We are scheduled to visit all areas to carry out grass cutting on a fortnightly schedule. Our teams will cut and also collect the arising’s as per WHG specification. We carry out 16 summer visits from March to October once every ten working days depending on weather conditions.

To find when grass was last cut on your street, simply type your street name into the Search box below.

Haybarn GroveLast Season
Bruton AvenueLast Season
Stoke Prior, Weston HallLast Season
St Johns RoadLast Season
Teddesley Street 2Last Season
Walsall StreetLast Season
Western Avenue 1Last Season
Wenlock GardensLast Season
Wilkinson Road 1Last Season
Alexandra WayLast Season
Clarendon PlaceLast Season
Mob LaneLast Season
Cook RoadLast Season
Shireview RoadLast Season
Evesham Crescent 1Last Season
TownfoldLast Season
Trent RoadLast Season
York RoadLast Season
Glastonbury Crescent 8Last Season
Hollands PlaceLast Season
BroadmeadowLast Season
Coltham Road 1Last Season
Cornwall GateLast Season
Cumberland Road 1Last Season
Essington Road 1Last Season
Fletcher RoadLast Season
Holly Close 2Last Season
Holman Close 2Last Season
Johnson RoadLast Season
Glyn Avenue 4Last Season
Glyn Avenue 6Last Season
Ince Road 2Last Season
Rudge Close 2Last Season
Bottle Kiln RiseLast Season
Castle View Road 5Last Season
Poplar AvenueLast Season
Stroud CloseLast Season
Tennyson Road 5Last Season
Churchill Road 1Last Season
Edinburgh Avenue 2Last Season
Bilston LaneLast Season
Littleton RoadLast Season
Moxhull Gardens 1Last Season
Brookhill Close 2Last Season
Cannock RoadLast Season
Chauncer Avenue 1Last Season
Chauncer Avenue 2Last Season
Threshers Drive 3Last Season
Livingstone RoadLast Season
Chesterfield CourtLast Season
Mulberry PlaceLast Season
Mulberry RoadLast Season
New Street 1Last Season
Roche WayLast Season
Kings Deer RoadLast Season
Millfield RoadLast Season
Valley RoadLast Season
Walker PlaceLast Season
Walker RoadLast Season
Woodall StreetLast Season
Roberts CloseLast Season
Sadler RoadLast Season
Streets Corner GardensLast Season
Bentley Place 2Last Season
Bescot StreetLast Season
Bloxwich RoadLast Season
New Street 2Last Season
Reedswood Gardens 2Last Season
Rochford CloseLast Season
Sandwell StreetLast Season
South StreetLast Season
Southbourne Avenue 1Last Season
Swallows PlaceLast Season
St Thomas CloseLast Season
Stanley Road 1Last Season
Villiers Street 2Last Season
Weston CloseLast Season
Willenhall Street NorthLast Season
Wolverhampton Road 1Last Season
Buildwas CloseLast Season
Lodge GroveLast Season
Easby WayLast Season
Evesham Crescent 2Last Season
Station RoadLast Season
Green LaneLast Season
Cumberland Road 2Last Season
Dorchester Road 2Last Season
Drancy Avenue 2Last Season
Jones RoadLast Season
Keats Road 1Last Season
Glyn Avenue 3Last Season
Ince Road 1Last Season
Kellingley GardensLast Season
Rosedale PlaceLast Season
Bengrove CloseLast Season
Castle View Road 2Last Season
Oak AvenueLast Season
Shepherds Drive 2Last Season
Stroud Avenue 3Last Season
Dendron CloseLast Season
Noose Crescent 1Last Season
Noose Crescent 2Last Season
Bloxwich Road SouthLast Season
Broadmeadows CloseLast Season
Cherwell Drive 1Last Season
Wolverson Close 2Last Season
Wordsworth RoadLast Season
Harley CloseLast Season
Herbert RoadLast Season
Neath RoadLast Season
Odell CrescentLast Season
Parker Street 1Last Season
Lindon Drive 1Last Season
Stokes StreetLast Season
Whitby CloseLast Season
Shannon DriveLast Season
Dartmouth CloseLast Season
