Rough Grass, is Carried out 3 times per year, usually in April, July and October.

This is a rough cut and is left longer than our Amenity Grass.

We carry on cutting in the inclement weather and will only miss or delay a cut if we find we are causing damage such as leaving ruts, or there is a health and safety issue.
Our grass cutting machines are fitted with special tyres, to enable working on grassed areas during wet weather. Sometimes when the ground conditions are wet the disturbed surface soil appears to stain the grass, however this is superficial and no damage has actually occurred and will soon wash out. It may look unsightly for a day or two. However if we were to delay the cut due to wet weather for several days, this will cause more damage and mess, therefore we continue to cut the grass when some people may not expect us to.
Our teams are very well experienced and have cut the grass in Leeds for several years, and found that this system works.