In the Autumn we undertake leaf clearance work in areas with trees to maintain the appearance of the area.  The leaves are cleared twice through the Autumn months,  to see when the leaves were last cleared search the table below. Please be aware that the act of depositing leaves on to the verges will be deemed as fly tipping and will be reported. If you have any leaves to dispose of, then please use the Brown Bin Garden Waste Service.

High WickfieldNot Applicable
Beverley GardensNot Applicable
HunsdonNot Applicable
AlconburyNot Applicable
LowerfieldNot Applicable
Blackthorn RoadNot Applicable
Cowper RoadNot Applicable
Cranborne GardensNot Applicable
Fordwich RoadNot Applicable
Turmore DaleNot Applicable
Wilkins GroveNot Applicable
Brockswood LaneNot Applicable
MannicottsNot Applicable
The FirsNot Applicable
Welwyn Hall GardensNot Applicable
Dicket MeadNot Applicable
Access Road North From School Lane To Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital SiteNot Applicable
Hawbush CloseNot Applicable
Green EndNot Applicable
Dewars CloseNot Applicable
Essendon GardensNot Applicable
Bassingburn WalkNot Applicable
Regent CloseNot Applicable
Home MeadowNot Applicable
AshcombeNot Applicable
TemplewoodNot Applicable
Lyles LaneNot Applicable
Nut GroveNot Applicable
ShoplandsNot Applicable
Pentley CloseNot Applicable
WitchfordNot Applicable
OakingtonNot Applicable
Stockbreach CloseNot Applicable
StrawmeadNot Applicable
Hatfield Avenue/Comet Way RoundaboutNot Applicable
Hatfield Restricted Byway 036Not Applicable
Talbot RoadNot Applicable
Orchard MeadNot Applicable
Old Rectory DriveNot Applicable
Howe DellNot Applicable
HillsideNot Applicable
Dellfield RoadNot Applicable
Access Road Off South Way To The District CemeteryNot Applicable
Cherry WayNot Applicable
BrickfieldNot Applicable
Old LeysNot Applicable
Sycamore AvenueNot Applicable
Primrose CloseNot Applicable
Lark RiseNot Applicable
Deerswood AvenueNot Applicable
WhitebeamsNot Applicable
Southdown RoadNot Applicable
Goldings CrescentNot Applicable
Stanley DriveNot Applicable
Gorse CloseNot Applicable
Hill LeyNot Applicable
Reservoir CourtNot Applicable
Green LanesNot Applicable
Toms FieldNot Applicable
Bishops CloseNot Applicable
BradshawsNot Applicable
Track North From Wilkins Green Lane To St Albans Road WestNot Applicable
Ashbury CloseNot Applicable
CrossbrookNot Applicable
Wilkins Green LaneNot Applicable
Hatfield AvenueNot Applicable
Bullens Green LaneNot Applicable
Woodside RoadNot Applicable
Hazel CloseNot Applicable
Harmer Green LaneNot Applicable
Lower Mardley HillNot Applicable
Hangmans LaneNot Applicable
Mardley WoodNot Applicable
Ayot St Peter RoadNot Applicable
Ayot Little Green LaneNot Applicable
Wyndhams EndNot Applicable
Arm And Sword LaneNot Applicable
Fawn CourtNot Applicable
Oldings CornerNot Applicable
Knolles CrescentNot Applicable
Gould CloseNot Applicable
Access Road North From Dixons Hill Close To Willow EndNot Applicable
Parsonage LaneNot Applicable
Vincenzo CloseNot Applicable
Somers RoadNot Applicable
Lydia MewsNot Applicable
Blue Bridge RoadNot Applicable
North Mymms Footpath 006Not Applicable
Oaklands AvenueNot Applicable
Peplins WayNot Applicable
HeronfieldNot Applicable
Hawkshead RoadNot Applicable
GrangewoodNot Applicable
Northaw Road EastNot Applicable
Tolmers AvenueNot Applicable
BeauchampsNot Applicable
MartinfieldNot Applicable
South MundellsNot Applicable
PostfieldNot Applicable
TimbercroftNot Applicable
Maple GroveNot Applicable
Robin MeadNot Applicable
MundellsNot Applicable
Salmon CloseNot Applicable
Blythway19 Jan 2022
NutfieldNot Applicable
Golden DellNot Applicable
Twelve AcresNot Applicable
Mountway CloseNot Applicable
Mount WayNot Applicable
Little WadeNot Applicable
Archers RideNot Applicable
ThumbswoodNot Applicable
Chequers FieldNot Applicable
Roseacre GardensNot Applicable
LeefieldNot Applicable
Town CentreNot Applicable
