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We provide a comprehensive range of grounds maintenance and street cleansing services tailored to meet all our clients’ needs. Maintaining green spaces, including grass, shrubs, and flower beds. Keeping public areas clean by controlling weeds, clearing snow, and maintaining street cleanliness. We also deliver a full range of flexible and efficient playground management services, arboricultural serices, cemetery management and maintenance, and winter services.


Grounds Maintenance

We work with many local authorities, associations and private clients to deliver the highest-quality, customer focused service supporting the local communities, while continuing to sustain and improve high standards of maintenance.

We deliver high-quality standards of maintenance throughout the whole service area as well as achieving Green Flag Awards and In Bloom Awards for those clients that desire these accolades. We maintain these successes against a backdrop of significant budget restraint for our customers. The knowledge and expertise of our professional management teams enables us to deliver excellent levels of customer service, together with safe and secure facilities.

We demonstrate on-going commitment to managing parks, cemeteries and open spaces by improving standards and achieving high customer satisfaction levels with users. Our trained, professional team assists with continuing development and improvement of parks and open spaces. We maximise the positive role the parks service can contribute to climate change mitigation, and evidence the measures taken, and we commit to the continued development of community engagement and volunteering.

Our in-house works management system delivers work schedules for staff and customers, ensuring accurate service delivery. An online portal accessed by staff using mobile devices ensures real time data updates and transparency.

Key elements of the service

Amenity and intensive turf care
Sports facility maintenance
Weed control
Seasonal bedding/planter schemes
Litter control
Tree and shrub bed maintenance
Cemetery facilities management
Event management
Hard surface cleansing
Winter gritting/snow clearance


Play Services

Continental Landscapes has a wealth of qualified playground expertise, from design and installation of play areas to regular inspection and maintenance of equipment.

We deliver a flexible and efficient playground management service, delivering best value and quality, utilising our RoSPA-trained staff to provide a complete inspection and repair service for play equipment and safety surfaces.

We manage inspection and maintenance services using both bespoke and off the shelf reporting systems to provide detailed records of inspection and repair as well as a scheduled programme of maintenance for each item of equipment.

Key Features of the Service

Our supply chain includes all leading manufacturers of both play equipment and safety surfaces for:



Street Cleansing

One thing that detracts from a quality built environment is the evidence of litter and detritus. We know that clean streets can lift not only the appearance of an area, but foster increased community spirit through providing a clean, safe environment that people can be proud of, and subconsciously promote increased social responsibility through the use of litter receptacles, as people are less likely to drop litter on a clean street.

Our operations are highly visible and we regard our street cleansing staff as ambassadors for the areas they work in, providing a public service that is competent, caring and responsive.

Our focused approach using skilled, motivated operatives who care about the neighbourhoods they work in, delivers excellent proactive services that are unrivalled in the consistent quality standards achieved.

We are proud to work for high profile local authorities, delivering street cleansing services that contribute to cleaner, greener and safer environments for residents, visitors and businesses. Our clients include:

London Borough of Wandsworth
Bracknell Forest Council
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

All have diverse environments with different demands, requiring flexible working arrangements and a range of methodologies to achieve the required standards of cleanliness.

Delivering Excellent Street Cleansing Services

In addition to keeping the streets free from litter, graffiti, fly-tipping, weeds and incidental spills on a daily basis, we provide effective clean-up both before and after special events, including:

The Olympic Cycling Race
International Rugby at Twickenham, including the World Cup
The Varsity Boat Race

Each of our current contracts has its own bespoke services developed to suit the neighbourhoods, inner city commercial centres, residential areas, townships, parks and rural communities in which we work.


Environmental Services

Fly Tipping
Fly tipping is illegal and has financial, environmental and health implications to local communities. In 2014-15 there were over 900 thousand incidents of fly tipping in England with an estimated clean up cost of over £50 million. Fly tipping presents hazards to people and animals from items such as drums of toxic waste, asbestos sheeting, syringes and unused drugs and, depending on the nature of the waste and its location, there can also be water and soil pollution.
We work with a number of local authorities to identify and remove fly tipping, utilising specifically trained teams. We assist authorities to obtain evidence to be used in any future prosecution and provide waste statistics regarding the nature of material removed.

Gully Cleansing
We have been delivering gully cleansing services to a wide range of local authorities since 1990, including Cumbria County Council, Lancashire County Council, Isle of Wight Unitary Council and London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. We own a fleet of purpose-built gully cleansing vehicles as well as a range of specialist ancillary equipment.

