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The care of trees, from planting to maintenance, is essential for both safety and environmental reasons. Many trees live for hundreds of years providing habitats for wildlife. Trees also create an aesthetic impact within our landscape and, most importantly, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Continental Landscapes’ tree services division has teams of highly trained and fully equipped arborists, backed up by skilled surveyors. The expert service provided ranges across internal decay assessments, surveying, pruning, felling, cable bracing and stump grinding.

About the arboricultural work programme

To find out when trees in your area are scheduled for work please click here.

To see a map of tree-work related activity please click here (not currently available)

Please note that the tree work programme is under constant review. Whilst every attempt is made to keep the programme as up-to-date and accurate as possible we are unable to include emergency works or amendments to daily work schedules. The works on individual trees may also be altered if new problems or defects are detected during the actual work. This programme is a guide rather than a fixed schedule. The team also operate a twenty four hour emergency call out procedure.