstone GreenLast Season
Back Abbott Road27 Feb 2024
Parliament Place29 Feb 2024
Ley Lane27 Feb 2024
Heathcroft Bank29 Feb 2024
Moor Allerton AvenueLast Season
Brigshaw DriveLast Season
Woodacre LaneLast Season
Clarendon RoadLast Season
A659Last Season
Naburn Place27 Feb 2024
Unity StreetLast Season
Belle Isle RoadLast Season
Wood Lane26 Feb 2024
Cliffe Park DriveLast Season
Stanhope Memorial HallLast Season
Mandarin WayLast Season
Gascoigne CourtLast Season
Tavistock Park29 Feb 2024
Station Lane01 Mar 2024
Valley Road - East29 Feb 2024
Glensdale Street26 Feb 2024
Bolton LaneLast Season
Scott Wood LaneLast Season
Nepshaw Lane SouthLast Season
Croft Drive01 Mar 2024
Robinson LaneLast Season
Birch Estate POSLast Season
Shay StreetLast Season
Litton Way26 Feb 2024
Whitelaithe Road26 Feb 2024
Monkswood CloseLast Season
Ring Road29 Feb 2024
Kentmere ApproachLast Season
Dib Lane28 Feb 2024
Primrise Hill GroveLast Season
Colliers LaneLast Season
Pondfields PlaceLast Season
Richmond Hill Close26 Feb 2024
Brooksbank DriveLast Season
Iveson GardensLast Season
Hemingway Garth26 Feb 2024
Goodman Street27 Feb 2024
Winrose CrescentLast Season
Holborn GardensLast Season
Cathcart StreetLast Season
Woodlea LaneLast Season
Borrowdale CrescentLast Season
Orchard CloseLast Season
Cranmer BankLast Season
Deanswood GarthLast Season
Scott Hall DriveLast Season
Bronte HouseLast Season
Harehills AvenueLast Season
Old Hall RoadLast Season
Park Wood Road29 Feb 2024
Ramshead GroveLast Season
Greystone Mount28 Feb 2024
Holt CrescentLast Season
Nineveh RoadLast Season
Nowell End RoadLast Season
Henconner AvenueLast Season
Foss AvenueLast Season
Cranmer Bank FlatsLast Season
Wood LaneLast Season
Swinnow Road29 Feb 2024
Well Hill28 Feb 2024
Beacon AvenueLast Season
Maple Croft/Shadwell LaneLast Season
St. Martins GroveLast Season
St Martins GardensLast Season
Thornleigh View27 Feb 2024
Scargill CloseLast Season
Raby TerraceLast Season
Gathorne CloseLast Season
Low WayLast Season
Middleton AvenueLast Season
Jubilee StreetLast Season
New Park PlaceLast Season
Lindsey GardensLast Season
Old Whackhouse Lane28 Feb 2024
St Lukes Road01 Mar 2024
St Lukes01 Mar 2024
St Lukes Terrace01 Mar 2024
ChurchsideLast Season
Baildon Chase27 Feb 2024
Back Lane29 Feb 2024
Garden Village27 Feb 2024
Walter Crescent26 Feb 2024
King George Avenue01 Mar 2024
Gillett LaneLast Season
Fieldhouse DriveLast Season
Middleton Road Belle IsleLast Season
DeanswayLast Season
West Grange DriveLast Season
Appleby Place28 Feb 2024
Coronation Parade28 Feb 2024
Garden AvenueNot Applicable
Neville Garth27 Feb 2024
Ingleton Drive28 Feb 2024
Hollybush GreenLast Season
York Road27 Feb 2024
Roman AvenueLast Season
West Park Chase 1-17Last Season
Masefield StreetLast Season
Queenshill RoadLast Season
Otley Bypass -Ilkley Road29 Feb 2024
Bailey TowersLast Season
Stile Hill WayLast Season
Baghill RoadLast Season
Tong Road Junction26 Feb 2024
East Causeway27 Feb 2024
Hebden Close27 Feb 2024
Osprey Grove27 Feb 2024
Telford Walk28 Feb 2024
Stonebridge Grove26 Feb 2024
St Albans ApproachLast Season
Owlcotes Road28 Feb 2024
Middleton CircusLast Season
Hawkhill AvenueLast Season
Primrose LaneLast Season
Francis StreetLast Season
Back Cowper StreetLast Season
Dean AvenueLast Season
Oakwell AvenueLast Season
St Margarets ViewLast Season
Wellhouse RoadLast Season
Oakwood Lane28 Feb 2024
Gipton Wood Avenue29 Feb 2024
Sherburn Road28 Feb 2024
Main Street / Coal RoadLast Season
Shadwell WalkLast Season
Silver Royd DriveLast Season
Brackenwood DriveLast Season
Chandos AvenueLast Season
Amberton CloseLast Season
Haslewood PlaceLast Season
Haslewood GreenLast Season
Stainburn MountLast Season
Roper AvenueLast Season
Denton GroveLast Season
North Park ParadeLast Season
Hebdon Walk27 Feb 2024
Farndale Approach29 Feb 2024
Mill Green Road01 Mar 2024
Penwell Garth28 Feb 2024
Barrack RoadLast Season
Hillside Road / Pasture StreetLast Season
Town Street WalkLast Season
Butcher LaneLast Season
Mandela CourtLast Season
Easterly Square27 Feb 2024
Inglewood PlaceLast Season
Hawkhill DriveLast Season
Fairfax CloseLast Season
Lambrigg CrescentLast Season
Spinks GardensLast Season
Woodhall GroveLast Season
Czar StreetLast Season
Bridge RoadLast Season
Temple Gate WayLast Season
Esthwaite Gardens28 Feb 2024
Firbank Grove28 Feb 2024
Charles GroveLast Season
Lynwood AvenueLast Season
Old RoadLast Season
Temple CourtLast Season
Farrar Lane28 Feb 2024
Iveson ApproachLast Season
Holt LaneLast Season
Holt Park ApproachLast Season
Eden GroveLast Season
Oulton DriveLast Season
Esholt Terrace27 Feb 2024
Westerly Rise26 Feb 2024
Spring Gardens27 Feb 2024
BrooksideLast Season
Syke GreenLast Season
Springfield ViewLast Season
Lowry RoadLast Season
Forsythia AvenueLast Season
Spring Valley Walk01 Mar 2024
Roxholme PlaceLast Season
Monkswood DriveLast Season
Cain Close26 Feb 2024
Temple Newsham RoadLast Season
Henconner RoadLast Season
Goosefield Rise28 Feb 2024
St Georges RoadLast Season
Wayland Approach EstateLast Season
Claredon Road27 Feb 2024
New Forest WayLast Season
Twentyman Walk/Peart PlaceLast Season
Lawrence AvenueLast Season
Eastwood GardensLast Season
Whinmoor Way29 Feb 2024
Easterly Cross27 Feb 2024
Mill Pit LaneLast Season
New Stourton Lane28 Feb 2024
Maryfield MewsNot Applicable
Lingfield GreenLast Season
Oban TerraceLast Season
Barnsdale RoadNot Applicable
Eastfield DriveLast Season
Fir Tree Approach29 Feb 2024
Lingfield Approach28 Feb 2024
Lingfield Bank28 Feb 2024
Lingfield Approach28 Feb 2024
Elland RoadLast Season
Town StreetLast Season
Whitfield Avenue28 Feb 2024
Easterley Road26 Feb 2024
Alwoodley GardensLast Season
The QuarryLast Season
Jumbles LaneLast Season
Emville AvenueLast Season
RobertsgateLast Season
North Lane29 Feb 2024
West Avenue28 Feb 2024
Elmete Lane29 Feb 2024
Glen RoadLast Season
Topcliffe MeadLast Season
Fir Tree Gardens29 Feb 2024
Birkdale Walk01 Mar 2024
Hales RoadLast Season
Gelderd RoadLast Season
Thorpe Lower LaneLast Season
Cottingley GardensLast Season
Moorgate DriveLast Season
Kirk Hills01 Mar 2024
Kirkfield Avenue01 Mar 2024
The GreenLast Season
Selby Road29 Feb 2024
Purbeck Grove29 Feb 2024
Springmead Drive29 Feb 2024
Holman Avenue29 Feb 2024
Goodycross LaneLast Season
Roman DriveLast Season
Sandmoor AvenueLast Season
Bankhouse CloseLast Season
Primley Park Road29 Feb 2024
Primley Park Lane29 Feb 2024
Highwood AvenueLast Season
High StreetLast Season
Sandmoor LaneLast Season
High Ash Drive26 Feb 2024
High Ash Avenue26 Feb 2024
Throstle RoadLast Season
Throstle TerraceLast Season
Old Run Road28 Feb 2024
Chalner AvenueLast Season
Far Told Moor26 Feb 2024
Pasture Mount26 Feb 2024
Stainbeck RoadLast Season
Quakers Lane28 Feb 2024
Stocks HillLast Season
Potternewton MountLast Season
Beeston Road01 Mar 2024
Belle Isle CircusLast Season
Broom TerraceLast Season
Winrose ApproachLast Season
Clyde Gardens28 Feb 2024
Clyde Court28 Feb 2024
Spring Valley Croft01 Mar 2024