Ely PlaceLast Season
Gower Street 2Last Season
Hough Road 1Last Season
New Mills StreetLast Season
Penkridge CloseLast Season
Rutter Street 2Last Season
Rutter Street 3Last Season
Slaters PlaceLast Season
Southbourne Avenue 2Last Season
FaxfleetLast Season
Devereux GardensLast Season
Thickett CloseLast Season
Poplar CloseLast Season
Rowlands AvenueLast Season
St.Lawrence Way 2Last Season
Star CloseLast Season
Upper Forster StreetLast Season
Warewell CloseLast Season
Wellington StreetLast Season
Whitehouse AvenueLast Season
Willenhall StreetLast Season
Wolverhampton Street 1Last Season
Wolverhampton Street 2Last Season
Wolverhampton Road 3Last Season
Buxton RoadLast Season
Bonnington WayLast Season
Chatsworth Crescent 2Last Season
Clockmill RoadLast Season
Coal Heath LaneLast Season
Floyds LaneLast Season
Little CommonLast Season
Maple DriveLast Season
Radford DriveLast Season
Rowley PlaceLast Season
Drake CloseLast Season
Foster StreetLast Season
Glastonbury Crescent 4Last Season
Heather Road 2Last Season
Castlefort Road 1Last Season
Castlefort Road 2Last Season
Coltham Road 2Last Season
Dorchester Road 1Last Season
Lilac GroveLast Season
Reapers CloseLast Season
Beacon ViewLast Season
Birmingham StreetLast Season
Locket CloseLast Season
Monarch Grove 1Last Season
Monarch Grove 2Last Season
Paddington Walk 1Last Season
Sowers CloseLast Season
Spring Lane 2Last Season
Cottle CloseLast Season
Dyson CloseLast Season
Astoria Close 2Last Season
Lodge StreetLast Season
Mitre CloseLast Season
Brereton Road 1Last Season
Brookhill Close 1Last Season
Clift Close 1Last Season
Mersey RoadLast Season
Mossley CloseLast Season
Cherwell Drive 2Last Season
Friezland LaneLast Season
Fullelove Road 1Last Season
Oystercatcher GroveLast Season
Watling StreetLast Season
Bath Street 2Last Season
Caledon StreetLast Season
Chesnut PlaceLast Season
Darlaston RoadLast Season
Laneside Gardens 2Last Season
Moorside Gardens 3Last Season
Old BirchillsLast Season
Oswin PlaceLast Season
Pleck RoadLast Season
Proffitt StreetLast Season
Reedswood Gardens 1Last Season
Ryecroft PlaceLast Season
St.Lawrence Way 1Last Season
Stanley Road 4Last Season
Union Street 1Last Season
Western Avenue 2Last Season
Wolverhampton Street 3Last Season
Abbotts Street 2Last Season
Wolverhampton Road 2Last Season
Woodwards PlaceLast Season
Wycliffe Grove 1Last Season
Wycliffe Grove 2Last Season
Autumn DriveLast Season
Bonner GroveLast Season
Chepstow RoadLast Season
Chepstow Way 2Last Season
Collingwood DriveLast Season
Gainsborough Crescent 2Last Season
Hampton GroveLast Season
Coalway RoadLast Season
New Street 3Last Season
Springfields 1Last Season
Croxdene AvenueLast Season
Field RoadLast Season
Sycamore CloseLast Season
Trevor RoadLast Season
Windsor GroveLast Season
Glastonbury Crescent 1Last Season
Glastonbury Crescent 2Last Season
Glastonbury Crescent 6Last Season
Heather Road 1Last Season
Bradbury CloseLast Season
Castlefort Road 4Last Season
Devon RoadLast Season
Farmhouse Road 1Last Season
Greadier StreetLast Season
Huntington RoadLast Season
Farmbridge Close 3Last Season
Pimbury RoadLast Season
Rose Hill Gardens 2Last Season
Rugeley Avenue 1Last Season
Bell Close 3Last Season
Montgomery RoadLast Season
Paddington Walk 2Last Season
Spring Lane 1Last Season
Farmbridge Close 1Last Season
Brookhill Close 3Last Season
Clarkes Lane 2Last Season
Spout Lane 2Last Season
Ingram PlaceLast Season
Mackay RoadLast Season
Clayhanger RoadLast Season