Low Volume Combination units (LVC)
The LVC is an entry-level vehicle that provides an excellent solution for emptying and cleaning roadside gullies in an efficient manner. It is also equipped with high and low pressure water jetting hoses to clear gully connections and domestic drains. The vacuum tank can also be used to empty septic tanks and cesspools.
These vehicles are used for day to day gully emptying. They have a split tank front compartment with a capacity of 800 gallons for clean water and rear compartment holding 1000 gallons for dirty water and sludge.

Medium Volume combination units (MVC)
Our MVC vehicles are highly developed, multi-functional machines ideal for working on mainline sewers, gullies and drains. It includes all the features of the LVC, but also has up-rated jetting performance and the benefit of years of focused research and development. The result of this investment is a very efficient standard package. The fundamental difference and upgrade is apparent with the fitting of the large hydraulically powered jetting hose reel to the rear door. This machine can clean pipe work up to 15inches and a root cutter can be used by attaching to the jetting hose. The water delivery is 18 gallons per minute and the pressure is 1800 psi.

Trailer mounted jetters
Our trailer mounted machines are used predominantly for those places which are difficult to access. The jetters are frequently used to unblock drains for households. The water carrying capacity of the jetter is 200 gallons, delivering up to 8 gallons of water per minute. The pressure can be adjusted to suit individual circumstances, with a range from 1000psi up to a maximum of 4500psi.

Graffiti Removal
Despite the occasional pieces which may be deemed as street art, most instances of graffiti are often simplistic tags that need to be safely removed. We have the trained technical expertise and modern, well-maintained and presented machinery to deliver a timely, safe and professional graffiti removal service. All our operatives are all NVQ level 2 trained in graffiti removal.
Photographic evidence is produced both for internal and external reporting purposes, including for police or local authority enforcement.
We utilise a range of high pressure jet washers and surface-specific solvents and wipes to remove graffiti in a safe and sustainable manner, protecting the surrounding environment and water courses.


Arboricultural Services

The care of trees forms an integral part of the management work we undertake for our clients and is essential to ensure the health of the existing trees as well as providing a safe environment for the facility users. Continental Landscapes provide the complete range of tree management and maintenance services throughout the UK using experienced staff supplied with the latest equipment.

Apart from routine tree surgery and maintenance we also undertake tree inspections and detailed tree surveys supported by management plans for the future maintenance of the tree stock. We utilise Picus Tomography equipment to provide non-invasive analysis of trees, detecting decay which may otherwise be missed, and use a number of computer software systems such as Ezytreev, ESRI ArcGIS and our in-house Oracle based management system to record detailed tree surveys. This enables us to produce comprehensive reports and ensure the correct maintenance of our client’s tree stock.

In addition to the management of the existing tree stock we Continental Landscapes also design replacement planting plans for our clients and have experienced staff who undertake the planting of new and replacement trees to ensure the continuity of the local environment for future generations. We design and implement suitable schemes or provide advice to our clients to meet budgetary constraints and the requirements of their customers.

The delivery of these specialist services require teams of professional staff trained to the highest level equipped with modern access machinery and equipment. All the staff we employ on tree surgery work hold the relevant NPTC certificates, ensuring they are competent and able to provide the full spectrum of work encountered. We support this with regular refresher training and employ arboricultural apprentices to ensure the continuity of professional staff within the industry.

Key elements of the service

The range of services we provide includes:

Crown lifting/crown thinning/dead wooding
Crown reduction/re-shaping/pollarding
Stump grinding
Bracing/stability testing
Pest and disease control
Diagnosis and treatment of tree problems
Detailed tree inspections and surveys
Compressed air/nutrient injection
Tree planting
Commercial forestry work
24-hour emergency callout service


Winter Services

We offer a 24-hour service with specialist gritting and snow-clearing vehicles and equipment to service effectively everything from large car parks to public footpaths.

By constantly monitoring weather conditions in the specific areas where we operate, we can ensure that your staff, visitors and residents can access your site and their homes safely all year round.

Nationwide service

We provide a winter service on a proactive or reactive basis throughout the whole of the UK from our numerous depots, from the south of England to Aberdeen in Scotland.

Proactive agreements

Staff local to the sites respond to specific agreed temperature thresholds, with data supplied independently by the Met Office “Open Road” forecasting system. The service can be supplied 5, 6 or 7 days a week dependent on the requirements of the client and their site.

Gritting procedures

We carry out gritting either during or outside normal working hours so as to reduce the disruption to the business or residential location.

24 hour response

Contact numbers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to emergency call-outs if needed.

Modern equipment

All equipment is designed for purpose. Salt spreaders and ploughs can be controlled from the cab, allowing the application rate and spread to be altered to suit the weather conditions and the layout of each individual site.


We use white and red salt which meets with BS 3247:2011 quality standards. We are also able to apply liquid salt either from vehicles or by controlled pedestrian knapsacks. We work with optimum stock levels to ensure that the service we provide will not be disrupted by shortages.