Spring Valley Drive / View01 Mar 2024
Wellington GroveLast Season
Raynville RoadLast Season
Pollard LaneLast Season
Farrow GreenLast Season
Gamble Hill DriveLast Season
Ring Road FarnleyLast Season
Landseer CrescentLast Season
Outgang LaneLast Season
Castle Grove Drive26 Feb 2024
Carlton ApproachLast Season
St Johns Garth26 Feb 2024
Abbotts Close26 Feb 2024
Field End CrescentLast Season
Field EndLast Season
Temple GroveLast Season
Jean AvenueLast Season
Temple Gate DriveLast Season
Mayfield RoadLast Season
Cleavesty LaneLast Season
Lumby LaneLast Season
Normanton Grove01 Mar 2024
Bismarck Drive01 Mar 2024
Northcote Crescent01 Mar 2024
Stanhope DriveLast Season
Victoria CrescentLast Season
Hall Park MountLast Season
Hunger Hills AvenueLast Season
BroadwayLast Season
Spencer RoadLast Season
Moorland CrescentLast Season
Banksfield CloseLast Season
Kirklands Close01 Mar 2024
Raywood Close01 Mar 2024
Kellet LaneLast Season
Greenside WalkLast Season
Malmsbury Terrace / Street29 Feb 2024
Shoreham RoadLast Season
Upper Wortley Road29 Feb 2024
Allerton GroveLast Season
Pendas WayLast Season
Austhorpe LaneLast Season
Lulworth WalkLast Season
Manston CrescentLast Season
Amberton Road27 Feb 2024
Lawrence Road27 Feb 2024
Oak Tree Walk27 Feb 2024
Oak Tree Place27 Feb 2024
Stanhope DriveLast Season
Springfield Mount01 Mar 2024
Hillcrest Rise27 Feb 2024
Moseley Wood Crescent27 Feb 2024
Moseley Wood Gardens27 Feb 2024
Tinshill Road27 Feb 2024
Brownberrie CrescentLast Season
Brownberrie Walk29 Feb 2024
Vesper Gate CrescentLast Season
Cemetery Road01 Mar 2024
St Lawrence Close29 Feb 2024
Mount Tabor Street29 Feb 2024
Radcliffe Lane29 Feb 2024
New Street Grove01 Mar 2024
Oakdene Close28 Feb 2024
Fawcett WayLast Season
LittlewayLast Season
Stainburn DriveLast Season
Fartown29 Feb 2024
Tinshill Mount27 Feb 2024
Eaton HillLast Season
Kirkwood Rise27 Feb 2024
Spen Road26 Feb 2024
Old Oak DriveLast Season
Spenninthorne Avenue28 Feb 2024
Fearnville View28 Feb 2024
Ure GroveLast Season
Clifford Moor RoadLast Season
Lairum RiseLast Season
Willow LaneLast Season
Northfield Place / AvenueLast Season
York Road27 Feb 2024
Cliffe Park CrescentLast Season
Buckton View01 Mar 2024
Malvern Grove01 Mar 2024
Stainburn CrescentLast Season
Parkside Walk26 Feb 2024
Coal Hill Estate26 Feb 2024
Coal Hill Lane26 Feb 2024
Bagley LaneLast Season
Glenlea Close27 Feb 2024
Summerfield Green26 Feb 2024
Rossefield Close28 Feb 2024
Bath Close27 Feb 2024
Ganners Close01 Mar 2024
Burnsall Croft26 Feb 2024
Crow Trees Court28 Feb 2024
Woodbine TerraceLast Season
Silk Mill RoadLast Season
West Street29 Feb 2024
Oakwood Walk29 Feb 2024
Elmete Walk29 Feb 2024
Belle Vue Avenue29 Feb 2024
Latchmere DriveLast Season
Spen ApproachLast Season
Woodbridge PlaceLast Season
Latchmere GardensLast Season
Old Farm ParadeLast Season
Iveson GarthLast Season
Talbot ViewLast Season
Adel Wood Estate27 Feb 2024
Consort View27 Feb 2024
Elmete Mount29 Feb 2024
Easterly Road26 Feb 2024
Spibey LaneLast Season
North Lingwell RoadLast Season
Moor Flatts RoadLast Season
Moor Flatts AvenueLast Season
Lingwell CrescentLast Season
Middleton Park RoadLast Season
Swarcliffe Approach29 Feb 2024
Cross Speedwell StreetLast Season
Stonegate RoadLast Season
Leafield CloseLast Season
Saxon MountLast Season
Park Lane01 Mar 2024
Broadway Fairway Junction01 Mar 2024
Kineholm Drive28 Feb 2024
Greenlea Avenue28 Feb 2024
Old Whackhouse Lane28 Feb 2024
Westfield Avenue28 Feb 2024
Kirk Lane28 Feb 2024
Sliverdale Grange01 Mar 2024
Ashtofts MountLast Season
Kelcliffe LaneLast Season
Barwick RoadLast Season
Eastwood Drive29 Feb 2024
Eastwood Lane01 Mar 2024
Eastwood Crescent01 Mar 2024
Stanks Approach28 Feb 2024
Stanks Lane South28 Feb 2024
Eastwood Nook01 Mar 2024
West Villa RoadLast Season
The Green29 Feb 2024
Henshaw Lane27 Feb 2024
New Road28 Feb 2024
Greenacre Park Avenue28 Feb 2024
Hawthorn Avenue27 Feb 2024
Bradford Road -DrighlingtonLast Season
Haigh RoadLast Season
Ring Road MiddletonLast Season
Town StreetLast Season
Park Road -MiddletonLast Season
Canada Drive28 Feb 2024
Larkfield Road28 Feb 2024
Rufford Crescent27 Feb 2024
Wellington Grove29 Feb 2024
Haw View27 Feb 2024
Emmott View Off Emmott Drive29 Feb 2024
Breary Lane East28 Feb 2024
Tyersal Walk26 Feb 2024
Foxholes Lane26 Feb 2024
Parkwood Gardens26 Feb 2024
Aberfield WalkLast Season
Manor Farm GreenLast Season
Barrowby RoadLast Season
Austhorpe DriveLast Season
Great North Road27 Feb 2024
Ludlow Avenue28 Feb 2024
Bullerthorpe LaneLast Season
Nettleton CourtLast Season
Gray CourtLast Season
Ring Road HaltonLast Season
Austhorpe ViewLast Season
Knights CloseLast Season
Chelsfield WayLast Season
Rockingham WayLast Season
Stanks Close28 Feb 2024
Alexandra Road28 Feb 2024
Andrew Square26 Feb 2024
Oakroyd Terrace29 Feb 2024
Swinnow Avenue01 Mar 2024
Chuchville Terrace27 Feb 2024
Foundry Mill StreetLast Season
Newton WalkLast Season
Rigton DriveLast Season
Gargrave ApproachLast Season
Rigton LawnLast Season
Heath DriveLast Season
School Lane27 Feb 2024
Burley Hill DriveLast Season
Burley Wood LaneLast Season
Parkside CrescentLast Season
Sunset AvenueLast Season
Cross Hills DriveLast Season
Seacroft AvenueLast Season
St Andrews DriveLast Season
Ravens Mount29 Feb 2024
Ironwood CrescentLast Season
Buckstone MountLast Season
Buckstone OvalLast Season
Armley Road27 Feb 2024
Heathcroft Rise29 Feb 2024
Lidgett LaneLast Season
Cherrywood Gardens27 Feb 2024
Red Hall Drive26 Feb 2024
Whinmoor Crescent26 Feb 2024
Cranewells ValeLast Season
Glenthorpe CrescentLast Season
Whitelaithe Gardens27 Feb 2024
Lower MickletownLast Season
All Saints DriveLast Season
Pontefract Road26 Feb 2024
Skelton Grange Road26 Feb 2024
Church LaneLast Season
Gledhow Grange ViewLast Season
Summerfield Avenue26 Feb 2024
Oak Road Pos28 Feb 2024
Greenside Road29 Feb 2024
Cedar Close27 Feb 2024
QueenscourtLast Season
St Matthias StreetLast Season
Laurel Hill AvenueLast Season
St. Marys Park ApproachLast Season
Higham Way28 Feb 2024
York Road -Osmondthorpe27 Feb 2024
Midland Garth28 Feb 2024
Hopefield DriveLast Season
The BoyleLast Season
Carr Manor AvenueLast Season
Carr Manor CrescentLast Season
Carr Manor GardensLast Season
Carr Manor WalkLast Season
Parkland GardensLast Season
Belle Isle CloseLast Season
Monkswood HillLast Season
Ringwood Mount26 Feb 2024
Asket GarthLast Season
Reinwood AvenueLast Season
Fearnville Terrace28 Feb 2024
Grange Park Crescent28 Feb 2024
Rosgill WalkLast Season
Kentmere AvenueLast Season
Boggart Hill CrescentLast Season
Esmond Terrace27 Feb 2024
Richmond Hill Approach26 Feb 2024
Parklands Crescent28 Feb 2024
Torre DriveLast Season
Sherburn Place28 Feb 2024
Rocheford Gardens26 Feb 2024
Newton Square27 Feb 2024
Ramshead ViewLast Season
Wycliffe Close26 Feb 2024
Scott CloseLast Season
Westfield CrescentLast Season
Bedale CourtLast Season
Bowood AvenueLast Season
Saxon RoadLast Season
Holt Avenue29 Feb 2024
Hough Tree TerraceLast Season
Spen LaneLast Season