Clifton AvenueLast Season
Parker Street 2Last Season
High StreetLast Season
Kingshayes RoadLast Season
Lindon Drive 2Last Season
Wye RoadLast Season
Alderley CrescentLast Season
Watling Street NewtownLast Season
Beatrice StreetLast Season
King StreetLast Season
Mill PlaceLast Season
North StreetLast Season
Norwich RoadLast Season
Reservoir Close 1Last Season
St Georges PlaceLast Season
Broad LaneLast Season
CopcutLast Season
Tame CloseLast Season
Trees RoadLast Season
Sutton RoadLast Season
The GreenLast Season
Wedge CourtLast Season
Whitehall RoadLast Season
Abbotts PlaceLast Season
Wolverhampton Road 4Last Season
Allens LaneLast Season
Bickley RoadLast Season
Barracks PlaceLast Season
Cleeve RoadLast Season
Dumblederry CourtLast Season
Gretton CrescentLast Season
Moss CloseLast Season
Stanley Road 2Last Season
Dee RoadLast Season
Deeley PlaceLast Season
Sunnymead WayLast Season
Goscote PlaceLast Season
Blakemore RoadLast Season
Farmhouse Road 2Last Season
Harvesters Road 2Last Season
Holman Close 1Last Season
Glyn Avenue 1Last Season
Horton CloseLast Season
Pinson RoadLast Season
Mill StreetLast Season
Paddington Walk 3Last Season
Cook Street 1Last Season
Bassett Close 2Last Season
Kipling Road 1Last Season
Kipling Road 2Last Season
Clarkes Lane 1Last Season
Clift Close 2Last Season
Threshers Drive 1Last Season
Hollybank CloseLast Season
Kirkstall CloseLast Season
Kirkstall CresentLast Season
Dingle RoadLast Season
Tyler GardensLast Season
Wolverson Close 1Last Season
Kennet CloseLast Season
Poplar RoadLast Season
Yew Tree PlaceLast Season
Poxon Road 2Last Season
Walsall Wood RoadLast Season
Walton RoadLast Season
Bentley Place 3Last Season
Cartbridge CrescentLast Season
Chester Place 1Last Season
Friezland RoadLast Season
Gower Street 1Last Season
Moorside Gardens 1Last Season
Walnut CloseLast Season
Cheddleton CloseLast Season
LakesideLast Season
Norton HallLast Season
Station StreetLast Season
Steppingstone CloseLast Season
Warner RoadLast Season
Watery LaneLast Season
Wiley Avenue SouthLast Season
Wilkinson Road 2Last Season
Central CloseLast Season
Chatsworth Crescent 1Last Season
Gainsborough Crescent 4Last Season
Lawley CloseLast Season
St Andrews AvenueLast Season
Deer CloseLast Season
Fisher RoadLast Season
Fishley LaneLast Season
Summer LaneLast Season
Beech Tree RoadLast Season
Harden GroveLast Season
Harrison CloseLast Season
Hollemeadow AvenueLast Season
Brickyard RoadLast Season
Brookfield RoadLast Season
Cedar AvenueLast Season
Clothier GardensLast Season
Coleridge Close 1Last Season
Heath Road 1Last Season
Glyn Avenue 5Last Season
Heathfield LaneLast Season
Rose Hill Gardens 1Last Season
Rudge Close 1Last Season
Bell Close 2Last Season
Stroud Avenue 2Last Season
Tennyson Road 3Last Season
Tennyson Road 6Last Season
Charnwood CloseLast Season
Churchill Road 2Last Season
Bentley Lane 2Last Season
Keats Road 2Last Season
LeacroftLast Season
Lichfield RoadLast Season
Moxhull Gardens 2Last Season
Byron RoadLast Season
Tildesley DriveLast Season
Irvine RoadLast Season
Lancaster PlaceLast Season
Margam WayLast Season
Trentham Avenue 1Last Season
Trentham Avenue 3Last Season
William Harper RoadLast Season
Alexander Road 1Last Season
Almond AvenueLast Season
Penn CloseLast Season
Marklew CloseLast Season
Stowe StreetLast Season
The Green 1Last Season
Tintern CrescentLast Season
Warren PlaceLast Season
Bescot RoadLast Season
Carl StreetLast Season
Carless StreetLast Season
