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Record Sheet - Scheduled Works

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Site NameLast Visit DateNext Visit Date
Glebe Court01/11/2023Apr-24
Iona Crescent01/11/2023Apr-24
Adelaide Court01/11/2023Apr-24
Scott Street - Evens31/10/2023Apr-24
Burns Street - Odds31/10/2023Apr-24
Burns Street - Evens31/10/2023Apr-24
Pattison Street - Odd01/11/2023Apr-24
Pattison Street - Evens01/11/2023Apr-24
Dunn Street02/11/2023Apr-24
Stewart Street - Odds02/11/2023Apr-24
Stewart Street - Evens02/11/2023Apr-24
Pub Roof - Weekly Litter03/11/2023Apr-24
Stewart Street - Evens03/11/2023Apr-24
The Crescent23/10/2023Apr-24
The Crescent - Weekly Litter23/10/2023Apr-24
Nairn Place24/10/2023Apr-24
Nairn Street24/10/2023Apr-24
Dalmuir Park Office and Garden24/10/2023Apr-24
595 - 629 Dumbarton Road,25/10/2023Apr-24
513 - 581 Dumbarton Road25/10/2023Apr-24
491 - 507 Dumbarton Road25/10/2023Apr-24
421 - 481 Dumbarton Road25/10/2023Apr-24
396 - 404 Dumbarton Road25/10/2023Apr-24
340 - 352 Dumbarton Road25/10/2023Apr-24
School House26/10/2023Apr-24
Riddel Street26/10/2023Apr-24
Ailsa Drive26/10/2023Apr-24
Please note these dates may be affected by adverse weather conditions