Dalmuir Park Housing Association


In November 2017 we commenced a contract with Dalmuir Park Housing Association for the maintenance of all their housing areas in the Dalmuir and Old Kilpatrick areas of Clydebank. This covers the provision of the grounds maintenance service to open housing areas, tenements and sheltered accommodation sites. The contract has a term of 3 years and 5 months.

The full scope of the contract work includes:-

  • Grass cutting to all areas on a two week cycle.
  • Fortnightly litter picking of hard surfaces.
  • Maintenance of shrub, rose and flower beds to maintain weed free.
  • Herbicide application to hard surfaces to control weeds and moss
  • Hedge maintenance and hedge cutting
  • Annual tree maintenance of all mature trees
  • Maintenance of hanging baskets and window boxes
  • Power washing bin store areas
  • Gritting of un-adopted paths and roadways
  • A 24 hour emergency call out service when required

To effectively provide the service we employ dedicated staff on the contract through the summer. The contract is being operated, managed and supervised form the main depot in Livingston.

This contract requires close liaison with the client and the clerk of works, we achieve this through the attendance of our manager and supervisor at the monthly progress meetings

On the linked page in the menu you can see the records/schedules in your area for the previous and future visits.
Dalmuir Park Housing Association Works Schedule

Please enter your location or street in Search box to find the date of last and next visit.


Please enter your location or street in Search box to find the date of last and next visit.
Site NameLast Visit DateNext Visit Date
Glebe Court01/11/2023Apr-24
Iona Crescent01/11/2023Apr-24
Adelaide Court01/11/2023Apr-24
Scott Street - Evens31/10/2023Apr-24
Burns Street - Odds31/10/2023Apr-24
Burns Street - Evens31/10/2023Apr-24
Pattison Street - Odd01/11/2023Apr-24
Pattison Street - Evens01/11/2023Apr-24
Dunn Street02/11/2023Apr-24
Stewart Street - Odds02/11/2023Apr-24
Stewart Street - Evens02/11/2023Apr-24
Pub Roof - Weekly Litter03/11/2023Apr-24
Stewart Street - Evens03/11/2023Apr-24
The Crescent23/10/2023Apr-24
The Crescent - Weekly Litter23/10/2023Apr-24
Nairn Place24/10/2023Apr-24
Nairn Street24/10/2023Apr-24
Dalmuir Park Office and Garden24/10/2023Apr-24
595 - 629 Dumbarton Road,25/10/2023Apr-24
513 - 581 Dumbarton Road25/10/2023Apr-24
491 - 507 Dumbarton Road25/10/2023Apr-24
421 - 481 Dumbarton Road25/10/2023Apr-24
396 - 404 Dumbarton Road25/10/2023Apr-24
340 - 352 Dumbarton Road25/10/2023Apr-24
School House26/10/2023Apr-24
Riddel Street26/10/2023Apr-24
Ailsa Drive26/10/2023Apr-24
Please note these dates may be affected by adverse weather conditions

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