We carry out 16 summer visits on a fortnightly / 10 working day cycle from March to October, and 4 winter visits between November and February.

To find when grass was last cut on your street, simply type your street name into the Search box below. The next visit will be approximately 10 days after this date weather permitting.

If you have any queries or comments about your service, contact Onward on 0300 555 0600 or email customerservices@onward.co.uk.

West Park Gardens 23Last Season
West Park Gardens 3Last Season
WestWood WestLast Season
Windmill Hill AvenueLast Season
WoodridgeLast Season
Balliol Close 15Last Season
Beeston Close 7Last Season
Caernarvon CloseLast Season
Castlefields Avenue SouthLast Season
Cherry Tree HouseLast Season
Corwen Close 7Last Season
Corwen Close 8Last Season
Denston Close 10Last Season
Denston Close 7Last Season
Doulton Close 11Last Season
Doulton Close 7Last Season
Doulton Close 9Last Season
Dryden Close 7Last Season
Dryden Close 8Last Season
EastWoodLast Season
Fenderside Road 14Last Season
Juniper GroveLast Season
Norton Village 28Last Season
Summer LaneLast Season
The WindmillLast Season
Townfiled ViewLast Season
Derwent Road West 24 - L13 6QP11 Jan 2024
Grosvenor Avenue 35 - L23 0SB24 Jan 2024
Westbank Road 51 - CH42 7JP24 Jan 2024
West Park Gardens 11Last Season
West Park Gardens 37Last Season
West Park Gardens 7Last Season
West Park Gardens 9Last Season
Belmont Drive 67Last Season
Camelot WayLast Season
Caxton Close 8Last Season
Chantry Close 5Last Season
Constables CloseLast Season
Doulton Close 8Last Season
Dryden Close 10Last Season
Falkland Road 15Last Season
GreenBridge CloseLast Season
Harlech GroveLast Season
Nursery House Boundary Road NurseryLast Season
Norton HillLast Season
NortonWood Lane 64-100Last Season
PetersgateLast Season
Rose CloseLast Season
St Martins LaneLast Season
Stonelea RoadLast Season
The HolliesLast Season
Southport Road 119 - L31 2JW24 Jan 2024
Russet Close 2 - WA10 2NE17 Jan 2024
Regents Road 20 - WA10 3HU24 Jan 2024
The Oaks 23 - L12 0PQ24 Jan 2024
Aigburth Road 53 - L17 4JS11 Jan 2024
West Park Gardens 41Last Season
Woodland CourtLast Season
Ashwood Court 18Last Season
Barons CloseLast Season
Brenton CloseLast Season
Bridgeway EastLast Season
Castlefields AvenueLast Season
Caxton Close 6Last Season
Cunard Close 5Last Season
Delamere Close 12Last Season
Desmond Close 10Last Season
Desmond Close 7Last Season
Hedge WayLast Season
Humphreys CloseLast Season
Magazine Road Last Season
Mariner CloseLast Season
Merlin Close WestLast Season
New Chester Road 662 - 680Last Season
Newdales Close 12Last Season
NortonWood Lane 40-62Last Season
Primrose CloseLast Season
Quadrant CloseLast Season
St Oswalds Avenue 11Last Season
Sextant CloseLast Season
St Oswalds Avenue 76Last Season
Derwent Square 12 - L13 6QT11 Jan 2024
Old Racecourse Road 6A - L31 8AW24 Jan 2024
Village CloseLast Season
West Park Gardens 17Last Season
West Park Gardens 29Last Season
West Park Gardens 33Last Season
West Park Gardens 43Last Season
West Park Gardens 47Last Season
Wood Green 10Last Season
Balliol Close 25Last Season
Corwen Close 14Last Season
Corwen Close 6Last Season
Desmond Close 8Last Season
Doulton Close 10Last Season
Hitchins CloseLast Season
New Chester Road 614Last Season
Meadow RowLast Season
Mooring CloseLast Season
Murdishaw Community CentreLast Season
Plantation CloseLast Season
Princes CloseLast Season
Richard CloseLast Season
Stanton Court StantonLast Season
Ashley Green 1 - 4 - WA8 8GA24 Jan 2024
Factory Lane 12 - WA8 9FW17 Jan 2024
Thomas Lane 172 - L14 5NZ24 Jan 2024
Harbord Road 19A - L22 8QG24 Jan 2024
Croxteth Grove 24 - L8 0RX24 Jan 2024
Capper Grove 3 - L36 7YT24 Jan 2024
Capper Grove 5 - L36 7YT24 Jan 2024