Parkway CloseNot Applicable
Yew GroveNot Applicable
Wareside CloseNot Applicable
Bader CloseNot Applicable
Great BreakNot Applicable
Dunsters MeadNot Applicable
Longcroft GreenNot Applicable
Hobbs WayNot Applicable
Russellcroft RoadNot Applicable
HomerfieldNot Applicable
Guessens GroveNot Applicable
Farm CloseNot Applicable
Marsden GreenNot Applicable
High Oaks RoadNot Applicable
BradgateNot Applicable
WickfieldNot Applicable
Carvers CroftNot Applicable
Welwyn Garden City Footpath 049Not Applicable
Ayot GreenNot Applicable
Lockleys DriveNot Applicable
Wilshere RoadNot Applicable
Pollards CloseNot Applicable
Ludwick WayNot Applicable
Furzefield RoadNot Applicable
Salisbury GardensNot Applicable
Shortlands GreenNot Applicable
Broadwater RoadNot Applicable
Moatwood GreenNot Applicable
Barnfield RoadNot Applicable
Sandpit RoadNot Applicable
Duncan CloseNot Applicable
Birds CloseNot Applicable
GraysfieldNot Applicable
Beehive LaneNot Applicable
Holly WalkNot Applicable
Densley CloseNot Applicable
Gresley CloseNot Applicable
OakdaleNot Applicable
Hazel GroveNot Applicable
WatersideNot Applicable
Woodcot LaneNot Applicable
HillyfieldsNot Applicable
Latimer GardensNot Applicable
LindberghNot Applicable
Rivenhall EndNot Applicable
WestcottNot Applicable
WaterbeachNot Applicable
Lysander WayNot Applicable
NorthwoodNot Applicable
Stockbreach RoadNot Applicable
Wellfield RoadNot Applicable
Burfield CloseNot Applicable
Malvern CloseNot Applicable
Vixen CourtNot Applicable
Hedges CloseNot Applicable
Alban WayNot Applicable
Chelwood AvenueNot Applicable
Days MeadNot Applicable
Meadow DellNot Applicable
Meadow CroftNot Applicable
Fiddle Bridge LaneNot Applicable
Homestead RoadNot Applicable
St Michaels ViewNot Applicable
Beaconsfield RoadNot Applicable
Mcdonald CourtNot Applicable
Grove LeaNot Applicable
HollyfieldNot Applicable
Strawberry FieldNot Applicable
Beech CloseNot Applicable
Honeysuckle GardensNot Applicable
Travellers LaneNot Applicable
Thrush AvenueNot Applicable
The WadesNot Applicable
Wood ValeNot Applicable
Acacia StreetNot Applicable
Roehyde WayNot Applicable
Broom CloseNot Applicable
Daffodil CloseNot Applicable
Bracken CourtNot Applicable
GorsewayNot Applicable
Broad AcresNot Applicable
Robins WayNot Applicable
Furzen CrescentNot Applicable
Station RoadNot Applicable
Heathbrow RoadNot Applicable
Jenning WoodNot Applicable
Hillside WayNot Applicable
Ottway WalkNot Applicable
The GreenNot Applicable
Clock House GardensNot Applicable
Park StreetNot Applicable
HighlandsNot Applicable
SunnyfieldNot Applicable
Park ViewNot Applicable
Church LaneNot Applicable
Wildhill Road (Great North Road Sight-lines)Not Applicable
Glebe CloseNot Applicable
Greville CloseNot Applicable
Puttocks CloseNot Applicable
Huggins LaneNot Applicable
Booths CloseNot Applicable
Sibthorpe RoadNot Applicable
Park CloseNot Applicable
Tollgate RoadNot Applicable
Bacons DriveNot Applicable
Burleigh WayNot Applicable
Kingswell RideNot Applicable
Homewood VenueNot Applicable
Mundells CourtNot Applicable
KilnfieldNot Applicable
CrookhamsNot Applicable
Wren WoodNot Applicable
Herns WayNot Applicable
CornersNot Applicable
NorthwayNot Applicable
BaldwinsNot Applicable
LinkfieldNot Applicable
Pinnate PlaceNot Applicable
Walnut GroveNot Applicable
South LeyNot Applicable
Welwyn Garden City Footpath 007Not Applicable
Eddington CrescentNot Applicable
Hatfield Footpath 136Not Applicable
Hatfield Footpath 004Not Applicable
HocklandsNot Applicable
GlenwoodNot Applicable
Aldbury GroveNot Applicable
Pelham CourtNot Applicable
Wyddial GreenNot Applicable
Chilton GreenNot Applicable
Sweet BriarNot Applicable
BreakmeadNot Applicable
Kilworth CloseNot Applicable
Linces WayNot Applicable
The CampusNot Applicable
The CloistersNot Applicable
ParkfieldsNot Applicable
ColgroveNot Applicable
Parkway GardensNot Applicable
Rooks CloseNot Applicable
Melbourne CourtNot Applicable
