Third Sector Plus™ is a model designed to engage local people, businesses and other stakeholders in the running of local services, particularly landscape maintenance and improvement work. It responds to the challenge by central government to localise services, whilst ensuring statutory requirements are always met. It also helps to release local authority resources at a time when they are facing ever-increasing funding challenges.

Volunteers and full-time employees are co-ordinated locally by our local management teams. This means the synergies of using volunteers to add value to local authority managed greenspaces is fully explored, to the benefit of the communities that use them. Guidance and support on local initiatives is provided by our national team of biodiversity, conservation management and community relations specialists.

One of our main objectives is to improve the areas we operate in and to this end we support charities and groups who play an active role in improving their local community. These organisations range from local sports clubs to large national charities. We offer financial assistance in the form of donations and sponsorship. In addition to this we make our resources and expertise available to assist them in projects they wish to undertake.