Waincliffe Drive29 Feb 2024
Wattle SykeLast Season
Eshald LaneLast Season
Rycroft Green Sheltered Housing01 Mar 2024
Hansby PlaceLast Season
Boggart HillLast Season
Low Moorside CloseLast Season
Primrose Hill CloseLast Season
Potternewton GardensLast Season
Smeaton ApproachLast Season
Wike Ridge Avenue27 Feb 2024
Moor Road28 Feb 2024
Henconner LaneLast Season
Lincoln Road / Grantham TowersLast Season
Granville RoadLast Season
Edgware GroveLast Season
Brecon Rise / CourtLast Season
Sharphouse RoadLast Season
Belle View AvenueLast Season
Raynville WalkLast Season
Neath Gardens27 Feb 2024
South Farm Road27 Feb 2024
Moorehouse GroveLast Season
Southleigh Crescent29 Feb 2024
Westland Road DepotLast Season
Southleigh Road29 Feb 2024
B6135Last Season
Old CloseLast Season
Woodlands Drive28 Feb 2024
Springfield LaneLast Season
Woollin AvenueLast Season
Farm RoadLast Season
Sandgate DriveLast Season
Chadwick Street27 Feb 2024
East Grange GarthLast Season
Hopes Farm ViewLast Season
Hazell Avenue27 Feb 2024
Clyde Walk28 Feb 2024
Newhall GateLast Season
DeanswayLast Season
Middleton Park CircusLast Season
Church RoadLast Season
St Aidans RoadLast Season
Peacock GreenLast Season
Chapel SquareLast Season
Iveson GroveLast Season
Dunhill Rise28 Feb 2024
Irwin ApproachLast Season
Neville Close27 Feb 2024
Baileys LaneLast Season
North Seacroft One Stop ShopLast Season
Seacroft CrescentLast Season
Elmhurst Close / Gardens26 Feb 2024
Weston Lane29 Feb 2024
Ramshead HeightsLast Season
Belinda Street27 Feb 2024
Amberton TerraceLast Season
East Grange CloseLast Season
Scott GreenLast Season
Fairfield LaneLast Season
Longwood RoadLast Season
Preston ViewLast Season
Telford Street28 Feb 2024
Leasowe Road28 Feb 2024
Midland Road27 Feb 2024
Bawn LaneLast Season
Ring Road Low WortleyLast Season
Whincover HillLast Season
Ramshead DriveLast Season
Ramshead PlaceLast Season
Brander Street28 Feb 2024
Garth EndLast Season
Old Mill Business Park27 Feb 2024
The Oval27 Feb 2024
Brian CrescentLast Season
Leopold GardensLast Season
Cowper StreetLast Season
Easterley Close27 Feb 2024
St Wilfreds Avenue27 Feb 2024
Chapel LaneLast Season
Farndale Place29 Feb 2024
Tingley CommonLast Season
Methley Lane / Fleet LaneLast Season
Linton Avenue27 Feb 2024
Linton Crescent27 Feb 2024
Butterbowl GardensLast Season
Whincover BankLast Season
Potternewton ViewLast Season
Doorstep GreenLast Season
Farndale Terrace29 Feb 2024
Mill Green View01 Mar 2024
Brayton Green29 Feb 2024
Langbar Approach29 Feb 2024
Eskdale MountLast Season
Brooklands GarthLast Season
Abraham HillLast Season
Station ViewLast Season
St Wilfrids Avenue27 Feb 2024
Inglewood DriveLast Season
Hansby GardensLast Season
Bodmin Crescent / Place01 Mar 2024
Foundry Mill LaneLast Season
Elemete AvenueLast Season
Coldcotes AvenueLast Season
Albert RoadLast Season
Victoria StreetLast Season
Broomfield28 Feb 2024
Raynel Gardens28 Feb 2024
Rothbury Gardens28 Feb 2024
Morris LaneLast Season
Ashleigh Road26 Feb 2024
Holt Close29 Feb 2024
Winchester Street27 Feb 2024
Mickley Street27 Feb 2024
Harewood RoadLast Season
Lyndon Square01 Mar 2024
Larch WoodLast Season
Hawkshead CrescentLast Season
Elmfield CourtLast Season
Redwood AvenueLast Season
Dunnock CroftLast Season
Main StreetLast Season
Ash ViewLast Season
Church LaneLast Season
Smithy Mills Lane29 Feb 2024
Gledhow Park GroveLast Season
Mullins Court26 Feb 2024
Kippax Place26 Feb 2024
Ellerby Lane26 Feb 2024
Queensway Car ParkLast Season
SunnydeneLast Season
The AvenueLast Season
Compton RoadLast Season
Moor Drive28 Feb 2024
Elford Place EastLast Season
Barlby WayLast Season
Springwell AvenueLast Season
Railway Close27 Feb 2024
Stanningley Road (off. Green Hill Close)Last Season
9 Wetherby RoadLast Season
Barker PlaceLast Season
Creskeld Crescent01 Mar 2024
Ring Road (Moortown)Last Season
MoortopLast Season
Primrose AvenueLast Season
Old Park RoadLast Season
Holmsley LaneLast Season
Langdale RoadLast Season
Lingfield Gate29 Feb 2024
Sunningdale Drive01 Mar 2024
Ledbury DriveLast Season
Sharp House RoadLast Season
The Avenue27 Feb 2024
Moss GardensLast Season
The ViewLast Season
Long Thorpe LaneLast Season
Park Avenue28 Feb 2024
Hartley StreetLast Season
Nursery Grove01 Mar 2024
Birkdale Green01 Mar 2024
Low Shops SideLast Season
Cottingley ChaseLast Season
Dulverton GarthLast Season
Dulverton CloseLast Season
Stead Lane01 Mar 2024
Church Hill01 Mar 2024
Grove CrescentLast Season
Ash GroveLast Season
Lidgett Park RoadLast Season
Ingle CrescentLast Season
Bank AvenueLast Season
Brunswick StreetLast Season
Ingle GroveLast Season
Fir Tree Vale29 Feb 2024
Sandhill Mount26 Feb 2024
High Ash Crescent26 Feb 2024
Wigton Lane26 Feb 2024
Middleton Park MountLast Season
Dewsbury RoadLast Season
Ghyll RoadLast Season
Rillsmead28 Feb 2024
Lodge Road / Westdale Road28 Feb 2024
Moorland Drive Play AreaLast Season
Malvern Road01 Mar 2024
St Lukes Green01 Mar 2024
Back South Hill GardensLast Season
Broom LawnLast Season
Belle Isle Road -Central ResLast Season
Aberfield DriveLast Season
The Lane/King Drive01 Mar 2024
Cardinal Avenue29 Feb 2024
Armley Grange AvenueLast Season
Farrow HillLast Season
Aston GroveLast Season
Aston PlaceLast Season
Cockshot CloseLast Season
Greenhill RoadLast Season
Houghley LaneLast Season
Greenhill DriveLast Season
Broad Lane01 Mar 2024
Houghley CrescentLast Season
Landseer MountLast Season
Otley Road01 Mar 2024
Farsley Town StreetLast Season
Layton Park Drive29 Feb 2024
Otley Lodge27 Feb 2024
Manley DriveLast Season
Spofforth HillLast Season
Temple Gate ViewLast Season
Chapel StreetLast Season
Primrose CrescentLast Season
Woodland HillLast Season
Moor LaneLast Season
Church DriveLast Season
Lee Lane West29 Feb 2024
Layton Park Drive / Croft29 Feb 2024
Leeds Road01 Mar 2024
West End LaneLast Season
Manor RoadLast Season
New Road SideLast Season
Lee Lane EastLast Season
Westbrook CloseLast Season
Church RoadLast Season
Argyll Close29 Feb 2024
ParksideLast Season
Shaw CloseLast Season
Abbey Garth27 Feb 2024
Coppice Wood CrescentLast Season
Well Hill27 Feb 2024
Bondgate28 Feb 2024
Domestic StreetLast Season
Amberley Gardens29 Feb 2024
Evelyn Place29 Feb 2024
Dolphin LaneLast Season
Station LaneLast Season
Amberton Road27 Feb 2024
Amberton Mount27 Feb 2024
Thorn Mount26 Feb 2024
North Farm Road27 Feb 2024
Oak Tree Crescent27 Feb 2024
Oak Tree Grove27 Feb 2024
Alexandra RoadLast Season
Grove RoadLast Season
Brownberrie Avenue29 Feb 2024
Cookridge Drive27 Feb 2024
Moseley Wood Avenue27 Feb 2024
Vesper RoadLast Season
Abbeydale MountLast Season
Vesper Gate DriveLast Season
Sunnybank Court26 Feb 2024
King Close28 Feb 2024
Blackett Street26 Feb 2024
Micklefield Court28 Feb 2024
Highfield Road28 Feb 2024
Farfield Avenue26 Feb 2024
Valley Road - West29 Feb 2024
Fawcett PlaceLast Season
Moorland DriveLast Season
Nunroyd AvenueLast Season
Nunroyd LawnLast Season
Littlemoor Crescent29 Feb 2024
Tinshill Grove27 Feb 2024
Bedford ViewLast Season