Guessens CourtNot Applicable
Youngs RiseNot Applicable
Elm GardensNot Applicable
Handside LaneNot Applicable
Bridge RoadNot Applicable
HaymeadsNot Applicable
Fern GroveNot Applicable
Brockett CloseNot Applicable
Palmerston CloseNot Applicable
Hill RiseNot Applicable
Newgate Street VillageNot Applicable
Hall LaneNot Applicable
LongmeadNot Applicable
Wickfield CloseNot Applicable
Access Road East From London Road To Tenterfield HouseNot Applicable
Windsor RoadNot Applicable
Track North East From Fulling Mill Lane To Pump HouseNot Applicable
Welwyn Footpath 056Not Applicable
Glebe RoadNot Applicable
Elmoor CloseNot Applicable
White HillNot Applicable
Nathans CloseNot Applicable
Carleton RiseNot Applicable
Kindersley CloseNot Applicable
Verulam CloseNot Applicable
Burgundy CroftNot Applicable
Footpath From Rear Of Ludwick Green To Cranborne GardensNot Applicable
Holwell RoadNot Applicable
St Audreys GreenNot Applicable
Athelstan Walk SouthNot Applicable
Edgars CourtNot Applicable
Corals MeadNot Applicable
Longlands RoadNot Applicable
Bartlett CloseNot Applicable
The LawnsNot Applicable
KnightsfieldNot Applicable
Sherrardspark RoadNot Applicable
Access Road North West From Bessemer Road To Bluebell Cottage The New House And Pumping StationNot Applicable
StonemeadNot Applicable
The OrchardNot Applicable
KirklandsNot Applicable
Pentley ParkNot Applicable
ConeydaleNot Applicable
WestfieldNot Applicable
TempsfordNot Applicable
WytonNot Applicable
Ross CloseNot Applicable
Ely CloseNot Applicable
Worcester RoadNot Applicable
FoxhollowsNot Applicable
Crop CommonNot Applicable
CornerfieldNot Applicable
Warren GreenNot Applicable
Endymion RoadNot Applicable
Cavendish WayNot Applicable
Feather DellNot Applicable
Oak GroveNot Applicable
Briars CloseNot Applicable
MarylandNot Applicable
Garden AvenueNot Applicable
SummerfieldNot Applicable
Oaklands WoodNot Applicable
Birch DriveNot Applicable
Bullrush CloseNot Applicable
Oxlease DriveNot Applicable
Hare LaneNot Applicable
St Audreys CloseNot Applicable
Drakes WayNot Applicable
Thistle DriveNot Applicable
Lavender CloseNot Applicable
Holly CloseNot Applicable
Albatross WayNot Applicable
Redhall DriveNot Applicable
Harpsfield BroadwayNot Applicable
Goldsmith WayNot Applicable
Warren WayNot Applicable
Oak PieceNot Applicable
Broomfield CloseNot Applicable
Bennett CloseNot Applicable
Track South From Marford Road To Cromer Hyde FarmNot Applicable
Lodge DriveNot Applicable
Mill Green LaneNot Applicable
Calder AvenueNot Applicable
Dixons Hill RoadNot Applicable
Alderman CloseNot Applicable
Pooleys LaneNot Applicable
Plough HillNot Applicable
The DrivewayNot Applicable
Thrush LaneNot Applicable
King James AvenueNot Applicable
Dawley19 Jan 2022
Green LaneNot Applicable
Service Road North West From 1 Margery Wood To Garages And Rear Of 35Not Applicable
EastorNot Applicable
The MoorsNot Applicable
BroomhillsNot Applicable
BridgefieldsNot Applicable
ArchfieldNot Applicable
Nursery HillNot Applicable
Margery Wood19 Jan 2022
SmallcroftNot Applicable
Boundary LaneNot Applicable
Chambers GroveNot Applicable
Oaken GroveNot Applicable
The WadeNot Applicable
AldockNot Applicable
Heronswood RoadNot Applicable
Howicks GreenNot Applicable
East MeadNot Applicable
Access Road South East From The Commons To Commonswood School And The Woodside CentreNot Applicable
HitherbaulkNot Applicable
Raymonds CloseNot Applicable
South Way RoundaboutNot Applicable
Wigmores NorthNot Applicable
StonebankNot Applicable
NettlecroftNot Applicable
Old Herns LaneNot Applicable
TansycroftNot Applicable
BunnsfieldNot Applicable
Hillyfields Dead-End RoadNot Applicable
SylvandaleNot Applicable
Ramblers WayNot Applicable
Waterford GreenNot Applicable
Gaddesden GroveNot Applicable
AndrewsfieldNot Applicable
The ReedsNot Applicable
Haynes CloseNot Applicable
Wellcroft CloseNot Applicable
Wellcroft RoadNot Applicable
Wheatley RoadNot Applicable