We operate to Road Department specifications on application rates and are able to control the width of spread so as not to harm soft landscaped areas.

Health and safety

All our staff are issued with appropriate thermal/high visibility workwear and are trained and experienced in the use of the equipment. All equipment is properly lit so it is very visible to all road users and pedestrians.


We provide daily reports on the works undertaken. Using vehicle tracker information from our partner Chameleon Tracking, we can detail when vehicles arrive and leave sites. Invoicing will detail the days on which work was undertaken and will be raised weekly or monthly as preferred by the client.

Contact your nearest depot for more information and a quote.

Merseyside – 0151 678 5398
Oxfordshire – 01869 344000
Scotland – 01506 441622
Or for elsewhere send us a message via our contact us page.

Key benefits of the service

Nationwide service
Proactive agreements
Gritting procedures
24 hour response
Modern equipment
Salt spreading/gritting delivered to BS 3247:2011 standard
Health and safety


Bereavement Services

Continental Landscapes have been maintaining and operating cemeteries, crematoria and bereavement services for over 25 years. Our services are based on providing:

Best practice procedures and burial services
ICCM qualified bereavement services managers
ICCM COTS trained staff
Industry-leading risk management and health and safety procedures
Excellent horticultural expertise relevant to cemeteries and crematoria
Educational activities based on local history, heritage and biodiversity
Biodiversity and conservation policies to maximise the environmental benefit of unique urban sites
Excellent professional customer interface and community engagement

Our excellent bereavement services have been recognised by the attainment of national awards such as Cemetery of the Year, 8 London in Bloom Gold awards and 7 current Green Flag Awards for cemetery sites across the country.

Together with customer high-user satisfaction records and the added value we can offer through our experienced bereavement services experience and wider, we will continue with the innovative development of the cemetery and bereavement services. We offer resources for future development as centres of excellence in:

Nature conservation


Sports & Leisure

Sports services

Continental Landscapes offer a professional sports management service, embracing a comprehensive range of facilities which includes athletics, rugby, football, golf, tennis and bowls. We have developed this expertise since the inception of the company in 1989.

Our nationwide offices enable us to service all our clients’ needs, be it the design and construction of new sports facilities, the maintenance of public sports facilities or the administration of public grounds. Our clients include schools, colleges, local authorities and private sports clubs.

Whatever the requirements, Continental Landscapes is committed to achieving results of the highest standard delivering professionalism and quality.


We operate a diverse mixture of facilities which provide recreational opportunities to the public. They include sites within local authority contracts and also private sector organisations. The service we provide includes the maintenance of the facilities and the management of booking services to ensure the smooth operation of the sites. We also have the capacity to design new facilities to meet the requirements of our clients. For example, we designed and installed a crazy golf course in Windermere which included the capital investment to purchase the equipment, as well as the installation and the subsequent operation of the service for the public.

To accommodate the need for interactive play provision within parks we have expert teams who undertake the installation and subsequent inspection and management of play facilities, something which we deliver to an excellent level of health, safety and welfare for our customers.

Within our company we utilise a number of bespoke computer software programmes to manage the leisure facilities. This includes specific programmes for sports booking, playground inspections and the management of allotment facilities. Such systems ensure we are able to deliver our contracts and provide our clients within transparent audit trails if there is a requirement.

We work closely with our clients to optimise and improve continually the content and standard of the facilities, including investment of our own financial resources to assist this process.

Key areas of expertise:

Bowling greens
Athletics fields
Golf courses
Equipment supply
Drainage and irrigation
Shared-risk finance to develop facilities


Landscape Construction

Continental Landscapes undertake landscape construction projects on a routine basis. We were initially established in 1989 to implement a large landscape project near London and we have continued our involvement in this sector ever since. We have the experience, ability and local management teams to achieve the requirements of our clients and the contract demands.

With this sector of work provision of skilled staff is essential. We therefore have our landscape construction staff certificated to CSCS requirements and we have implemented the appropriate health and safety procedures to enable us to undertake all facets of work and comply with CDM requirements including that of Principal Contractor.

Our professional landscape design is skilfully implemented to provide an opportunity to create an improved environment for future generations. It is therefore critical, as with any long-term investment to achieve the best results. We are able to offer a service from preparation through to construction and maintenance.


Fighting Dirty Campaign

Litter dropping and dog fouling has been an ongoing problem in the Richmond borough. Various discussions and meetings have taken place between the Council, residents and local friends groups in order to address the situation. An initiative of the local Councillors and in collaborations with the park department and Continental landscapes Fighting Dirty campaign was initiated in September 2000.

The campaign has attracted much attention by various people as well as organisations. It has raised awareness of the significant problems residents…….

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