North Parade26 Feb 2024
Helmsley Drive26 Feb 2024
Wynford Avenue28 Feb 2024
Parkstone GreenLast Season
Rye GarthLast Season
Clifford Moor RoadLast Season
Barleyfields RoadLast Season
Hallfield LaneLast Season
School LaneLast Season
Hallfield LaneLast Season
Thornhill RoadLast Season
Stainburn TerraceLast Season
Fairfield Terrace01 Mar 2024
Park Spring Rise01 Mar 2024
Rycroft Towers01 Mar 2024
Swinnow Walk01 Mar 2024
Rossefield Terrace28 Feb 2024
Bath Lane27 Feb 2024
Poplar WayLast Season
Tong Road29 Feb 2024
Musgrave BankLast Season
Broadlea Avenue29 Feb 2024
Broadlea Grove29 Feb 2024
Broadlea Hill29 Feb 2024
Broadlea Street01 Mar 2024
Broadlea Place / Road29 Feb 2024
Landseer ViewLast Season
Newlaithes RoadLast Season
Lickless Gardens01 Mar 2024
Lea Farm DriveLast Season
Lea Farm PlaceLast Season
Station RoadLast Season
Wakefield RoadLast Season
Oakwood View29 Feb 2024
Fillingfir WalkLast Season
Grove Farm Crescent27 Feb 2024
Woodbridge GardensLast Season
Luttrell GardensLast Season
Raynel Drive28 Feb 2024
Holt WalkLast Season
Chapel LaneLast Season
Green ViewLast Season
Pleasant MountLast Season
Jack Lane / Hunslet Road Pos27 Feb 2024
Hunslet Road -M62128 Feb 2024
Bruntcliffe RoadLast Season
Parkland AvenueLast Season
Rods Farm LaneLast Season
Baker StreetLast Season
Manston DriveLast Season
Swarcliffe Avenue29 Feb 2024
Marlborough Grange27 Feb 2024
Eltham RiseLast Season
Woodhouse StreetLast Season
Beckhill Estate29 Feb 2024
Miles Hill MountLast Season
Cranmer RoadLast Season
Deanswood HillLast Season
Deanswood ViewLast Season
Oatland GreenLast Season
Coach Road01 Mar 2024
Weston Park View29 Feb 2024
Greenlea Road28 Feb 2024
Howson CloseLast Season
Stanks Avenue28 Feb 2024
Pendas GroveLast Season
B6164Last Season
Sandbeck LaneLast Season
Top Moor SideLast Season
Coupland Street01 Mar 2024
Moorland AvenueLast Season
Town Street28 Feb 2024
High Street27 Feb 2024
Coppice Wood CloseLast Season
Farnley Lane29 Feb 2024
Larkfield Road28 Feb 2024
Plane Tree Grove26 Feb 2024
Ackworth Crescent26 Feb 2024
Benton Park Road28 Feb 2024
Pool Road28 Feb 2024
Old Pool Bank28 Feb 2024
North Drive28 Feb 2024
School Close28 Feb 2024
The Birches28 Feb 2024
Hall Rise28 Feb 2024
Sunny Bank Lane28 Feb 2024
Crowther Avenue26 Feb 2024
Carr Road26 Feb 2024
Manor Farm GroveLast Season
Austhorpe AvenueLast Season
Whitkirk LaneLast Season
Smeaton ApproachLast Season
Avenue VictoriaLast Season
Sycamore Walk26 Feb 2024
Summerville Road26 Feb 2024
Woodlands GroveLast Season
Kent Road29 Feb 2024
Lumby Close29 Feb 2024
Hillthorpe Terrace28 Feb 2024
Southroyd Rise29 Feb 2024
Wellstone Road01 Mar 2024
Swinnow Drive01 Mar 2024
Cambridge Drive27 Feb 2024
Hough End AvenueLast Season
St Mary's Walk27 Feb 2024
Raynville Court / GrangeLast Season
Shepherds LaneLast Season
Allerton LodgeLast Season
Haslewood DeneLast Season
Burmantofts StreetLast Season
Cromwell Street / Naseby PlaceLast Season
Mill LaneLast Season
Bankfield GroveLast Season
Glendower Park27 Feb 2024
East Causeway27 Feb 2024
Dunstarn Drive27 Feb 2024
Long Causeway27 Feb 2024
Grove LaneLast Season
Grove Avenue26 Feb 2024
Moor Park Villas26 Feb 2024
Ridge TerraceLast Season
GreenviewLast Season
Sunset RoadLast Season
Christopher RoadLast Season
Nichols CloseLast Season
Wensleydale DriveLast Season
Mardale CrescentLast Season
Kingsmead Drive26 Feb 2024
Thorn LaneLast Season
Buckstone RoadLast Season
Buckstone DriveLast Season
Blackmoor RoadLast Season
Potternewton CrescentLast Season
Back Ley Lane27 Feb 2024
Abbott View27 Feb 2024
Fielding Gate27 Feb 2024
Heathcroft Drive29 Feb 2024
Heathcroft Vale29 Feb 2024
Larkhill RoadLast Season
Bentcliffe GroveLast Season
Tatefield GroveLast Season
Upper LangwithLast Season
Fortshot Lane27 Feb 2024
Royal TerraceLast Season
Hathaway Mews26 Feb 2024
Red Hall Garth26 Feb 2024
Darnley RiseLast Season
Richardson Road27 Feb 2024
Glenthorpe AvenueLast Season
Adel Lane27 Feb 2024
Forge RowLast Season
Armley Park Road26 Feb 2024
Buller GroveLast Season
Helston Walk01 Mar 2024
Glencoe EstateLast Season
Chruch StreetLast Season
Holmsley Field LaneLast Season
Burrell CloseLast Season
Carr Manor RoadLast Season
Coal Road26 Feb 2024
Marsett Way26 Feb 2024
Redhall Vale26 Feb 2024
Ring Road01 Mar 2024
Brooklands LaneLast Season
Kentmere CrescentLast Season
Hollin Park RoadLast Season
Saxton Gardens26 Feb 2024
High Ridge Way28 Feb 2024
Rocheford Close26 Feb 2024
Juniper PlaceLast Season
Dawsons CourtLast Season
West ViewLast Season
Barden Close26 Feb 2024
Woodlea ApproachLast Season
Oakham Way27 Feb 2024
Carrholm RoadLast Season
Deanswood CloseLast Season
Scott Hall Avenue / RoadLast Season
Stanningley RoadLast Season
Leeds and Bradford Road01 Mar 2024
Blue Hill LaneLast Season
Main Street -WaltonLast Season
Grovehall RoadLast Season
Wooler AvenueLast Season
StonefieldLast Season
Beeston Park Place29 Feb 2024
Wolley CourtLast Season
Henconner CrescentLast Season
Upper Town Street BramleyLast Season
Fieldhead PaddockLast Season
Shakespeare StreetLast Season
Greystones Close26 Feb 2024
Woodland DriveLast Season
Fairfield Drive28 Feb 2024
Chestnut EndLast Season
Hill End CrescentLast Season
Cranewells ViewLast Season
Bishopdale DriveLast Season
AshfieldLast Season
Hall CloseLast Season
Hanley RoadLast Season
Harehills LaneLast Season
Winrose Crescent OSLast Season
Chestnut GardensLast Season
Fairford Avenue01 Mar 2024
Town StreetLast Season
Newton Lodge CloseLast Season
Tinshill Drive27 Feb 2024
Moor Croft27 Feb 2024
Ridge WayLast Season
Scott Hall GreenLast Season
Easterly Road26 Feb 2024
Atha CrescentLast Season
Weston Lane29 Feb 2024
St Anthonys Drive29 Feb 2024
Allenby DriveLast Season
Back Sholebrook AvenueLast Season
Shakespeare CloseLast Season
Wakefield Road Car ParkLast Season
Green RowLast Season
Whincover DriveLast Season
Canal Street27 Feb 2024
Thorpe StreetLast Season
Carlton HilLast Season
Coupland Place01 Mar 2024
Chapel HillLast Season
Gledhow Lane - HillsideLast Season
Laurel Hill ViewLast Season
Birchfied Avenue27 Feb 2024
Whitelaith Approach27 Feb 2024
Armley Road28 Feb 2024
Bradford Road DrighlingtonLast Season
Asquith AvenueLast Season
Deanfield AvenueLast Season
Bodmin Crescent01 Mar 2024
Helston Place / Road01 Mar 2024
Helston Green01 Mar 2024
Helston Way01 Mar 2024
New LaneLast Season
Victoria StreetLast Season
Holtdale AvenueLast Season
Holtdale CroftLast Season
Wood Hill Court27 Feb 2024
Kirkstall Road27 Feb 2024
Hudson RoadLast Season
Barnard CloseLast Season
East Grange RiseLast Season
Selby Road / Halton Moor AvenueLast Season
Lombard StreetLast Season
Coronation Parade28 Feb 2024
Halton Moor Road28 Feb 2024
Whins LaneLast Season
Hansby AvenueLast Season
Hodgson Avenue27 Feb 2024
Devonshire LaneLast Season
Duncan Avenue28 Feb 2024
Highfield Court26 Feb 2024
Westerton RoadLast Season
Linton RoadLast Season
Carlton LaneLast Season
Stone Brig LaneLast Season
Nursery Mount RoadLast Season
Wide LaneLast Season
