Our central round covers:

  • Pensby;
  • Heswall;
  • Irby;
  • Thingwall;
  • Prenton;
  • Noctorum; and
  • Oxton

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LOCATIONAREAWinter Works Completed
Sandy Lane Housing EstateCentral
Fairview Housing EstateCentral
Pensall RoadCentral
1/11 Devonshire Road/ GreenwayCentral
Gibson /Bader CloseCentral
Meadow Walk Sheltered HousingCentral
Oldwood Road Housing EstateCentral
Ridgefield Sheltered HousingCentral
Barnston roadCentral
Caithness GardensCentral
Balmoral GardensCentral
Dickens Avenue Flats 40-50Central06/01/2021
Garrick Road 1-11Central05/01/2021
Garrick Road 2-12Central06/01/2021
Melrose GardensCentral06/01/2021
Prenton Hall Road Flats 131-141Central06/01/2021
Prenton Hall Road Flats 162-172Central06/01/2021
Prenton Village Road Flats 78-88Central06/01/2021
Prenton Village Road Flats 108-118Central06/01/2021
Rothsay GardensCentral06/01/2021
Moira Sephton Curt 1-41Central
westway side of no12Central
Needham Crescent Sheltered HousingCentral
Noct. Avenue 125/167 East view CloseCentral
Banning Close EstateCentral
Bertha GardensCentral
Bertha Gardens (area next to above)Central
Bluewood DriveCentral
Brassey Street Sheltered HousingCentral
Side of 21 Patten StreetCentral
Magenta BuildingsCentral
Connaught Close Flats (12-26) (28-34)Central
Connaught Close Flats (2-16)Central
Corporation Road Flats (609-639)Central
Corporation Road Bungalows 751/759Central
Gillbrook Square FlatsCentral
Laird Street FlatsCentral
Lansdowne Court 1/4 5/10Central
Lansdowne Road (92-162)Central
Lansdowne PlaceCentral
Lansdowne Close 1/15Central
Neston Garden High Rise FlatsCentral
Neston Garden High Rise Flats (Fronts)Central
solway street parkCentral
St. Annes Way FlatsCentral
Vittoria ctCentral
136-148 Price StreetCentral
St. Edwards Close FlatsCentral
Cearns Court Sheltered HousingCentral
Grosvenor Court 1-6Central
Palm Grove 64/66Central
The GroveCentral
Grovewood Court/The GroveCentral
Chalkley CloseCentral
Mendip CloseCentral
Greenway Road/Walker St&Mews FlatsCentral
Walker mews garagesCentral
1/10 Greenway Road/Central
The TowersCentral
Storeton Road FlatsCentral
Church Road Flats 175-189Central
Church Road Flats 82-88Central
Stuart Road FlatsCentral
Church Terrace Bungalows 4-32Central
5-11 Kelvin Road side of leightonCentral
Tower Hill Sheltered HousingCentral