Our shrub beds receive 8 summer maintenance visits and 1 winter maintenance visit during the year

During spring and summer season visits we:

  • Weed, or chemically treat the beds
  • Remove any litter and report fly-tipping
  • Prune shrubs back if they are causing obstructions (e.g. near windows, doorways, paths etc.)
  • Trim grass borders

During or shortly after the first visit of the growing season, herbicide may be applied in order to assist with weed control.

The winter maintenance visits include:

  • Weed the beds
  • Remove any litter and report fly-tipping
  • Prune shrubs back to one years growth.
  • Trim grass borders

Haven CloseLast Season
Comet RoadLast Season
Fairfield CloseLast Season
Homestead Road04 Jan 2022
Town CentreLast Season
Woods AvenueLast Season
Hunsdon04 Jan 2022
Chedburgh04 Jan 2022
Northwood04 Jan 2022
Chalgrove04 Jan 2022
Westly Wood04 Jan 2022
Westfield04 Jan 2022
Thundridge Close04 Jan 2022
Cecil CrescentLast Season
Jasmine GardensLast Season
Harvest MeadLast Season
CobmeadLast Season
Endymion CourtLast Season
Goldings Crescent18 Jan 2022
Old Hertford RoadLast Season
Fretherne Road19 Jan 2022
Lanefield Walk04 Jan 2022
Colgrove04 Jan 2022
Lemsford Lane04 Jan 2022
Lawrence Hall EndLast Season
Jacobs LadderLast Season
WheatfieldLast Season
Rickfield CloseLast Season
CheviotsLast Season
The WadesLast Season
MillwardsLast Season
Bridge Road East06 Jan 2022
Home Meadow04 Jan 2022
Home Ley04 Jan 2022
Moatwood Green04 Jan 2022
Creswick Court04 Jan 2022
Footpath Between Peartree Lane And Broadwater Road04 Jan 2022
Densley Close04 Jan 2022
RyecroftLast Season
Lilac CloseLast Season
Robins WayLast Season
Orchard MeadLast Season
Pentley Park06 Jan 2022
Greville CloseLast Season
Parsonage RoadLast Season
Skimpans CloseLast Season
Heath Road04 Jan 2022
Welwyn By Pass Road04 Jan 2022
Grove MeadLast Season
MarylandLast Season
Holliers WayLast Season
Hatfield Footpath 002Last Season
Foxglove CloseLast Season
Fern DellsLast Season
High DellsLast Season
Sutherland AvenueLast Season
Station RoadLast Season
Maple Grove04 Jan 2022
Eastor04 Jan 2022
Kestrel Way04 Jan 2022
Nutfield04 Jan 2022
Hitherway04 Jan 2022
Footpath Between Middlefield And LinkfieldLast Season
Hollybush LaneLast Season
Dunsters Mead04 Jan 2022
Hempstall04 Jan 2022
Footpath From Rear Of Ludwick Green To Cranborne Gardens04 Jan 2022
Wheatley Close04 Jan 2022
Upperfield Road04 Jan 2022
Dodwood04 Jan 2022
Carve Ley04 Jan 2022
Ridgeway04 Jan 2022
Hedgebrooms04 Jan 2022
Hornsfield04 Jan 2022
Kelbys04 Jan 2022
Little Hardings04 Jan 2022
Copperfields04 Jan 2022
Douglas Way04 Jan 2022
Birchwood CloseLast Season
St Peters CloseLast Season
Leysdown04 Jan 2022
Martlesham04 Jan 2022
Mendlesham04 Jan 2022
Wren Wood04 Jan 2022
Northfield06 Jan 2022
Stonecross RoadLast Season
FurrowfieldLast Season
StrawmeadLast Season
St Etheldredas DriveLast Season
French Horn LaneLast Season
Endymion MewsLast Season
Bury RoadLast Season
Onslow CloseLast Season
Parkway Gardens19 Jan 2022
Melbourne Court04 Jan 2022
Handside Lane05 Jan 2022
Purdom RoadLast Season