Pepper Road26 Feb 2024
Bawn ValeLast Season
Tong Road26 Feb 2024
Eastdean GardensLast Season
Hebden Approach27 Feb 2024
Brander Approach27 Feb 2024
Brander Road27 Feb 2024
Bellmount CloseLast Season
Royal Court28 Feb 2024
Coldwell RoadLast Season
Rossington Road29 Feb 2024
Oakwood Grove29 Feb 2024
Arlington Road29 Feb 2024
Upland Crescent29 Feb 2024
Chatsworth Road27 Feb 2024
Strathmmore Drive27 Feb 2024
Foundry Drive27 Feb 2024
Leeds Bradford RoadLast Season
Sledmere Green28 Feb 2024
The HollingsLast Season
WatergateLast Season
Sandringham Approach26 Feb 2024
Holmsley Lane PosLast Season
New Farmers HillLast Season
All Saints RoadLast Season
Whincover GardensLast Season
Ring Road Low WortleyLast Season
Silver Royd AvenueLast Season
Sugar Well Road01 Mar 2024
Langwith TerraceLast Season
Farndale View29 Feb 2024
Penwell Green28 Feb 2024
Foundry Mill TerraceLast Season
Brooklands DriveLast Season
Willans AvenueLast Season
School CroftLast Season
Butcher LaneLast Season
Sandy Bank AvenueLast Season
Royds CourtLast Season
Ramshead CrescentLast Season
St Wilfreds Crescent27 Feb 2024
Malham CloseLast Season
Dufton ApproachLast Season
St Margarets AvenueLast Season
North LaneLast Season
Main StreetLast Season
Crossgates RoadLast Season
Lynwood CrescentLast Season
Coteroyd AvenueLast Season
Raynel Approach28 Feb 2024
The Crecscent28 Feb 2024
The Drive / The Crescent28 Feb 2024
Otterburn Gardens28 Feb 2024
Edgerton Road26 Feb 2024
Weetwood Road26 Feb 2024
Moor Grange DriveLast Season
Peregrine AvenueLast Season
Sheldrake DriveLast Season
Allenby RoadLast Season
Castlewood Close27 Feb 2024
South MountLast Season
Bradfords Close01 Mar 2024
Oxton WayLast Season
Smithy LaneLast Season
Eastleigh CourtLast Season
Bradford RoadLast Season
Northfield PlacwLast Season
Monkswood RiseLast Season
O Grady Square26 Feb 2024
Pontefract Avenue26 Feb 2024
Farrow RaodLast Season
Pudsey RoadLast Season
Clayton StreetLast Season
BroadwayLast Season
WillowdaleLast Season
Cross Hills Drive/GardensLast Season
Wyther Park MountLast Season
17 Barleyfield's RoadLast Season
Millshaw RoadLast Season
Wentworth AvenueLast Season
Dale Croft29 Feb 2024
Springwood Crescent01 Mar 2024
Ash Tree ApproachLast Season
Holtdale FoldLast Season
Duxbury RiseLast Season
A64/A1 InterchangeLast Season
Cranmore CrescentLast Season
Church AvenueLast Season
Meadow WayLast Season
Winding WayLast Season
Far MossLast Season
Leeds Road -A61Last Season
Elmete Grove29 Feb 2024
Elmete Drive29 Feb 2024
Clough StreetLast Season
Nursery Lane29 Feb 2024
Nursery Lane29 Feb 2024
Lingfield Hill29 Feb 2024
Turnberry Grove01 Mar 2024
Birkdale Close01 Mar 2024
Wood LaneLast Season
Haigh Side DriveLast Season
Low Shops LaneLast Season
Kirkdale GardensLast Season
Blackpool ViewLast Season
Coach RoadLast Season
A650Last Season
Cottingley RoadLast Season
Dulverton GroveLast Season
Ellerker Road01 Mar 2024
Bridge CloseLast Season
Lidgett Lane29 Feb 2024
Church Lane29 Feb 2024
A642 Garforth29 Feb 2024
Preston LaneLast Season
Queen StreetLast Season
Roman MountLast Season
Primley Park Crescent29 Feb 2024
Hawley WayLast Season
Britannia RoadLast Season
Swillington LaneLast Season
Neville GroveLast Season
Cockshott LaneLast Season
Burley Road27 Feb 2024
Kepston CloseLast Season
Cross Chandellor Street / MeanwoLast Season
Naylor Place - Path01 Mar 2024
Coupland Road01 Mar 2024
Lingfield Approach 51 - 7328 Feb 2024
Windmill ApproachLast Season
Lea Park DriveLast Season
Broom CrossLast Season
Aberfield GardensLast Season
Aberfield GateLast Season
Moorland CloseLast Season
Padstow Gardens01 Mar 2024
St Catherines Drive29 Feb 2024
Coppy LaneLast Season
Landseer RiseLast Season
Redesdale / Rothbury Gdns Roundabout28 Feb 2024
Otterburn Gardens Roundabout27 Feb 2024
St Chads View26 Feb 2024
Otley RoadLast Season
Headingley MountLast Season
Ennerdale CloseLast Season
Mill LaneLast Season
Pinfold RoadLast Season
Pinfold CourtLast Season
Ginnel Side Of High SchoolLast Season
Bismarck Street01 Mar 2024
Layton Lane29 Feb 2024
Drury LaneLast Season
Sunnybank AvenueLast Season
Southway29 Feb 2024
Netherfield CourtLast Season
Meagill Rise29 Feb 2024
Weston Drive29 Feb 2024
Wilkinson Way29 Feb 2024
Saxton House27 Feb 2024
Coppice Wood GroveLast Season
Walkers Lane29 Feb 2024
Thorpe ViewLast Season
Kingswear CrescentLast Season
Kennerleigh WalkLast Season
Graveleythorpe RoadLast Season
Amberton Crescent27 Feb 2024
Amberton Grove27 Feb 2024
Amberton Lane27 Feb 2024
Thorn Terrace26 Feb 2024
Jackman DriveLast Season
Silk Mill BankLast Season
Woodnook DriveLast Season
Lickless Drive01 Mar 2024
Kirkwood Avenue27 Feb 2024
Piece Wood RoadLast Season
Kirkwood Drive / Green Lane27 Feb 2024
Vesper WalkLast Season
Vesper RiseLast Season
Bedford MountLast Season
Haw Avenue27 Feb 2024
West View28 Feb 2024
Waterloo Road28 Feb 2024
Parkwood Road26 Feb 2024
Standale Rise28 Feb 2024
Broomhill AvenueLast Season
Falkland RoadLast Season
Whinbrook GardensLast Season
Nunroyd GroveLast Season
Hillthorpe Street28 Feb 2024
Southroyd Park29 Feb 2024
Lane End29 Feb 2024
Shepcote CrescentLast Season
Cookride Drive27 Feb 2024
Crag Hill Avenue27 Feb 2024
Crag Hill View27 Feb 2024
Kirkwood Drive27 Feb 2024
Iveson RiseLast Season
Harrison Avenue / Britannia Close27 Feb 2024
Wykebeck Valley Road28 Feb 2024
Fearnville Grove28 Feb 2024
Ainsty RoadLast Season
Bellwood AvenueLast Season
Crossley StreetLast Season
Second AvenueLast Season
Fernbank Road26 Feb 2024
New Park Avenue / Vale26 Feb 2024
Highbury Place01 Mar 2024
Washington Place01 Mar 2024
Hough Side Lane01 Mar 2024
Swinnow Lane29 Feb 2024
Langley Crescent27 Feb 2024
Bramstan Close27 Feb 2024
Calverley Lane27 Feb 2024
Featherbank LaneLast Season
Lower Town StreetLast Season
Rossefield Chase28 Feb 2024
Warrels Court28 Feb 2024
Hough End CrescentLast Season
Spring Valley Close01 Mar 2024
Poplar CroftLast Season
Poplar GarthLast Season
Poplar MountLast Season
Wyther Park CrescentLast Season
Wyther Park RoadLast Season
Houghley LaneLast Season
Broadlea Close29 Feb 2024
Broadlea Oval29 Feb 2024
Broadlea Mount29 Feb 2024
Silk Mill Road / BankLast Season
Woodnook CloseLast Season
St James Drive01 Mar 2024
King Edward CrescentLast Season
Oakwood Green29 Feb 2024
Spen CrescentLast Season
Tinshill Crescent27 Feb 2024
Tinshill Garth27 Feb 2024
Holt Lane29 Feb 2024
Argie AvenueLast Season
Woodbridge ValeLast Season
Old Farm GarthLast Season
Parkstone MountLast Season
Lath GardensLast Season
Broomfield CrescentLast Season
Willow Avenue / Close27 Feb 2024
Meanwood Valley Drive01 Mar 2024
Meanwood Valley Road01 Mar 2024
School StreetLast Season
Bridge StreetLast Season
Manston WayLast Season
Crossgates AvenueLast Season
Stainbeck LaneLast Season
Beckhill Drive29 Feb 2024
Beckhill Fold29 Feb 2024
Stainbeck RoadLast Season
King Alfreds WalkLast Season
Cambridge RoadLast Season
Hawksworth Lane01 Mar 2024
Buckle Lane29 Feb 2024
Park Road01 Mar 2024
The Oval01 Mar 2024
Prestwick Close29 Feb 2024
