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Recreation Grounds & Open Spaces are cut fortnightly in season. Next scheduled cut will be approximately 14 days after last cut. Grass cutting season starts 1st March and continues through to October.

Beacon Hill Recreation Ground30 Apr 2021
Broadwater Park29 Mar 2021
Badshot Lea Recreation Ground09 Apr 2021
Weybourne Recreation Ground22 Apr 2021
Heath End Recreation Ground23 Apr 2021
Hale Recreation Ground09 Apr 2021
Haslemere Recreation Ground31 Mar 2021
Canon Bowrings Recreation Ground29 Apr 2021
High Lane Recreation Ground26 Apr 2021
Seymour Road Open Space29 Apr 2021
Hascombe Recreation Ground29 Apr 2021
Crown Court Car Park06 May 2021
Wrecclesham Recreation Ground14 Apr 2021
Holloway Hill Recreation Ground30 Mar 2021
Runfold Recreation Ground23 Apr 2021
Woolmer Hill Recreation Ground26 Apr 2021
Crownpits Recreation Ground30 Apr 2021
Bourne Recreation Ground21 Apr 2021
Grayswood Recreation Ground08 Apr 2021
Sandy Hill Open Space23 Apr 2021
Farnham Park22 Apr 2021
Hale Reeds Recreation Ground09 Apr 2021
Morley Road Recreation Ground21 Apr 2021
Rowledge Recreation Ground15 Apr 2021
Burys Field28 Apr 2021
Sandy Hill Topfield23 Apr 2021


All cuts subject to weather/ground conditions.