Wolverhampton Homes

Wolverhampton Homes are responsible for a number of very large areas of shrub planting, particularly in housing estates. Shrub planting around the city improves the general environment for all residents and adds colour to many of the large housing estates. We carry out horticultural maintenance to shrubs in order to produce foliage colour or flowers. Shrubs that form boundaries or divisions are often treated as hedges.

Shrub beds will be visited once a month for litter removal, weed clearance and light trimming. More severe formal pruning of shrubs is carried out to an approved professional standard during the winter months.

The shrub pruning operation produces a large volume of green waste: clippings, leaves and branches. Most of this waste is processed through a chipping machine and re-distributed on to the site where the work was done as it is more environmentally friendly than loading the materials to vehicles to take away for tipping.


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Any material which cannot be processed and left on site is taken to our depot in Willenhall and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.