West Busk Lane28 Feb 2024
Woodlea Approach28 Feb 2024
Greenlea Road28 Feb 2024
Blake CrescentLast Season
Nunroyd AvenueLast Season
Ruskin CrescentLast Season
The PoplarsLast Season
Shaw Lane GardensLast Season
Stanks Drive28 Feb 2024
Sandbed LaneLast Season
Manston GardensLast Season
Kelmscott GroveLast Season
Kelmscott GardensLast Season
Deerston RidgeLast Season
Deighton RoadLast Season
Barleyfields RoadLast Season
The ElmsLast Season
Barcroft Grove28 Feb 2024
St Johns Drive28 Feb 2024
Mawcroft Close27 Feb 2024
Newlands AvenueLast Season
Marshall Street27 Feb 2024
Greenmount Terrace01 Mar 2024
Greenmount Court01 Mar 2024
WoodviewLast Season
WalshlaneLast Season
Burnt Side RoadLast Season
Aberfield MountLast Season
Lanshaw RoadLast Season
Ring Road MiddletonLast Season
Sharp LaneLast Season
Lanshaw CrescentLast Season
Moorlands Drive26 Feb 2024
Albert Square27 Feb 2024
Cambridge Drive28 Feb 2024
Pool Road Bus Shelter28 Feb 2024
Long Meadows28 Feb 2024
Wynmore Crescent28 Feb 2024
Breary Lane28 Feb 2024
Thorne Close28 Feb 2024
Waterloo Road28 Feb 2024
Rockwood Road28 Feb 2024
Woodhall Park Crescent -West28 Feb 2024
Carr Hill Avenue26 Feb 2024
Alexandra Road28 Feb 2024
Woodlands Park Grove28 Feb 2024
Back Newhall CrescentLast Season
Manor Farm WalkLast Season
Pickering Avenue28 Feb 2024
Barons CourtLast Season
Ryder GardensLast Season
Cote Lane26 Feb 2024
Kirklees RiseLast Season
Mill Hill28 Feb 2024
Rosemont Street29 Feb 2024
Crawshaw Avenue29 Feb 2024
Crimbles Road28 Feb 2024
Crawshaw Park29 Feb 2024
Half Mile Green26 Feb 2024
Intake Lane26 Feb 2024
Summerfield Gardens26 Feb 2024
Parkstone GroveLast Season
Scott Hall RoadLast Season
Burnsall Gardens26 Feb 2024
Milner Lane01 Mar 2024
Aberford Road Bypass01 Mar 2024
Cromwell StreetLast Season
Upper Accommodation Road26 Feb 2024
Spring Close Avenue27 Feb 2024
Eden CrescentLast Season
Cardigan RoadLast Season
Argie AvenueLast Season
Moor Drive Plots26 Feb 2024
Moorlands Park RoadLast Season
Parkside ViewLast Season
Tongue LaneLast Season
Green RoadLast Season
Moresdale LaneLast Season
Heathcroft Lawn29 Feb 2024
Lincombe DriveLast Season
Stainbeck CrescentLast Season
Talbot GardensLast Season
Woodacre GreenLast Season
Whinnow LaneLast Season
Bolton WayLast Season
Ivy LaneLast Season
Egglestone SquareLast Season
Farnham Croft27 Feb 2024
Torre LaneLast Season
Torre HillLast Season
Nickelby RoadLast Season
Victoria Avenue27 Feb 2024
Whitlaithe Croft27 Feb 2024
Ouzlewell GreenLast Season
Leeds And Bradford Road27 Feb 2024
Ring Road Meanwood28 Feb 2024
Clay Pit LaneLast Season
Gamble Lane26 Feb 2024
Bridge PaddockLast Season
Scott Hall Road Central Res.Last Season
Hemingway Close26 Feb 2024
Accommodation RoadLast Season
Magpie LaneLast Season
Towcester AvenueLast Season
Millside WalkLast Season
Gildersome LaneLast Season
Turnberry GardensLast Season
Ringroad Beeston29 Feb 2024
Talbot TerraceLast Season
Sheepscar JunctionLast Season
Butts Garth01 Mar 2024
Blands AvenueLast Season
Gunter RoadLast Season
The DriveLast Season
Micklefield Road28 Feb 2024
Ringwood Drive26 Feb 2024
Asket AvenueLast Season
Grange Park Road28 Feb 2024
Boggart Hill DriveLast Season
Hollin Park Mount28 Feb 2024
Northfield PlaceLast Season
Stoney Rock CourtLast Season
Eden MountLast Season
Sussex Gardens26 Feb 2024
Smeaton GroveLast Season
Wesley StreetLast Season
Whitehouse Lane26 Feb 2024
Lower Sandhills01 Mar 2024
Woodlea CroftLast Season
Bowood CrescentLast Season
Saxon GroveLast Season
Buckstone CrescentLast Season
Barthorpe CrescentLast Season
East Causeway Crescent27 Feb 2024
Calverley LaneLast Season
Syke LaneLast Season
Freely Lane01 Mar 2024
Hall Park CroftLast Season
Hammerton Street28 Feb 2024
Potternewton LaneLast Season
Tredgold Close28 Feb 2024
Winrose AvenueLast Season
Ledston Luck VillasLast Season
Western Grove26 Feb 2024
Hillidge Square27 Feb 2024
Gamble HillLast Season
St Benedicts Drive01 Mar 2024
Knoll Wood ParkLast Season
Lyndon Road01 Mar 2024
Park View Terrace28 Feb 2024
SunnyviewLast Season
St.Bartholomews Close27 Feb 2024
Parnaby Road28 Feb 2024
Dolphin Court26 Feb 2024
Richmond Way29 Feb 2024
Gledhow Park DriveLast Season
Regina DriveLast Season
Lincoln RoadLast Season
Naseby GarthLast Season
Fraser StreetLast Season
Stoney Rock GroveLast Season
Brignall WayLast Season
Woodhouse LaneLast Season
Naburn View27 Feb 2024
Bullough LaneLast Season
Sholebroke StreetLast Season
Millshaw Road29 Feb 2024
Ring Road SeacroftLast Season
Greystones28 Feb 2024
Lower MickletownLast Season
Cross Lane26 Feb 2024
Newall Hall Park29 Feb 2024
Holdthorpe Place28 Feb 2024
Doctors LaneLast Season
Farfield Drive26 Feb 2024
Haslewood SquareLast Season
Park Wood Road29 Feb 2024
Gypsy Lane29 Feb 2024
Atha StreetLast Season
Briardale Mews26 Feb 2024
Cottingley GroveLast Season
Bridle PathLast Season
Birkwith Close27 Feb 2024
Inghams Avenue28 Feb 2024
Crawshaw Rise29 Feb 2024
Joseph Street27 Feb 2024
Birchfield Rise27 Feb 2024
Walnut Grove27 Feb 2024
Aire Road PathLast Season
Padstow Place01 Mar 2024
Birch CourtLast Season
First Avenue.27 Feb 2024
Westwood Court01 Mar 2024
Back Middleton Park GroveLast Season
Chandos GardensLast Season
Holtdale PlaceLast Season
Regent AvenueLast Season
Regent CrescentLast Season
Longdike LaneLast Season
Fieldhouse LawnLast Season
Station Court29 Feb 2024
Temple LeaLast Season
Rathmell Road28 Feb 2024
Lakeland Court28 Feb 2024
Easdale CrescentLast Season
Birchwood Hill27 Feb 2024
Shadwell Lane27 Feb 2024
Birchwood Avenue27 Feb 2024
Kedleston RoadLast Season
West Park CloseLast Season
Kingswood CrecsentLast Season
West Park AvenueLast Season
Coronation BungalowsLast Season
Century WayLast Season
Tile Lane27 Feb 2024
Prospect TerraceLast Season
Butt Lane26 Feb 2024
Ganners Lane / Ganners Mount01 Mar 2024
Nowell End RowLast Season
Lay GarthLast Season
Woodhouse Hill Road28 Feb 2024
Leasowe Avenue28 Feb 2024
Leasowe Drive28 Feb 2024
Ramshead ApproachLast Season
Pigeon Cote RoadLast Season
Coldcotes Crescent27 Feb 2024
Wykebeck Valley Road28 Feb 2024
Gipton Approach27 Feb 2024
Alder Drive28 Feb 2024
Roundhay Road29 Feb 2024
Copgrove Road29 Feb 2024
Foundry Avenue26 Feb 2024
CroftwayLast Season
Foundry Approach28 Feb 2024
Sledmere Croft28 Feb 2024
Ingleborough DriveLast Season
Sandringham Mount27 Feb 2024
Brookhill Avenue27 Feb 2024
Sandhill Crescent26 Feb 2024
Bawn ApproachLast Season
Holborn WalkLast Season
Moynihan Close27 Feb 2024
Malvern Rise01 Mar 2024
Chandos FoldLast Season
Chapeltown RoadLast Season
Wykebeck Avenue27 Feb 2024
Wykebeck Mount27 Feb 2024
Foundry Mill WalkLast Season
Southwaite LaneLast Season
South Parkway28 Feb 2024
RosedaleLast Season
Woodland ParkLast Season
Water LaneLast Season
Sissons GreenLast Season
Temple Gate CrescentLast Season
Lupton AvenueLast Season
Bellbrooke StreetLast Season
Green LeaLast Season
Harwill AvenueLast Season
Temple AvenueLast Season
Malvern Street01 Mar 2024
Woodbridge CrescentLast Season
Queenswood MountLast Season