Green ValeNot Applicable
Stanborough LaneNot Applicable
Scotts ViewNot Applicable
ParkwayNot Applicable
Fearnley RoadNot Applicable
Osborn WayNot Applicable
ElmwoodNot Applicable
Attimore CloseNot Applicable
Lanefield WalkNot Applicable
Guessens RoadNot Applicable
The QuadrangleNot Applicable
The Old DriveNot Applicable
Barnside CourtNot Applicable
Sefton CourtNot Applicable
Lemsford LaneNot Applicable
SpringfieldsNot Applicable
DownfieldsNot Applicable
Heather RoadNot Applicable
StacklandsNot Applicable
BurycroftNot Applicable
Valley RoadNot Applicable
Dognell GreenNot Applicable
Polayn GarthNot Applicable
Mardleybury RoadNot Applicable
Brickwall CloseNot Applicable
Becket GardensNot Applicable
Lancaster WayNot Applicable
Link RoadNot Applicable
Wilga RoadNot Applicable
Hensley CloseNot Applicable
Pond CroftNot Applicable
Beechfield RoadNot Applicable
The SpinneyNot Applicable
Woodhall LaneNot Applicable
Moss GreenNot Applicable
Biopark DriveNot Applicable
Goblins GreenNot Applicable
GainswoodNot Applicable
Well GarthNot Applicable
CaponfieldNot Applicable
UplandsNot Applicable
Brooms CloseNot Applicable
Mandeville RiseNot Applicable
RedwoodsNot Applicable
Cypress AvenueNot Applicable
Herns LaneNot Applicable
PoplarsNot Applicable
Town FieldsNot Applicable
Cotton FieldNot Applicable
De Havilland CloseNot Applicable
Dog Kennel LaneNot Applicable
Birchwood AvenueNot Applicable
Comet WayNot Applicable
St Peters CloseNot Applicable
Great HeathNot Applicable
Bury RoadNot Applicable
Grove MeadNot Applicable
Link CloseNot Applicable
Footpath Between Woods Avenue And Old Rectory DriveNot Applicable
Woods AvenueNot Applicable
The PasturesNot Applicable
Martin CloseNot Applicable
Downs LaneNot Applicable
Finch CloseNot Applicable
Link DriveNot Applicable
South WayNot Applicable
Roberts WayNot Applicable
Roberts Way SouthNot Applicable
Blackthorne CloseNot Applicable
Great Braitch LaneNot Applicable
Bluebell WayNot Applicable
Peregrine WayNot Applicable
Astwick AvenueNot Applicable
Manor RoadNot Applicable
Manor CloseNot Applicable
Selwyn CrescentNot Applicable
Redhall LaneNot Applicable
Poplars CloseNot Applicable
Ellenbrook LaneNot Applicable
Sharmans CloseNot Applicable
Tewin WaterNot Applicable
Access Road Northwest From Great North Road To Number 42 Next To Oaklands SchoolNot Applicable
Leonards CloseNot Applicable
Turpins RideNot Applicable
Mardley HillNot Applicable
The AvenueNot Applicable
ParksideNot Applicable
Broomfield RoadNot Applicable
Mill LaneNot Applicable
Hammond CloseNot Applicable
Lemsford VillageNot Applicable
Brocket RoadNot Applicable
Marford RoadNot Applicable
Old Hertford RoadNot Applicable
The HoldingsNot Applicable
Westfield (Great North Road Sight-lines)Not Applicable
Puttocks DriveNot Applicable
Bulls LaneNot Applicable
Welham CloseNot Applicable
Coningsby CloseNot Applicable
Bradmore WayNot Applicable
Moffats CloseNot Applicable
Swanland RoadNot Applicable
Westland DriveNot Applicable
East RidgewayNot Applicable
Tolmers RoadNot Applicable
Northaw Road WestNot Applicable
Brookside CrescentNot Applicable
SwallowfieldsNot Applicable
SwiftfieldsNot Applicable
RowansNot Applicable
Westly WoodNot Applicable
Daniells19 Jan 2022
StrawfieldsNot Applicable
Grove MeadowNot Applicable
Kendall CloseNot Applicable
Layton StreetNot Applicable
Access Road West From Great Ley To Hollybush Lane Via Hollybush House And Garage BlockNot Applicable
Homestead CourtNot Applicable
Hunters WayNot Applicable
MeadwayNot Applicable
MoorendNot Applicable
Little LakeNot Applicable
DayemeadNot Applicable
West MeadNot Applicable
Merrifield CourtNot Applicable
BurrowfieldNot Applicable
Great LeyNot Applicable
Little LeyNot Applicable
Shackleton WayNot Applicable
LeysdownNot Applicable
Kennelwood LaneNot Applicable
StonehillsNot Applicable
The Campus RoundaboutNot Applicable
Great ConduitNot Applicable
KingscroftNot Applicable
ClaycroftNot Applicable
