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Ash GroveHousing estate26.06.17
Back of libraryVerge05.07.17
Bailey StreetHousing estate29.06.17
Bardsea Country Park inc toiletsOpen space07.07.17
Beech DriveHousing estate28.06.17
Bell Hill ParkOpen space02.06.17
Berner CloseCar park23.06.17
Berry Banks08.06.17
Birchwood DriveHousing estate06.06.17
Birkrigg ParkOpen space05.06.17
Byron Street/ Dale StreetHousing estate09..06.17
Central Drive (top corners)Housing estate06.06.17
Cherry Tree AvenueHousing estate06.06.17
Chestnut GroveHousing estate06.06.17
Chittery LaneVerge12.06.17
County RoadVerge12.06.17
CroftlandsOpen space06.06.17
CroftlandsFootball pitch06.06.17
Croftlands Mound/Yewbarrow CloseHousing estate06.06.17
Croftlands RecPlay area06.06.17
CrossmoorOpen space/Verge13.06.17
DaltongateCar park14.06.17
Darby & Joan ClubOpen space14.06.17
Dearden CloseHousing estate 30.05.17
Dragley Beck GaragesVerge08.06.17
Fell CloseHousing estate 02.06.17
Flan CloseHousing estate12.06.17
Fox StreetHousing estate13.06.17
Gill BanksVerge14.06.17
Grange cemeteryCemetery30.05.17
Grange FellVerge30.05.17
Hawthorn BankingHousing estate06.06.17
High Carley (Birkrigg Park)Housing estate05.06.17
Kirk Flats (Urswick)Housing estate05.06.17
Lancaster SquareHousing estate09.06.17
Leisure CentreVerge06.06.17
Lightburn ParkOpen space09.06.17
Lime Tree RoadHousing estate06.06.17
Lindale ChurchyardChurch yard02.06.17
Little HoadOpen space12.06.17
Maple AvenueHousing estate06.06.17
Mayfield RoadHousing estate14.06.17
Monument Way EstateVerge07.06.17
MoorgarthHousing estate13.06.17
Mountbarrow RoadHousing estate07.06/17
North Lonsdale RoadPlay area07.06.17
North Lonsdale RoadHousing estate07.06.17
Oakwood DriveHousing estate06.06.17
Park AvenueHousing estate13.06.17
Priory Road Cemetery -(leave ashes plot and lawns)Cemetery14.06.17
Quarry Street/Sunderland TerraceVerge12.06.17
Quebec StreetVerge12.06.17
SoutergateSheltered housing12.06.17
St Mary's ChurchChurch yard12.06.17
Stockbridge LaneCar park14.06.17
Swan StreetVerge12.06.17
Sycamore AvenueHousing estate06.06.17
The Orchard02.06.17
Thirlmere FlatsSheltered housing06.06.17
Top traffic lightsVerge12.06.17
Town Bank RoadVerge14.06.17
Town View RoadVerge14.06.17
Trinkeld AvenueHousing estate13.06.17
Urswick RoadVerge07.06.17
Well Lane Estate inc. Ullswater CloseVerge07.06.17
West End LaneVerge07.06.17
William StreetHousing estate09.06.17
Yealand DriveHousing estate06.06.17
Yew TreePlaying field09.06.17
Yew TreeFootball pitch09.06.17
Yewbarrow Paddock02.06.17
Yewbarrow Road02.06.17