Merrifield CourtLast Season
Bessemer Road04 Jan 2022
Hatfield Footpath 159ALast Season
CotswoldsLast Season
SummerfieldLast Season
Scholars WalkLast Season
Far EndLast Season
Allen CourtLast Season
Athelstan Walk North04 Jan 2022
Peartree Close04 Jan 2022
Mundells04 Jan 2022
Little Dell04 Jan 2022
Sherrardspark Road04 Jan 2022
Hatfield Footpath 165Last Season
Redhall DriveLast Season
WhitebeamsLast Season
Track North East From Lemsford Village Adjacent Brocket Hall Golf Club To Great North RoadLast Season
Coombe CloseLast Season
Youngs Rise04 Jan 2022
Woodhall Lane04 Jan 2022
Coningsby CloseLast Season
Somers RoadLast Season
Canonsfield Road04 Jan 2022
Broomfield Road04 Jan 2022
Norman Road04 Jan 2022
St Marys Close04 Jan 2022
Tudor Road04 Jan 2022
Wingate Gardens04 Jan 2022
Spring GlenLast Season
Elm DriveLast Season
Honeysuckle GardensLast Season
Lamb CloseLast Season
Hare LaneLast Season
Kestrel GreenLast Season
Heron WayLast Season
Swallow GardensLast Season
HighfieldsLast Season
Sopers RoadLast Season
ColesdaleLast Season
The Swallows04 Jan 2022
Path From Crookhams Under Waterside To Bridleway 05704 Jan 2022
Flexley Wood04 Jan 2022
Robin Mead04 Jan 2022
Northway04 Jan 2022
River View04 Jan 2022
Cherry Croft04 Jan 2022
Oakdale04 Jan 2022
Uplands04 Jan 2022
Warren Dale04 Jan 2022
Hyde ValleyLast Season
Little Thistle04 Jan 2022
Sheepcote04 Jan 2022
Little Lake04 Jan 2022
Dayemead04 Jan 2022
Wellcroft Road04 Jan 2022
Little Ganett04 Jan 2022
Salisbury Road04 Jan 2022
Kingscroft04 Jan 2022
Millfield04 Jan 2022
Poplars04 Jan 2022
BaldwinsLast Season
Birchall Wood04 Jan 2022
Russett Wood04 Jan 2022
Batford Close04 Jan 2022
High Wickfield04 Jan 2022
De Havilland CloseLast Season
Lemsford RoadLast Season
Stockbreach RoadLast Season
QueenswayLast Season
CornerfieldLast Season
Worcester RoadLast Season
Somersham04 Jan 2022
Alconbury04 Jan 2022
French Horn Lane - Queensway Roundabout UnderpassLast Season
Great North RoadLast Season
School LaneLast Season
CorncroftLast Season
Endymion RoadLast Season
Hatfield Footpath 007Last Season
Brain CloseLast Season
Hatfield Footpath 11520 Jan 2022
Attimore Road04 Jan 2022
Attimore Close19 Jan 2022
Stonebank19 Jan 2022
Marsden Green19 Jan 2022
The BroadwayLast Season
Kennelwood LaneLast Season
Wood Vale19 Jan 2022
Stanley DriveLast Season
Grove LeaLast Season
St Audreys CloseLast Season
Knella Road04 Jan 2022
By The Mount04 Jan 2022
Moss Green04 Jan 2022
Mill Green Road04 Jan 2022
Templewood04 Jan 2022
Redhall CloseLast Season
Manor ParadeLast Season
Cycleway Under Manor RoadLast Season
Turmore Dale19 Jan 2022
Vine Close04 Jan 2022
Old Farmhouse MewsLast Season
Carvers Croft04 Jan 2022
Lockleys Drive04 Jan 2022
The Green04 Jan 2022
Briars CloseLast Season
AldykesLast Season
Coney CloseLast Season
Lark RiseLast Season
Poplars CloseLast Season
The SidingsLast Season
Sloansway04 Jan 2022
Footpath Between Rowans And Hertford Road04 Jan 2022
Lumbards04 Jan 2022
Margery Wood04 Jan 2022
Haymeads04 Jan 2022
Redwoods04 Jan 2022
Beehive Lane04 Jan 2022
Boundary CourtLast Season
Mount WayLast Season
The Croft04 Jan 2022