Greenhead Road26 Feb 2024
Moor Grange ViewLast Season
Adel Towers Close28 Feb 2024
Eden DriveLast Season
Chapel LaneLast Season
Parliament Street27 Feb 2024
Seldmere Croft28 Feb 2024
Alston LaneLast Season
Ramshead GardensLast Season
Temple View26 Feb 2024
Gledhow LaneLast Season
Lidgett MountLast Season
Langbar Grove29 Feb 2024
Chapel Hill Road28 Feb 2024
Newall Carr RoadLast Season
Langbar Road29 Feb 2024
Carrfield LaneLast Season
Renison AvenueLast Season
Reginald RowLast Season
Moseley Beck Estate27 Feb 2024
Brayton Approach29 Feb 2024
Marfield AvenueLast Season
Middleton Park CrescentLast Season
Bell RoadLast Season
Cowper TerraceLast Season
Lynnwood GardensLast Season
Maryfield CourtNot Applicable
Maryfield ValeNot Applicable
Skelton LaneLast Season
Ladywood Road29 Feb 2024
Haigh RoadLast Season
Wetherby Road01 Mar 2024
Sharp LaneLast Season
Mount DriveLast Season
Bruntcliffe LaneLast Season
Greenmoor AvenueLast Season
Holywell LaneLast Season
Long Thorpe Lane -B6135Last Season
Denshaw GroveLast Season
Clough StreetLast Season
Middleton CloseLast Season
Albert LaneLast Season
Gainsborough PlaceLast Season
Birkdale Mount01 Mar 2024
Bradford RoadLast Season
Leeds RoadLast Season
Larkhill CloseLast Season
Dulverton GardensLast Season
Dulverton PlaceLast Season
Valley RoadLast Season
Birch RoadLast Season
Gibson LaneLast Season
Kirkfield Crescent01 Mar 2024
Green LaneLast Season
River ViewLast Season
Summerhill Grove29 Feb 2024
St Marys AvenueLast Season
Sherwood GreenLast Season
Sutherland AvenueLast Season
Beaumont AvenueLast Season
Stanley DriveLast Season
Station RoadLast Season
Bank StreetLast Season
Ibbetson OvalLast Season
Westwood DriveLast Season
Westwood SideLast Season
Harrogate Road -Moortown28 Feb 2024
Crescent Gardens27 Feb 2024
Fir Tree Grove29 Feb 2024
Fir Tree Rise29 Feb 2024
Queenshill AvenueLast Season
Lingfield Close28 Feb 2024
Sandhill Oval26 Feb 2024
West Dene26 Feb 2024
Shadwell Park CourtLast Season
Poplar RiseLast Season
Woodridge Crescent / QueenswoodLast Season
Spen Lane28 Feb 2024
Sandford Road / Gilbert CloseLast Season
Fairway Close01 Mar 2024
Queensthorpe RiseLast Season
Broom MountLast Season
Orion GardensLast Season
Mallard CloseLast Season
Broom ViewLast Season
Orion DriveLast Season
Clyde Approach28 Feb 2024
Clyde Chase28 Feb 2024
Gelderd Road / Whitehall RoadLast Season
Avenue GardensLast Season
The CrescentLast Season
Cardinal Road29 Feb 2024
Helston Road / Walk01 Mar 2024
SandwayLast Season
St Catherines Hill01 Mar 2024
Farrow BankLast Season
Heights ParadeLast Season
Raynville GreenLast Season
Southend GroveLast Season
Ledgard Way26 Feb 2024
St Chads Drive26 Feb 2024
Yeadon Airport Roundabout26 Feb 2024
Moorside TerraceLast Season
Longfield GarthLast Season
Wesley StreetLast Season
Buttermere AvenueLast Season
Oak Place29 Feb 2024
Flats LaneLast Season
Field End RoadLast Season
Temple GroveLast Season
Temple Park GreenLast Season
Temple Gate GreenLast Season
Temple Gate RoadLast Season
Pinfold MountLast Season
Birch CrescentLast Season
Pinfold LaneLast Season
Brett Gardens01 Mar 2024
Knott Lane29 Feb 2024
West End CloseLast Season
West End RiseLast Season
Southlands Avenue29 Feb 2024
Newlaithes GarthLast Season
Featherbank LaneLast Season
Fraser AvenueLast Season
Victoria MountLast Season
Greenbanks DriveLast Season
Hall LaneLast Season
Arran DriveLast Season
Brownberrie Lane29 Feb 2024
Brooklands Crescent27 Feb 2024
Harper Lane27 Feb 2024
New Road28 Feb 2024
Banksfield CrescentLast Season
Fawcett LaneLast Season
Dixon Lane29 Feb 2024
Oldfield Lane29 Feb 2024
Dixon Lane29 Feb 2024
Oldfield Lane29 Feb 2024
Highfield Crescent29 Feb 2024
St.Marys Close29 Feb 2024
Kennerleigh AvenueLast Season
Lulworth CrescentLast Season
Kingswear GarthLast Season
Kennerleigh GarthLast Season
Amberton Approach27 Feb 2024
Amberton Gardens27 Feb 2024
Thorn Drive26 Feb 2024
Back Outwood LaneLast Season
Low Lane01 Mar 2024
Stanhope AvenueLast Season
Brownberrie Drive29 Feb 2024
Vesper LaneLast Season
BroadwayLast Season
Hawksworth AvenueLast Season
Alexandra Terrace26 Feb 2024
Standale Avenue28 Feb 2024
Ashford Drive29 Feb 2024
Kent Road29 Feb 2024
Fawcett CloseLast Season
Fawcett GardensLast Season
Fawcett DriveLast Season
Nunroyd TerraceLast Season
Nunroyd RoadLast Season
Silk Mill Drive And BankLast Season
Clayton Wood CloseLast Season
Ireland CrescentLast Season
Cookridge Lane27 Feb 2024
Tinshill Road / Cookridge Lane27 Feb 2024
Wrenbury Avenue27 Feb 2024
Arncliffe Road26 Feb 2024
Kepstorn Road26 Feb 2024
Welburn Avenue26 Feb 2024
Foundry Lane28 Feb 2024
Fearnville Mount28 Feb 2024
Fearnville Avenue28 Feb 2024
Kings Meadow ViewLast Season
Kings Meadow DriveLast Season
Aire RoadLast Season
First AvenueLast Season
Walton RoadLast Season
Thornhill PlaceLast Season
Fernbank Place26 Feb 2024
Emmott Drive29 Feb 2024
Swinnow Road01 Mar 2024
Langley Road27 Feb 2024
Granhamthorpe28 Feb 2024
Henley View01 Mar 2024
Melbourne GroveLast Season
Bellmount GreenLast Season
Wellington GarthLast Season
Belmount ViewLast Season
Westover RoadLast Season
St Catherines Green29 Feb 2024
Heights GarthLast Season
Hill TopLast Season
Cockshott DriveLast Season
Cockshott LaneLast Season
Gotts Park AvenueLast Season
Broadlea Terrace / Lane29 Feb 2024
Lenhurst AvenueLast Season
Drury AvenueLast Season
Salmon CrescentLast Season
St James Avenue01 Mar 2024
St James Walk01 Mar 2024
Lea Farm Place / GroveLast Season
KingswayLast Season
Oakwood Grange Lane29 Feb 2024
Springwood Grove29 Feb 2024
Latchmere AvenueLast Season
Foxcroft WalkLast Season
Queenswood GreenLast Season
Holt GarthLast Season
Cardigan RoadLast Season
Howden PlaceLast Season
Rosebank GardensLast Season
Meanwood Road01 Mar 2024
Hunslet Green Way27 Feb 2024
Beza Street28 Feb 2024
Spibey CrescentLast Season
East Park StreetLast Season
Lewisham CourtLast Season
Manston AvenueLast Season
Brian ViewLast Season
Southwood Road29 Feb 2024
Hollin Drive26 Feb 2024
Blenheim ViewLast Season
Eltham DriveLast Season
Beckhill Approach29 Feb 2024
Beckhill Walk29 Feb 2024
King Alfreds WayLast Season
Thorpe Lane01 Mar 2024
Renton LeaLast Season
Hawkstone View01 Mar 2024
Tranfield AvenueLast Season
Tranfield CloseLast Season
Eliot GroveLast Season
Bransdale AvenueLast Season
Silverdale Avenue01 Mar 2024
Eatwood CrescentNot Applicable
Kelmscott LaneLast Season
Kelmscott GreenLast Season
Deighton RoadLast Season
Oakwood RoadLast Season
Poplar AvenueLast Season
Ainsty DriveLast Season
Ings LaneLast Season
Greenacre Park Rise28 Feb 2024
Cross Green28 Feb 2024
Bradford Road -DrighlingtonLast Season
Nesfield GarthLast Season
Newhall WalkLast Season
Ring Road MiddletonLast Season
Nesfield CloseLast Season
Newhall GardensLast Season
The Whartons29 Feb 2024
Larkfield Avenue28 Feb 2024
Carr Lane29 Feb 2024
Layton Avenue29 Feb 2024
Aire View26 Feb 2024
Carlisle Avenue27 Feb 2024
Rufford Drive27 Feb 2024
Rufford Ridge27 Feb 2024
Layton Road29 Feb 2024