HornsfieldNot Applicable
MillfieldNot Applicable
The MeadowNot Applicable
Ley WalkNot Applicable
Appletree WayNot Applicable
Lords WoodNot Applicable
PoppyfieldsNot Applicable
The ShawsNot Applicable
DalewoodNot Applicable
Panshanger DriveNot Applicable
Halifax WayNot Applicable
Bushey GreenNot Applicable
HurstlingsNot Applicable
Stanborough MewsNot Applicable
HoneycroftNot Applicable
Broadfield PlaceNot Applicable
Handside CloseNot Applicable
Handside GreenNot Applicable
Little YoungsNot Applicable
Meadow GreenNot Applicable
Fretherne RoadNot Applicable
Access Road North East From Brockswood Lane To Woodside HouseNot Applicable
Stanborough CloseNot Applicable
Marsden CloseNot Applicable
PippensNot Applicable
Harwood HillNot Applicable
Dellcott CloseNot Applicable
Applecroft RoadNot Applicable
New Park RoadNot Applicable
Kimptons CourtNot Applicable
Heath RoadNot Applicable
Mardleybury CourtNot Applicable
Birch RoadNot Applicable
Great North RoadNot Applicable
Service Road South West From London Road At Rear Of The Crescent And Stuart Road To Windsor RoadNot Applicable
The CrescentNot Applicable
Tudor RoadNot Applicable
St Marys CloseNot Applicable
Hawbush RiseNot Applicable
Service Road Rear Of 62 To 14 Wilshere RoadNot Applicable
Blakes WayNot Applicable
Grange HillNot Applicable
Knella GreenNot Applicable
Knella RoadNot Applicable
Peartree LaneNot Applicable
Little ThistleNot Applicable
Thistle GroveNot Applicable
Beehive GreenNot Applicable
MonkswoodNot Applicable
GreenfieldNot Applicable
The VineyardNot Applicable
Roundwood DriveNot Applicable
The GladeNot Applicable
Willow GroveNot Applicable
Blakemere RoadNot Applicable
Summer DaleNot Applicable
HitherwayNot Applicable
Black Fan RoadNot Applicable
Widford RoadNot Applicable
The PaddockNot Applicable
Hatfield Footpath 014Not Applicable
Walsingham CloseNot Applicable
Endymion MewsNot Applicable
The CommonNot Applicable
Birchwood CloseNot Applicable
Burnside CloseNot Applicable
Heathcote AvenueNot Applicable
Old French Horn LaneNot Applicable
Onslow CloseNot Applicable
Croft FieldNot Applicable
High ViewNot Applicable
Ash DriveNot Applicable
Minster CloseNot Applicable
Elm DriveNot Applicable
Kestrel GreenNot Applicable
Heron WayNot Applicable
SandifieldNot Applicable
MillwardsNot Applicable
HerneshawNot Applicable
Coppice CloseNot Applicable
Clover WayNot Applicable
Clarkson CourtNot Applicable
Tamblin WayNot Applicable
ChennellsNot Applicable
IndellsNot Applicable
Selwyn AvenueNot Applicable
Poplar AvenueNot Applicable
MorningtonNot Applicable
Colyer CloseNot Applicable
Cubitts CloseNot Applicable
Canonsfield RoadNot Applicable
Briary Wood LaneNot Applicable
Mardley AvenueNot Applicable
BluebellsNot Applicable
Mimram RoadNot Applicable
Welwyn By Pass RoadNot Applicable
Maran AvenueNot Applicable
Track South From Ascots Lane To Caravan SiteNot Applicable
Coopers Green LaneNot Applicable
Dunham MewsNot Applicable
Nash CloseNot Applicable
Norman CourtNot Applicable
Gresley CourtNot Applicable
Heath CloseNot Applicable
Fair ViewNot Applicable
KingsmeadNot Applicable
The RidgewayNot Applicable
Theobalds CloseNot Applicable
Starling LaneNot Applicable
ColesdaleNot Applicable
Tubbs CroftNot Applicable
Langstone LeyNot Applicable
Flexley WoodNot Applicable
Little RiversNot Applicable
WindhillNot Applicable
BrooksfieldNot Applicable
Autumn GroveNot Applicable
Elliott CloseNot Applicable
RollswoodNot Applicable
DrycroftNot Applicable
Lady GroveNot Applicable
CamfieldNot Applicable
Purdom RoadNot Applicable
HowlandsNot Applicable
Homestead LaneNot Applicable
MoorsideNot Applicable
The CommonsNot Applicable
Chequers Service RoadNot Applicable
Raymonds PlainNot Applicable
West BurrowfieldNot Applicable
MendleshamNot Applicable
Access Road From Queensway Junction With Dog Kennel Lane Through Asda Car Park To The CommonNot Applicable
BatterdaleNot Applicable
