Knowes Housing Association


In 2016 we commenced a contract with Knowes Housing Association for the maintenance of all their housing areas in the Faifley area of Clydebank in Glasgow. This covers the provision of the grounds maintenance service to open housing areas, front and rear gardens and to several sheltered accommodation sites.

Knowes Housing Association Open Spaces

The schedule for Knowes open spaces is


Knowes open spaces
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Site NameLast Visit DateNext Visit Date
Craighaw Street31/10/2023Apr-24
Knowes HA Offices31/10/2023Apr-24
Field Road01/11/2023Apr-24
Burnbrae Street01/11/2023Apr-24
Craigton Street01/11/2023Apr-24
Swallow Road02/11/2023Apr-24
Swallow Road 202/11/2023Apr-24
Douglasmuir Road03/11/2023Apr-24
Orbiston Drive03/11/2023Apr-24
Orbiston Place03/11/2023Apr-24
Craigpark Street03/11/2023Apr-24
Craigbanzo Street23/10/2023Apr-24
Lawmuir Crescent23/10/2023Apr-24
Whitehill Crescent23/10/2023Apr-24
Abercorn Street24/10/2023Apr-24
Quarryknowe Street24/10/2023Apr-24
Bryson Street24/10/2023Apr-24
Schaw Drive24/10/2023Apr-24
Langfaulds Crescent24/10/2023Apr-24
Limekilns Street24/10/2023Apr-24
Langside Street24/10/2023Apr-24
Watchmeal Crescent24/10/2023Apr-24
John Burnside Drive26/10/2023Apr-24
Middleward Street26/10/2023Apr-24
Lennox Drive26/10/2023Apr-24
Ferclay Street27/10/2023Apr-24
Abbeylands Road27/10/2023Apr-24
Faifley Road27/10/2023Apr-24
Flanders Street25/10/2023Apr-24
Waulkingmill Road26/10/2023Apr-24
Knowes View27/10/2023Apr-24
Auchnacraig Road27/10/2023Apr-24
Barry Quadrant27/10/2023Apr-24
Foxknowe Gardens30/10/2023Apr-24
Jamieson Court30/10/2023Apr-24
Veitches Court30/10/2023Apr-24
Dunn Street30/10/2023Apr-24
Please note these dates may be affected by adverse weather conditions

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