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In collaboration with Waverley Borough Council, Continental Landscapes are delighted to have secured the grounds maintenance contract for the borough of Waverley. The contract commenced on November 1st 2019 and has the potential to run for 15 years.

We will be responsible for all parks, open spaces and road side features that are owned by Waverley. Maintenance of sports facilities is incorporated in the contract, residents and sports clubs are able to book facilities on line using our inter-active service.

Significant investment has been made providing a brand new fleet of vehicles and equipment. This has been sourced with both the user, and the environment in mind using the most advanced machinery currently available. As more advanced equipment is produced, our renewal program will ensure that the fleet remains at the cutting edge of technology.

Sports pitch bookings can be made on the Sports Bookings page.

Grass cutting schedules can be found in the schedules section.
Waverley Meet The Team
We have a dedicated team out on the ground in Waverley.
Led by Operations Manager Paul Ford
Ably assisted by Supervisors Andrew Smith
Gary Cox
David Cheesman
And Contract Administrator Julie Walker.
Waverley Grass Cutting Schedules

We cut approximately 1.7 million square metres of grass in the Waverley area. It is cut to a number of standards and schedules, details can be found below:

Playgrounds/Senior Living areas/Housing Estates Schedule

Playgrounds/Senior Living areas/Housing Estates are cut fortnightly in season. Next scheduled cut will be approximately 14 days after last cut. Grass cutting season starts 1st March and continues through to October.

Blunden Court07 May 2024
Ockford Ridge15 May 2024
Holloway Hill Recreation Ground16 May 2024
Aarons Hill Recreation Ground15 May 2024
Bourne Recreation Ground14 May 2024
Crownpits Recreation Ground15 May 2024
Langhams Recreation Ground13 May 2024
Oast House Crescent Recreation Ground13 May 2024
Sicklemill Play Area13 May 2024
Wentworth Close16 May 2024
Rowlys17 May 2024
Moat Lodge16 May 2024
Border Road Playground10 May 2024
Farnham Park - Adventure17 May 2024
Old Park Close13 May 2024
Phillips Memorial Ground13 May 2024
Oak Cottages15 May 2024
Hatchetts Drive - Play Area & Surrounding Grass14 May 2024
Middlefield20 May 2024
Queensway Open Space17 May 2024
Bowring House09 May 2024
Dower House13 May 2024
Springfield Play Area09 May 2024
Chiddingfold Recreation Ground14 May 2024
Badshot Lea Green13 May 2024
Beldhams Play Area14 May 2024
Canon Bowrings Recreation Ground16 May 2024
Mardens Recreation Ground17 May 2024
Roman Way Play Area15 May 2024
The Chantrys17 May 2024
Rolston House15 May 2024
Falkner Court25 Apr 2024
Riverside Court21 May 2024
Hascombe Recreation Ground02 May 2024
Abbotts Cottages09 May 2024
Broadwater Park14 May 2024
Farnham Park - St. James13 May 2024
Grayswood Recreation Ground15 May 2024
Lashmere Recreation Ground17 May 2024
White Cottage Close13 May 2024
Tilford Road Play Area08 May 2024
Malthouses16 May 2024
College Gardens13 May 2024
Hale Recreation Ground13 May 2024
Baldreys Play Area10 May 2024
Beacon Hill Recreation Ground14 May 2024
Heath End Recreation Ground09 May 2024
High Lane Recreation Ground15 May 2024
Morley Road Recreation Ground13 May 2024
Shepherds Court21 May 2024
Combe Road Recreation Ground08 May 2024
Haslemere Recreation Ground14 May 2024
Rowledge Recreation Ground14 May 2024
Longbourne Green Play Area16 May 2024
Recreation Grounds & Open Spaces Schedule

Recreation Grounds & Open Spaces are cut fortnightly in season. Next scheduled cut will be approximately 14 days after last cut. Grass cutting season starts 1st March and continues through to October.

Sandy Hill Topfield17 Apr 2024
High Lane Recreation Ground03 May 2024
Wrecclesham Recreation Ground17 May 2024
Haslemere Recreation Ground07 May 2024
Hascombe Recreation Ground08 May 2024
Burys Field03 May 2024
Crown Court Car Park10 May 2024
Farnham Park13 May 2024
Hale Recreation Ground13 May 2024
Runfold Recreation Ground09 May 2024
Broadwater Park13 May 2024
Morley Road Recreation Ground20 May 2024
Badshot Lea Recreation Ground07 May 2024
Weybourne Recreation Ground07 May 2024
Heath End Recreation Ground09 May 2024
Woolmer Hill Recreation Ground02 May 2024
Sandy Hill Open Space17 Apr 2024
Hale Reeds Recreation Ground09 May 2024
Rowledge Recreation Ground03 May 2024
Bourne Recreation Ground07 May 2024
Beacon Hill Recreation Ground07 May 2024
Seymour Road Open Space03 May 2024
Grayswood Recreation Ground02 May 2024
Holloway Hill Recreation Ground07 May 2024
Crownpits Recreation Ground03 May 2024
Canon Bowrings Recreation Ground03 May 2024
Verges, Housing Estates, Cemeteries Schedule

Verges, Housing Estates, Cemeteries are cut every 3-4 weeks in season. Next scheduled cut will be approximately 28 days after last cut. Grass cutting season starts 1st March and continues through to October.