Arthington Lane28 Feb 2024
South Mead28 Feb 2024
Tredgold Crescent28 Feb 2024
Parklands Gate28 Feb 2024
Oxford AvenueLast Season
Oxford RoadLast Season
Tyersal Avenue26 Feb 2024
Meadow Park Crescent28 Feb 2024
The Fairway28 Feb 2024
Hollin Park Drive26 Feb 2024
Carr Hill Drive26 Feb 2024
Bankhouse Lane28 Feb 2024
Highfield Green / Road28 Feb 2024
Westdale Drive28 Feb 2024
Newhall Crescent / GarthLast Season
Manor Farm GardensLast Season
Bremar Drive28 Feb 2024
Glamis Close28 Feb 2024
BaronsmeadLast Season
Hollyshaw CrescentLast Season
Laurel Hill CroftLast Season
Dovedale GarthLast Season
Stanks Garth28 Feb 2024
Owlcotes Gardens28 Feb 2024
Victoria Grove28 Feb 2024
Tennyson Street26 Feb 2024
Wesley Road26 Feb 2024
Woodlands AvenueLast Season
Hammerton Grove28 Feb 2024
Wellstone Rise01 Mar 2024
Hough Side Lane01 Mar 2024
Fairfield Road01 Mar 2024
East Grange SquareLast Season
Wortley Heights / TowersLast Season
Ebor Dene Design BaseLast Season
Meadow ViewLast Season
Aberford Road01 Mar 2024
Haslewood DriveLast Season
The FirsLast Season
Rigton GreenLast Season
St Annes Road26 Feb 2024
Moor Park Mount26 Feb 2024
Prospect PlaceLast Season
Lynton AvenueLast Season
Commercial StreetLast Season
Mowbray CrescentLast Season
Naburn Approach27 Feb 2024
Deanswood GardensNot Applicable
Back Parliament Place27 Feb 2024
High Moor AvenueLast Season
Allerton Grange AvenueLast Season
Larkhill GreenLast Season
Bentcliffe GardensLast Season
White House LaneLast Season
Rigton BankLast Season
Wetherby RoadLast Season
Wickham CloseLast Season
Hathaway Drive26 Feb 2024
Ashwood26 Feb 2024
Red Hall Lane26 Feb 2024
Park RoadLast Season
Hertford CroftLast Season
Temple View Grove26 Feb 2024
Westgate CourtLast Season
Sherbrooke AvenueLast Season
Moor AvenueLast Season
Leventhorpe WayLast Season
Kingswood GardensLast Season
Low Moor SideLast Season
Tong Drive26 Feb 2024
Lyndhurst GardensLast Season
Kings MountLast Season
North ParkwayLast Season
Saville Court28 Feb 2024
Mews Court27 Feb 2024
Bell LaneLast Season
Millbank Yeadon28 Feb 2024
Syke RoadLast Season
Carr Manor DriveLast Season
Carr Manor PlaceLast Season
Carr Manor ViewLast Season
Oakwood Avenue29 Feb 2024
Red Hall Croft26 Feb 2024
Dutton GreenLast Season
Kingsmead26 Feb 2024
Limewood Approach27 Feb 2024
Naburn Chase27 Feb 2024
Asket DriveLast Season
Barncroft RoadLast Season
The ReinLast Season
Boggart Hill RoadLast Season
Moorfield CrescentLast Season
Sherburn Square28 Feb 2024
Rocheford Grove26 Feb 2024
Cardinal Walk29 Feb 2024
Johnston StreetLast Season
Leodis Way26 Feb 2024
Carrholm DriveLast Season
Saxon GateLast Season
Pegholm Drive Otley29 Feb 2024
Wellstone Estate01 Mar 2024
Hough Tree RoadLast Season
Greenwood RoadLast Season
Garden House LaneLast Season
Sissons PlaceLast Season
Crow Nest Lane29 Feb 2024
Patterdale ApproachLast Season
Church RoadLast Season
The PleasanceLast Season
Montagu Crescent29 Feb 2024
Gateland LaneLast Season
Hayton Wood View26 Feb 2024
Thornhill StreetLast Season
Westfield TerraceLast Season
Stone Croft CourtLast Season
Aviary Mount26 Feb 2024
Casson AvenueLast Season
Grange Court01 Mar 2024
Hare Farm CloseLast Season
St Martins ViewLast Season
St. Martins CrescentLast Season
St Marys RoadLast Season
Nowell CloseLast Season
Kentmere ApproachLast Season
Fearnville Avenue28 Feb 2024
Rills Mead28 Feb 2024
Knightscroft AvenueLast Season
King Lane Park And Ride29 Feb 2024
Waincliffe Place29 Feb 2024
Park Wood Drive29 Feb 2024
Aysgarth Walk26 Feb 2024
Aysgarth Place26 Feb 2024
Shakespeare LawnLast Season
Farm Hill RoadLast Season
Park CrescentLast Season
Cottingley CrescentLast Season
Greenside CourtLast Season
Lady Pit Lane01 Mar 2024
The Crescent27 Feb 2024
Shelldrake DriveLast Season
Newhall RoadLast Season
Haigh Park Road26 Feb 2024
Holdforth Green28 Feb 2024
Oak RoadLast Season
Hedley Chase28 Feb 2024
Hedley Green27 Feb 2024
Victoria Rd / Nepshaw LaneLast Season
Elmton Close - PathLast Season
Lindale CloseLast Season
St Philips AvenueLast Season
Halton Moor Avenue28 Feb 2024
Butcher HillLast Season
Holtdale GardensLast Season
Holtdale GarthLast Season
Holtdale WayLast Season
Rose StreetLast Season
Regent CrescentLast Season
Mail CloseLast Season
BroadwayLast Season
Howard AvenueLast Season
Willow CrescentLast Season
Neville Road28 Feb 2024
Cartmell Drive28 Feb 2024
Brooklands AvenueLast Season
Kentmere CloseLast Season
Eastdean GateLast Season
West Park Drive -WestLast Season
Windmill ChaseLast Season
Fir Tree Rise29 Feb 2024
Shaftsbury RoadLast Season
Middlethore Close27 Feb 2024
Queenshill ApproachLast Season
Pool Bank New Road28 Feb 2024
Barncroft CourtLast Season
Cotterdale View28 Feb 2024
North RoadLast Season
Railway RoadLast Season
Whitfield Place27 Feb 2024
Primrose Hill DriveLast Season
Lands LaneLast Season
Stainbeck ChurchLast Season
Stephenson DriveLast Season
Woodhouse Hill Terrace28 Feb 2024
Bawn AvenueLast Season
Stonebridge Lane26 Feb 2024
Stoncliffe Estate26 Feb 2024
Stonecliffe Approach26 Feb 2024
Bawn GardensLast Season
Eastdean RiseLast Season
Eastdean GroveLast Season
Eastdean RoadLast Season
Smiddy HillLast Season
Miles Hill EstateLast Season
Maryfield AvenueLast Season
Poole MountLast Season
Oakwell CrescentLast Season
Montagu Avenue28 Feb 2024
Thorn Crescent26 Feb 2024
St Wilfreds Drive27 Feb 2024
Brander Road / South Farm Road27 Feb 2024
Elmwood LaneLast Season
Newmarket LaneLast Season
Crofton RiseLast Season
Strickland AvenueLast Season
High Moor CrescentLast Season
Chelwood GroveLast Season
Stonebridge Walk26 Feb 2024
Moor Close28 Feb 2024
Opp. Green CloseLast Season
Compton RoadLast Season
Meadow RoadLast Season
Chandos GardensLast Season
Mill Green Close01 Mar 2024
Thorne GroveLast Season
Shakespeare ValeLast Season
The ValeLast Season
Stocks ApproachLast Season
Farrer LaneLast Season
North LaneLast Season
Sissons RoadLast Season
Foundry Mill CloseLast Season
South Parkway ApproachLast Season
Temple Gate AvenueLast Season
Kimberly ViewLast Season
Harehills Park Avenue27 Feb 2024
Hepworth AvenueLast Season
Bodmin Square01 Mar 2024
Padstow RowLast Season
Wynford Mount28 Feb 2024
Holt RoadLast Season
Park DriveLast Season
Moseley Wood Rise27 Feb 2024
Darnley Road26 Feb 2024
Chalfont Road26 Feb 2024
Butts Mount27 Feb 2024
Cottingley Community CentreLast Season
Northgate LaneLast Season
Main StreetLast Season
Clifford Road01 Mar 2024
Moresdale WayLast Season
Ledston Luck VillasLast Season
Middleton WayLast Season
Fairleigh RoadLast Season
Green Hill RoadLast Season
Flax Place26 Feb 2024
Ceres RoadLast Season
New VillageLast Season
Tenter Hill01 Mar 2024
Kirklees DriveLast Season
Hill Rise GroveLast Season
Copperfield Grove28 Feb 2024
27 & 29 Middle Cross StLast Season
Mill Green Garth (rear of nos. 1-7)Last Season
Carter TerraceLast Season
Holtdale CloseLast Season
Ring Road Cross GatesLast Season
Turnberry DriveLast Season
Town Street BeestonLast Season
Clark Lane28 Feb 2024
Horsforth New RoadLast Season