Russett WoodNot Applicable
Ploughmans EndNot Applicable
ChedburghNot Applicable
ChalgroveNot Applicable
Hyde WayNot Applicable
Otto RoadNot Applicable
Carve LeyNot Applicable
Jonquil CloseNot Applicable
ColtsfootNot Applicable
Woodman CloseNot Applicable
Upperfield RoadNot Applicable
Lytton GardensNot Applicable
Amethyst WalkNot Applicable
Stanborough RoadNot Applicable
Stanborough GreenNot Applicable
Marsden RoadNot Applicable
Harwood CloseNot Applicable
SewellsNot Applicable
CrosswayNot Applicable
Coulter CloseNot Applicable
Warwick AvenueNot Applicable
New RoadNot Applicable
Mayshades CloseNot Applicable
Holly RoadNot Applicable
LockleysNot Applicable
Stuart RoadNot Applicable
Service Road South From Kingsdale House Windsor Road To Rear Of Numbers 27 To 57 Windsor RoadNot Applicable
Bowmans CloseNot Applicable
North RideNot Applicable
Tewin CourtNot Applicable
Tewin RoadNot Applicable
HaldensNot Applicable
Barnard GreenNot Applicable
Longmore GardensNot Applicable
Athelstan Walk NorthNot Applicable
Woodhall CourtNot Applicable
Broadwater CrescentNot Applicable
Ravenfield RoadNot Applicable
Access Road South West From Peartree Farm To Day CentreNot Applicable
Home LeyNot Applicable
Bedwell CloseNot Applicable
Peartree CourtNot Applicable
Holwell Hyde LaneNot Applicable
Digswell RoadNot Applicable
InglesNot Applicable
Great DellNot Applicable
Ashley CloseNot Applicable
Digswell Park RoadNot Applicable
Walden RoadNot Applicable
Little RidgeNot Applicable
RidgewayNot Applicable
Moors WalkNot Applicable
Long LeyNot Applicable
Wellington DriveNot Applicable
Wellfield CloseNot Applicable
Lemsford RoadNot Applicable
St Lukes CourtNot Applicable
Clarkes RoadNot Applicable
WheatfieldNot Applicable
BirchwayNot Applicable
Drovers WayNot Applicable
Wood CommonNot Applicable
HillfieldNot Applicable
Little MeadNot Applicable
Brain CloseNot Applicable
Spring GlenNot Applicable
VeritysNot Applicable
Firs CloseNot Applicable
Foxglove CloseNot Applicable
Otter GardensNot Applicable
Raven CourtNot Applicable
Dove CourtNot Applicable
Far EndNot Applicable
HawthornesNot Applicable
Hanover WalkNot Applicable
Campion RoadNot Applicable
Orchid CloseNot Applicable
Manor ParadeNot Applicable
Holme RoadNot Applicable
Selwyn DriveNot Applicable
Roe Green CloseNot Applicable
Shallcross CrescentNot Applicable
HaltsideNot Applicable
Jetliner WayNot Applicable
Adele AvenueNot Applicable
Gwynfa CloseNot Applicable
The ChaseNot Applicable
Birch GroveNot Applicable
Oaklands RiseNot Applicable
OakleaNot Applicable
Kingsley CourtNot Applicable
Access Road East From Great North Road To The HolliesNot Applicable
The BroadwayNot Applicable
Road Loop East From Great North Rd Rear Of Units 160 Opp Cornerfields To 128 Opp Fairfield ClNot Applicable
Bush Hall LaneNot Applicable
Holwell LaneNot Applicable
Essendon Bridleway 006Not Applicable
Bell LaneNot Applicable
Glebe CottagesNot Applicable
Pine GroveNot Applicable
Dixons Hill CloseNot Applicable
Travellers CloseNot Applicable
Parsonage RoadNot Applicable
Dellsome LaneNot Applicable
Meadow CloseNot Applicable
The GroveNot Applicable
Moffats LaneNot Applicable
Wain CloseNot Applicable
Osborne RoadNot Applicable
Sutherland WayNot Applicable
Foxes LaneNot Applicable
KingswayNot Applicable
Church CloseNot Applicable
CloverfieldNot Applicable
Barrington MewsNot Applicable
Elsons MewsNot Applicable
Groom PlaceNot Applicable
WatchmeadNot Applicable
Rowans GaragesNot Applicable
SwanhillNot Applicable
LumbardsNot Applicable
QuickbeamsNot Applicable
StoneycroftNot Applicable
Upper ShotNot Applicable
Lodge FieldNot Applicable
Nursery GardensNot Applicable
BarndicottNot Applicable
KatescroftNot Applicable
Lawrence Hall EndNot Applicable
HarebellNot Applicable
Hollybush LaneNot Applicable
The CroftNot Applicable
RyelandsNot Applicable
Two AcresNot Applicable
Old Dairy YardNot Applicable
Hall GroveNot Applicable
BoxfieldNot Applicable