Fox Road16 May 2024
Bardsley Drive20 May 2024
Middlefield20 May 2024
Garden Close08 May 2024
Chapel Court14 May 2024
Mare Street02 May 2024
Mare Lane02 May 2024
Tyndalls - Hindhead House - Hindhead10 May 2024
Fir Tree Avenue10 May 2024
College Gardens13 May 2024
Birch Road10 May 2024
Chestnut Way - The Range08 May 2024
Fernbank13 May 2024
Lucas Field13 May 2024
Broadwater Lane15 May 2024
Abbey Court07 May 2024
Badgers Close13 May 2024
Beech Tree Drive09 May 2024
Vicarage Lane07 May 2024
Coxbridge Meadow10 May 2024
Oglethorpe Court10 May 2024
Bramley Cemetery09 May 2024
Ockford Ridge13 May 2024
The Buntings07 May 2024
Links Close17 May 2024
Windrush Close08 May 2024
Weycourt Close14 May 2024
Hare Lane09 May 2024
Underhill Close10 May 2024
West Hill Close08 May 2024
Glen Court Flats - Beacon Hill10 May 2024
Russell Court15 May 2024
The Meads10 May 2024
Hillcroft13 May 2024
Weycombe Road Flats15 May 2024
Crossways Close07 May 2024
Parkhurst Fields21 May 2024
Wells Cottages16 May 2024
St James Court09 May 2024
Bricksbury Hill25 Apr 2024
Roman Way16 May 2024
St Peter & Pauls ChurchyardLast Season
Upfold Close16 May 2024
Brambles Court17 May 2024
Wyatts Close14 May 2024
Weycourt14 May 2024
Nightingale Road10 May 2024
Latimer House13 May 2024
Combe View14 May 2024
Cherry Tree Lane13 May 2024
Parsons Green21 May 2024
Derby Road Cemetery08 May 2024
The Old Orchard07 May 2024
Home Park Close08 May 2024
Peperharow Road10 May 2024
Hill House - Beacon Hill10 May 2024
St Christophers Close16 May 2024
Aitken House07 May 2024
Gorselands06 May 2024
Rankine Close08 May 2024
Haven Way16 May 2024
Hadrians09 May 2024
Sycamore Court, Godalming10 May 2024
Newcome Road09 May 2024
St Johns The Evangelist Church09 May 2024
Thursley Road Cemetery15 May 2024
Dewlands Close16 May 2024
Church View10 May 2024
The Glade09 May 2024
Bankside Close09 May 2024
Vernon Court25 Apr 2024
Brockhurst Cottages15 May 2024
Queensway Orchard17 May 2024
The Glebe17 May 2024
Stewards Rise15 May 2024
Arthur Road16 May 2024
Stonepit Close13 May 2024
Manor Fields14 May 2024
Springhaven15 May 2024
Queens Mead15 May 2024
West Cottages10 May 2024
Broom Squires - Hindhead10 May 2024
George Denyer Close17 May 2024
Fieldway - Community Wardened Housing13 May 2024
Wessex Place17 May 2024
Merlins Close16 May 2024
Peakfield21 May 2024
Cherry Tree Close16 May 2024
Shottermill Cemetery03 May 2024
St Stephens Churchyard09 May 2024
St Bartholomews Cemetery08 May 2024
St Andrews Churchyard09 May 2024
Ladymead Cottages08 May 2024
St Andrews (Housing)17 May 2024
Woodyers Close08 May 2024
Old Station Way10 May 2024
Charterhouse Road10 May 2024
Bargate Court13 May 2024
Thorfield15 May 2024
Pathfield Close14 May 2024
Chilcroft Road13 May 2024
Border End10 May 2024
Shepherds Hill Bungalows13 May 2024
Redhearn Fields17 May 2024
Weavers Gardens17 May 2024
Lovett House09 May 2024
Squirrels Close10 May 2024
Millstream07 May 2024
Greenhanger07 May 2024
Hill Crest09 May 2024
The Chantrys17 May 2024
Willow Mead14 May 2024
Weycombe Road Cemetery09 May 2024
Waverley Sports Booking

Continental Landscapes is responsible for the hiring of sports facilities within the Borough of Waverley.

Teams and individuals wishing to play either league or non-league football, cricket and rugby fixtures on Waverley Recreation Grounds can book sports pitches via Continental Landscapes.

Invoices are normally sent to the team or organiser after the match has been played, however, please see our Terms and Conditions which show full details on hiring Council-owned facilities.
Please read these before making a booking > Terms & Conditions of Hire

To make a booking click here
Enquiries & Complaints

Should you have any queries about the services we provide to Waverley Borough Council, or wish to register a complaint about any aspect of the service, please contact us via our Contact page. We will investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

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