Our Rose beds receive 8 summer maintenance visits and 1 winter maintenance visit during the year.

During spring and summer season visits we:

  • Weed, or chemically treat the beds
  • Remove any litter and report fly-tipping
  • Remove any dead flowers from the plant
  • Prune roses back if they are causing obstructions (e.g. near windows, doorways, paths etc.)
  • Trim grass borders

During or shortly after the first visit of the growing season, herbicide may be applied in order to assist with weed control.

The winter maintenance visits include:

  • Weed the beds
  • Remove any litter and report fly-tipping
  • Remove any leaves accumulated within the bed
  • Prune rose growth to one third during November
  • Pruning to appropriate requirements for plant type in February/March
  • Apply suitable fertiliser
  • Trim grass borders

To find your street simply type its name into the 'Search' box.

Bishops Rise22 Apr 2022
Aldykes15 Mar 2022
Monkswood25 Feb 2022
Cole Green Lane21 Jan 2022
Heronswood Road04 Jan 2022
The Quadrangle23 Feb 2022
Digswell Road11 Mar 2022
Salisbury SquareLast Season
High Dells03 May 2022
Harwood Hill25 Feb 2022
Hollybush LaneLast Season
Sheepcote04 Jan 2022
Little Thistle02 Feb 2022
Hardings02 Feb 2022
Guessens Grove07 Mar 2022
Meadow GreenLast Season
High ViewLast Season
St Audreys Close28 Feb 2022
Rowans22 Apr 2022
Oakdale25 Feb 2022
Boundary Lane04 Jan 2022
Homestead Lane21 Jan 2022
Daniells07 Mar 2022
Parkway11 Mar 2022
Melbourne Court25 Feb 2022
Stonehills21 Jan 2022
Barn Close21 Jan 2022
Digswell Rise11 Mar 2022
CornerfieldLast Season
Glebe CottagesLast Season
Cherry Croft11 Mar 2022
Rollswood06 Jan 2022
Hall Grove04 Jan 2022
Moorlands04 Jan 2022
Wigmores North19 Jan 2022
Marsden Road24 Feb 2022
Bridge Road East21 Jan 2022
Woodhall Lane07 Mar 2022
Little Dell25 Feb 2022
De Havilland CloseLast Season
Pond Croft29 Mar 2022
Maidensfield25 Feb 2022
Mount Way04 Jan 2022
Meadway21 Jan 2022
Sweet Briar08 Mar 2022
Howlands04 Jan 2022
Dayemead02 Feb 2022
Mill Green Road21 Jan 2022
Handside Lane23 Feb 2022
Chequers08 Mar 2022
Pentley Park11 Mar 2022
Northfield06 Jan 2022
Wood CommonLast Season
Little MeadLast Season
Uplands25 Feb 2022
Welwyn Garden City Footpath 00721 Jan 2022
Hyde ValleyLast Season
Gooseacre21 Jan 2022
Market Place28 Mar 2022
HillfieldLast Season
Drovers WayLast Season
Brain Close28 Mar 2022
Heron Way29 Mar 2022
Haymeads25 Feb 2022
Homestead CourtLast Season
Thistle Grove02 Feb 2022
Caponfield04 Jan 2022
Upperfield Road21 Jan 2022
French Horn LaneLast Season
College LaneLast Season
Knightsfield04 Mar 2022
Shoplands09 Mar 2022
Summer Dale25 Feb 2022
Little Lake02 Feb 2022
Howardsgate11 Mar 2022
Guessens Road23 Feb 2022
Springfields07 Mar 2022
Stanborough Green07 Mar 2022
Vine Close09 Mar 2022
The Vineyard09 Mar 2022

All maintenance subject to weather/ground conditions.