Jerome RoadLast Season
Lewis StreetLast Season
Milton PlaceLast Season
Somers RoadLast Season
South Street GardensLast Season
Spout Lane 1Last Season
Tansey GreenLast Season
Haywood HouseLast Season
Slim Road 2Last Season
Walsall RoadLast Season
West Bromwich StreetLast Season
Wilkes AvenueLast Season
Woodwards RoadLast Season
Bittern CloseLast Season
Charles Crescent 1Last Season
Copse CrescentLast Season
Friary CrescentLast Season
Gainsborough Crescent 1Last Season
Lichfield Road 2Last Season
New Street 4Last Season
Springfields 2Last Season
Dabchick GroveLast Season
Dartford RoadLast Season
Fountains RoadLast Season
Glastonbury Crescent 3Last Season
Brook CloseLast Season
Brookland RoadLast Season
Drancy Avenue 3Last Season
Durham AvenueLast Season
Field StreetLast Season
Harvesters Road 1Last Season
Farmbridge Close 4Last Season
Glyn Avenue 2Last Season
Kendrick RoadLast Season
Leighton RoadLast Season
Ravenscroft RoadLast Season
Sandland Road 1Last Season
Shelley RoadLast Season
Castle View CloseLast Season
Michael RoadLast Season
Stroud Avenue 1Last Season
Stroud Avenue 4Last Season
Tennyson Road 4Last Season
Kempthorne GardensLast Season
Lichfield Road 1Last Season
Trentham Avenue 2Last Season
Trinity RoadLast Season
Wychbold CloseLast Season
Greenwood RoadLast Season
Sherbourne CloseLast Season
Peake RoadLast Season
Warbler GroveLast Season
Waverley RoadLast Season
St James WalkLast Season
Bath Street 1Last Season
Bentley Lane 1Last Season
Bentley Place 1Last Season
Brewer StreetLast Season
Butts StreetLast Season
Chester Place 2Last Season
Hough Road 2Last Season
Hough Road 3Last Season
Hucker RoadLast Season
Ripon RoadLast Season
Roebuck PlaceLast Season
Scarborough CloseLast Season
Sovereign WalkLast Season
Booth CloseLast Season
Broad Lane GardensLast Season
The WillowsMiddlepark RoadLast Season
Hemlock WayLast Season
Oberon GroveLast Season
Hamstead CloseLast Season
St Matthews CloseLast Season
Teddesley Street1Last Season
Benton CrescentLast Season
Chase RoadLast Season
Chepstow Way 1Last Season
Charles Crescent 2Last Season
Gainsborough Crescent 3Last Season
Grange CrescentLast Season
Hilary DriveLast Season
Cresswell Crescent 1Last Season
Myatt AvenueLast Season
Oakley AvenueLast Season
Shelton DriveLast Season
Stanley Road 3Last Season
Westbrook AvenueLast Season
Hardy RoadLast Season
Bridgwater CloseLast Season
Essington Road 2Last Season
Heath Road 2Last Season
Peel CloseLast Season
Sandland Road 2Last Season
Banfield RoadLast Season
Bell Close 1Last Season
Castle View Road 4Last Season
Lime Avenue 1Last Season
Lime Avenue 2Last Season
Linden CloseLast Season
Shepwell GreenLast Season
Tennyson Road 1Last Season
Tennyson Road 2Last Season
Cobden StreetLast Season
Cook Street 2Last Season
Curtin DriveLast Season
Alton AvenueLast Season
Astoria Close 1Last Season
Bassett Close 1Last Season
Lowry CloseLast Season
Brereton Road 2Last Season
Threshers WayLast Season
Millfield AvenueLast Season
East StreetLast Season
Netley Road 2Last Season
Romsey WayLast Season
Selby WayLast Season
Severn RoadLast Season
Hodgkins CloseLast Season
Ogley RoadLast Season
Parade ViewLast Season
Poxon Road 1Last Season
Robson CloseLast Season
Vicarage CloseLast Season
Bentley New StreetLast Season
Bescot CrescentLast Season
Wyre CloseLast Season
Dale StreetLast Season
Emery StreetLast Season
Kent CloseLast Season
Milton CloseLast Season
Moorside Gardens 5Last Season
Reservoir StreetLast Season