Our central round covers the following areas:

  • Pensby;
  • Heswall;
  • Irby;
  • Thingwall;
  • Prenton;
  • Noctorum; and
  • Oxton.

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Sandy Lane Housing EstateCentral20/02/2020
Fairview Housing EstateCentral25/02/2020
1/11 Devonshire RoadCentral20/02/2020
Gibson /Bader CloseCentral20/02/2020
Meadow Walk Sheltered HousingCentral19/02/2020To be completed
Oldwood Road Housing EstateCentral19/02/2020To be completed
Ridgefield Sheltered HousingCentral26/02/2020
Hazeldene Way & AvenueCentral20/02/2020
Torrington GardensCentral
Dickens Avenue Flats 40-50Central10/02/2020
Garrick Road 1-11Central10/02/2020
Garrick Road 2-12Central10/02/2020
Melrose GardensCentral11/02/2020
Prenton Hall Road Flats 131-141Central10/02/2020
Prenton Hall Road Flats 162-172Central10/02/2020
Prenton Village Road Flats 78-88Central10/02/2020
Prenton Village Road Flats 108-118Central10/02/2020
Rothsay GardensCentral11/02/2020
Moira Sephton Curt 1-41Central13/02/2020
westway side of no12Central18/02/2020
Needham Crescent Sheltered HousingCentral18/02/2020
Noct. Avenue 125/167 East view CloseCentral18/02/2020
Banning Close EstateCentral18/02/2020
Balls Road 64/70Central18/02/2020
Bertha GardensCentral07/02/2020
Bertha Gardens (area next to above)Central06/02/2020
Bluewood DriveCentral18/02/2020
Brassey Street Sheltered HousingCentral12/02/2020
Side of 21 Patten StreetCentral11/02/2020
Magenta BuildingsCentral
Connaught Close Flats (12-26) (28-34)Central05/02/2020
Connaught Close Flats (2-16)Central05/02/2020
Corporation Road Flats (609-639)Central04/02/2020
Corporation Road Bungalows 751/759Central04/02/2020
Gillbrook Square FlatsCentral05/02/2020
Laird Street FlatsCentral05/02/2020
Lansdowne Court 1/4 5/10Central07/02/2020
Lansdowne Road (92-162)Central06/02/2020
Lansdowne PlaceCentral07/02/2020
Lansdowne Close 1/15Central06/02/2020
Neston Garden High Rise FlatsCentral03/02/2020
Neston Garden High Rise Flats (Fronts)Central03/02/2020
North End Housing OfficeCentral03/02/2020
St. Annes Way FlatsCentral03/02/2020
Vittoria ctCentral03/02/2020
136-148 Price StreetCentral03/02/2020
St. Edwards Close FlatsCentral03/02/2020
Cearns Court Sheltered HousingCentral10/02/2020
Grosvenor Court 1-6Central10/02/2020
Palm Grove 64/66Central07/02/2020
The GroveCentral17/02/2020
Grovewood Court/The GroveCentral17/02/2020
Chalkley CloseCentral13/02/2020
Mendip CloseCentral13/02/2020
Greenway Road/Walker St&Mews FlatsCentral17/02/2020
Walker mews garagesCentral17/02/2020
1/10 Greenway Road/Central17/02/2020
Storeton Road FlatsCentral24/02/2020
Church Road Flats 175-189Central17/02/2020
Church Road Flats 82-88Central17/02/2020
Stuart Road FlatsCentral14/02/2020
Church Terrace Bungalows 4-32Central17/02/2020
5-11 Kelvin Road side of leightonCentral17/02/2020
Tower Hill Sheltered HousingCentral17/02/2020