Spring Gardens 9 - L31 3HA24 Jan 2024
Wayside - L25 0NB24 Jan 2024
West Park Gardens 15Last Season
West Park Gardens 27Last Season
WestWood EastLast Season
Wood Green 9Last Season
Beaumaris WayLast Season
Bidston Green Drive 61Last Season
Borrowdale Road 58Last Season
Castlefields Ave NorthLast Season
Chiswick CloseLast Season
Desmond Close 4Last Season
Dryden Close 9Last Season
Glan Aber Park 17Last Season
Greenway Road 139Last Season
Halton BrowLast Season
Norman Road 1Last Season
Ramsey CourtLast Season
Higher Road 162 - L26 1UWLast Season
Wyllin Road 26 - L33 5XW11 Jan 2024
Brinton Close 40 - WA8 8BW17 Jan 2024
Tyrrell WayLast Season
Victoria Road 65Last Season
West Park Gardens 25Last Season
West Park Gardens 39Last Season
Windmill Hill EstateLast Season
Anchor CloseLast Season
Ashwood Court 1Last Season
Beechwood DriveLast Season
Baxter CloseLast Season
Bidston Green Drive 35ALast Season
Bridgeway WestLast Season
Compass CloseLast Season
Cunard Close 7Last Season
Cunard Close 9Last Season
Hoylake Road 97Last Season
Gorsewood RoadLast Season
Harbour Close 8-11Last Season
Kingswood Road 1Last Season
LimeKin RowLast Season
Lockgate EastLast Season
Lockgate WestLast Season
MicklegateLast Season
Navigation CloseLast Season
NortonWood LaneLast Season
NortonWood Lane 111-115Last Season
Park Road West 87Last Season
Spark LaneLast Season
Spinnaker CloseLast Season
Stoneridge Court 20Last Season
Stoneridge Court 22Last Season
The Play CenterLast Season
Capper Grove 2 - L36 7YT09 Jan 2024
Deane Road 30 - L7 0ET04 Jan 2024
Capper Grove 4 - L36 7YT09 Jan 2024
Duke Street 98 - PR8 5DELast Season
West Park Gardens 31Last Season
West Park Gardens 45Last Season
Whitebeam CloseLast Season
Windmill Gardens Flats WindmillLast Season
Windmill Hill Avenue SouthLast Season
Anderson Court Last Season
Ballantyne Drive 53Last Season
Astmoor LaneLast Season
Caxton Close 12Last Season
Caxton Close 9Last Season
Chester Road 273Last Season
Chichester CloseLast Season
Cornwall CloseLast Season
Cunard Close 8Last Season
Deepdale Close 1Last Season
Denston Close 9Last Season
Desmond Close 9Last Season
Fenderside Road 1Last Season
Foxleigh GrangeLast Season
Gaywood And Gaytree FlatsLast Season
Keele Close 11Last Season
Merlin CloseLast Season
Norton Hill NorthLast Season
Rodney & Nelson CourtsLast Season
Rothesay CloseLast Season
Schooner CloseLast Season
Skipton CloseLast Season
St Oswalds Avenue 94Last Season
Stoneridge Court 16Last Season
Vyner Road South 114Last Season
Chillington Avenue 32 - WA8 8BP17 Jan 2024
Deane Road 32 - L7 0ET04 Jan 2024
Yew Tree Avenue 34 - WA12 9YJ24 Jan 2024
Belvidere Road 38 - L8 3TG04 Jan 2024
Boxgrove Close 5 - WA8 9FQ17 Jan 2024
Ashton Avenue 92 - L35 0QR24 Jan 2024
Westwood Road 8Last Season
Wood Green 8Last Season
Woodland WalkLast Season
Beechwood Drive 1 - 9ALast Season
Ashwood Court 2Last Season
Barnfield AvenueLast Season
Blyth CloseLast Season
Canal ReachLast Season
Castlefields Ave SouthLast Season
Chester CloseLast Season
Corwen Close 9Last Season
Deeside Close 12Last Season
Delamere Close 1Last Season
Delamere Close 5Last Season
Fourth AvenueLast Season
Hallwood ParkLast Season
Hoylake Road 99Last Season
Kelton Park Last Season
Murdishaw AvenueLast Season
Runcorn Office RuncornLast Season
Rupert RowLast Season
St Oswalds Avenue 19Last Season
St Oswalds Avenue 84Last Season
Summer CloseLast Season
Bentley Road 11 - L8 0SY24 Jan 2024
Bermuda Road 131 - CH46 6AX05 Jan 2024
Wood Lea 15 - L12 0JF24 Jan 2024
Maiden Lane 34 - L13 9AW24 Jan 2024
Rawcliffe Road 52 - L9 1AW10 Jan 2024
Boothwood Close 6 - L7 3QX24 Jan 2024
Tullimore Road 7 - L18 4PP08 Jan 2024
Talbot Street 72 - PR8 1LXLast Season
Darby Road 76 - L19 7NW11 Jan 2024
Coleman Court - L19 8AG08 Jan 2024