MoorlandsNot Applicable
Sylvan WayNot Applicable
Path North From French Horn Lane Subway Pst St Lukes Church To Rear Of Ashley CourtNot Applicable
Market PlaceNot Applicable
HowardsgateNot Applicable
Salisbury SquareNot Applicable
HedgebroomsNot Applicable
HeathcroftNot Applicable
Birchall WoodNot Applicable
Amwell CommonNot Applicable
Little GanettNot Applicable
Holwell HydeNot Applicable
WhitethornNot Applicable
DodwoodNot Applicable
Wheatley CloseNot Applicable
College WayNot Applicable
Birdcroft RoadNot Applicable
Church RoadNot Applicable
Guessens WalkNot Applicable
NewfieldsNot Applicable
The Valley GreenNot Applicable
Garden CloseNot Applicable
Wolves MereNot Applicable
Garden RoadNot Applicable
Broadfield RoadNot Applicable
White Horse LaneNot Applicable
Hertford RoadNot Applicable
Access Road West Of Broadwater Road Within Offices ComplexNot Applicable
Digswell HillNot Applicable
Church StreetNot Applicable
Service Road South From Stuart Road Between 3 And 5 To Garage Blocks And Rear Of Other HousesNot Applicable
York WayNot Applicable
Codicote RoadNot Applicable
Elmoor AvenueNot Applicable
PoundwellNot Applicable
By The MountNot Applicable
PinewoodNot Applicable
Creswick CourtNot Applicable
Mill Green RoadNot Applicable
The LimesNot Applicable
PickettsNot Applicable
Warren DaleNot Applicable
Little DellNot Applicable
Woodland RiseNot Applicable
Corn MeadNot Applicable
Cherry CroftNot Applicable
PitsfieldNot Applicable
Hall BarnsNot Applicable
HardingsNot Applicable
Mitchell CloseNot Applicable
StaplefordNot Applicable
Warren CloseNot Applicable
Stonecross RoadNot Applicable
Cecil CrescentNot Applicable
Harvest MeadNot Applicable
CobmeadNot Applicable
West ViewNot Applicable
Crawford RoadNot Applicable
Wenham PlaceNot Applicable
Coombe CloseNot Applicable
Roe Green LaneNot Applicable
Haven CloseNot Applicable
Lockley CrescentNot Applicable
St Etheldredas DriveNot Applicable
French Horn LaneNot Applicable
AldykesNot Applicable
Holliers WayNot Applicable
Eagle WayNot Applicable
CheviotsNot Applicable
Northdown RoadNot Applicable
Bishops RiseNot Applicable
Cedar RoadNot Applicable
Lamb CloseNot Applicable
Falcon CloseNot Applicable
Badger WayNot Applicable
Southdown CourtNot Applicable
Richmond CourtNot Applicable
Mosquito WayNot Applicable
NewsteadNot Applicable
CloverlandNot Applicable
Mulberry MeadNot Applicable
Tudor CloseNot Applicable
Gypsy Moth AvenueNot Applicable
Nine Acre LaneNot Applicable
High DellsNot Applicable
Dragon RoadNot Applicable
Watery LaneNot Applicable
College LaneNot Applicable
Lane EndNot Applicable
Willow WayNot Applicable
Bramble RoadNot Applicable
Filbert CloseNot Applicable
The SidingsNot Applicable
BarneswoodNot Applicable
TreetopsNot Applicable
Dolesbury DriveNot Applicable
Bessemer RoadNot Applicable
Harvest CourtNot Applicable
Juniper GardensNot Applicable
Prospect PlaceNot Applicable
Node Way GardensNot Applicable
Wendover DriveNot Applicable
Sovereign PlaceNot Applicable
Bull Stag GreenNot Applicable
The RydeNot Applicable
Pleasant RiseNot Applicable
Hatfield Footpath 183Not Applicable
ShrublandsNot Applicable
Grove PlaceNot Applicable
Access Road West Off Travellers Lane To And Around FactoriesNot Applicable
Frowick CloseNot Applicable
The GardensNot Applicable
Swanley CrescentNot Applicable
Swanley Bar LaneNot Applicable
Orchard WayNot Applicable
Osborne GardensNot Applicable
Lambs CloseNot Applicable
Theobalds RoadNot Applicable
Tolmers GardensNot Applicable
Park RoadNot Applicable
Wood ViewNot Applicable
Sloansway19 Jan 2022
Fallowfield19 Jan 2022
The BoulevardNot Applicable
Bridge Road EastNot Applicable
Pond FieldNot Applicable
Kestrel WayNot Applicable
WaterfieldNot Applicable
JackdawsNot Applicable
The PaddocksNot Applicable
Sir John Newsom WayNot Applicable
Access Road West From Ascots Lane To Ambulance HeadquartersNot Applicable
Marley RoadNot Applicable
Leigh CommonNot Applicable
