Recently we submitted an application on behalf of Westminster City Council for the London in Bloom awards achieving Gold awards for St Johns Wood Church Grounds Gardens, Victoria Embankment Gardens and Mill Hill Cemetery. We also won 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the London Garden Squares, Large Park category.

We were asked to come up with a solution to the very steep slope around the new Little Venice Sports Centre in Westminster.

We came up with Greenfix’s Easy Blanket, a low-cost organic erosion control blanket with grass and wildflower seed contained within the blanket. The blanket came with a double layer of jute mesh and the grass and wildflower seed glued to degradable paper on the inside. All parts will degrade within 18 months. 

We laid the Easy Blanket in late July and within 4 weeks the seed had germinated and we had a lush green coverage of the slope. Following the heavy rains over the next 6 months we checked the site and there was no sign of erosion and the grass had firmly rooted in to the soil.

As part of the works we also turfed a large area next to the slope and landscaped the main entrance. We are now responsible for the ongoing grounds maintenance of the sports centre and surrounding park.

westminster-soil-erosion-small-1 westminster-soil-erosion-small-2