Recently we submitted an application on behalf of Westminster City Council for the London in Bloom awards achieving Gold awards for St Johns Wood Church Grounds Gardens, Victoria Embankment Gardens and Mill Hill Cemetery. We also won 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the London Garden Squares, Large Park category.

As part of our commitment to Westminster, all our green waste is composted on site. Across the borough we have numerous composting facilities. All green waste is added to these compost bays. Larger items of green waste is shredded and then added to the compost heap, which is turned on a regular basis. All well-composted material is then used in the parks, either as mulch or to enrich the soil and bedding displays.

During an average year we compost over 500 tonnes of green waste. If we had not composted this material, it would have gone to landfill. Also the cost of tipping and transport costs have been dramatically reduced.

Westminster City Council provides us with biodegradable leaf bags. These leaf bags are collected on a regular basis and they are removed to a compost facility.