SheepcoteNot Applicable
Desborough CloseNot Applicable
ChequersfieldNot Applicable
SomershamNot Applicable
Great GanettNot Applicable
Robin Hood LaneNot Applicable
KelbysNot Applicable
Heay FieldsNot Applicable
CopperfieldsNot Applicable
Graveley DellNot Applicable
Batford CloseNot Applicable
Douglas WayNot Applicable
ChelvestonNot Applicable
Bushey LeyNot Applicable
Cole Green LaneNot Applicable
Longcroft LaneNot Applicable
Rooks HillNot Applicable
Longcroft GardensNot Applicable
Barleycroft RoadNot Applicable
Barleycroft GreenNot Applicable
Attimore RoadNot Applicable
Barn CloseNot Applicable
ByfieldNot Applicable
High GroveNot Applicable
Carbone HillNot Applicable
Twin FoxesNot Applicable
Oak RoadNot Applicable
Hertford Road/A1M Roundabout-J6Not Applicable
Norman RoadNot Applicable
St Johns CloseNot Applicable
Roman WayNot Applicable
BrownfieldsNot Applicable
The SwallowsNot Applicable
Heronswood PlaceNot Applicable
Ethelred CloseNot Applicable
Salisbury RoadNot Applicable
Peartree CloseNot Applicable
Oaktree GarthNot Applicable
Hyde ValleyNot Applicable
ReddingsNot Applicable
Walden PlaceNot Applicable
Vine CloseNot Applicable
Digswell RiseNot Applicable
MalmsdaleNot Applicable
Monks RiseNot Applicable
Bericot WayNot Applicable
Lincoln CloseNot Applicable
LandbeachNot Applicable
Heyford WayNot Applicable
Jasmine GardensNot Applicable
MiddlefieldNot Applicable
St Albans Road EastNot Applicable
Days CloseNot Applicable
St Albans Road WestNot Applicable
Comet RoadNot Applicable
School LaneNot Applicable
Briars WoodNot Applicable
Briars LaneNot Applicable
Haseldine MeadowsNot Applicable
HillcrestNot Applicable
The DownsNot Applicable
CotswoldsNot Applicable
ChilternsNot Applicable
Swallow GardensNot Applicable
DownsfieldNot Applicable
Breaks RoadNot Applicable
Wood CloseNot Applicable
QueenswayNot Applicable
Cooks WayNot Applicable
Redhall CloseNot Applicable
Buttercup CloseNot Applicable
Vigors CroftNot Applicable
HilburyNot Applicable
Hatfield Footpath 023Not Applicable
Chantry LaneNot Applicable
Fern DellsNot Applicable
Roe Hill CloseNot Applicable
Ellenbrook CrescentNot Applicable
Pennyfathers LaneNot Applicable
The BramblesNot Applicable
Canons FieldNot Applicable
Robbery Bottom LaneNot Applicable
Copper BeechesNot Applicable
Hobbs HillNot Applicable
Welwyn Footpath 038Not Applicable
EllesfieldNot Applicable
Digswell LaneNot Applicable
Ascots LaneNot Applicable
Mill CloseNot Applicable
Hatfield Footpath 059Not Applicable
Mount Pleasant LaneNot Applicable
Burleigh MeadNot Applicable
Stag Green AvenueNot Applicable
ChequersNot Applicable
High RoadNot Applicable
Essendon HillNot Applicable
Rectory CloseNot Applicable
The MeadwayNot Applicable
Merritt WalkNot Applicable
Holloways LaneNot Applicable
Skimpans CloseNot Applicable
Somers SquareNot Applicable
Station CloseNot Applicable
Bluebridge AvenueNot Applicable
Cranmer CloseNot Applicable
Chester CloseNot Applicable
Cranfield CrescentNot Applicable
South DriveNot Applicable
RosedaleNot Applicable
Cycleway Around Mundells To SloanswayNot Applicable
Bridge CourtNot Applicable
Welwyn Garden City Bridleway And Boat 010Not Applicable
RunsleyNot Applicable
Access Road South From Rowans To Numbers 39 To 53 And 26 To 36Not Applicable
Viaduct WayNot Applicable
River ViewNot Applicable
Access Road West From The Ridgeway To 20 Black Fan RoadNot Applicable
Chalk DaleNot Applicable
BuddcroftNot Applicable
WatchlytesNot Applicable
Walnut CourtNot Applicable
Princes AvenueNot Applicable
GooseacreNot Applicable
Four AcresNot Applicable
The JinningsNot Applicable
Little BurrowNot Applicable
SouthfieldNot Applicable
Stirling WayNot Applicable
French Horn Lane - Queensway Roundabout UnderpassNot Applicable
Bakers GroveNot Applicable
New WoodNot Applicable
Forresters DriveNot Applicable

Where "Not Applicable" indicates last season.

All clearance subject to weather/ground conditions.