Green AcresLast Season
Moorlands04 Jan 2022
Sandpit Road04 Jan 2022
Linces WayLast Season
Corners04 Jan 2022
HillyfieldsLast Season
Langstone Ley04 Jan 2022
BarndicottLast Season
Hardings04 Jan 2022
The Holt04 Jan 2022
Aldbury Grove04 Jan 2022
Gaddesden Grove04 Jan 2022
The ArcadeLast Season
The Common17 Jan 2022
Talbot RoadLast Season
Chelwood AvenueLast Season
Lockley CrescentLast Season
Stanborough RoadLast Season
Subway Footpaths Under Briars Lane RoundaboutLast Season
Panshanger Drive04 Jan 2022
Stapleford04 Jan 2022
Andrewsfield04 Jan 2022
Landbeach04 Jan 2022
Chelveston04 Jan 2022
Roseacre Gardens04 Jan 2022
Waterfield04 Jan 2022
Wareside Close04 Jan 2022
Wyton04 Jan 2022
Waterbeach04 Jan 2022
Link Drive18 Jan 2022
Howe DellLast Season
Old French Horn LaneLast Season
Link Close18 Jan 2022
Bennett CloseLast Season
Church StreetLast Season
Bull Stag GreenLast Season
Hatfield Footpath 070Last Season
Osborn Way04 Jan 2022
Longcroft Gardens19 Jan 2022
Stonehills19 Jan 2022
Guessens Court18 Jan 2022
Guessens Grove04 Jan 2022
Guessens Road05 Jan 2022
The Quadrangle05 Jan 2022
Stanborough Close04 Jan 2022
Stanborough Green04 Jan 2022
Springfields04 Jan 2022
Church LaneLast Season
Kingsley Court18 Jan 2022
Southdown CourtLast Season
Martinfield04 Jan 2022
Ravenfield Road19 Jan 2022
Peartree Lane04 Jan 2022
Holwell Road04 Jan 2022
Little Mundells04 Jan 2022
Brooms Close04 Jan 2022
College Way04 Jan 2022
Cooks WayLast Season
Broom CloseLast Season
Hatfield AvenueLast Season
Gresley Close04 Jan 2022
Pitsfield04 Jan 2022
Wilkins Grove19 Jan 2022
Welham ManorLast Season
Harmer Green Lane04 Jan 2022
Wickfield Close04 Jan 2022
Briars WoodLast Season
Feather DellLast Season
Sycamore AvenueLast Season
Dellfield RoadLast Season
Firs CloseLast Season
Maple CloseLast Season
Primrose CloseLast Season
Martin CloseLast Season
Magpie WalkLast Season
Badger WayLast Season
Deerswood AvenueLast Season
IndellsLast Season
Roe Hill CloseLast Season
Bramble RoadLast Season
CrossbrookLast Season
Northaw Road WestLast Season
Dawley19 Jan 2022
Swanhill04 Jan 2022
Lodgefield04 Jan 2022
Pippens04 Jan 2022
Greenfield04 Jan 2022
Digswell Park Road04 Jan 2022
Shoplands18 Jan 2022
Tilecroft04 Jan 2022
Drycroft06 Jan 2022
Pinnate Place05 Jan 2022
Boundary Lane05 Jan 2022
Golden Dell04 Jan 2022
Homestead LaneLast Season
Caponfield04 Jan 2022
Cotters Croft04 Jan 2022
Howicks Green04 Jan 2022
Moorend04 Jan 2022
The Commons04 Jan 2022
Footpath Between House 7 Dayemead And HowlandsLast Season
Pinewood04 Jan 2022
Great GanettLast Season
Claycroft04 Jan 2022
Bakers Grove04 Jan 2022
The Paddocks04 Jan 2022
Long Ley04 Jan 2022
Lords WoodLast Season
Sylvandale04 Jan 2022
Hurst Close04 Jan 2022
Ploughmans End04 Jan 2022
The Squirrels04 Jan 2022
Graveley Dell06 Jan 2022
Crawford RoadLast Season
Birchwood AvenueLast Season
Little MeadLast Season
Wellfield Close17 Jan 2022
West View10 Jan 2022
Lindbergh04 Jan 2022
Lincoln Close04 Jan 2022
Stirling Way18 Jan 2022
Whitethorn04 Jan 2022
Thistle Grove04 Jan 2022
Windhill04 Jan 2022
Yew Grove04 Jan 2022
Howardsgate06 Jan 2022
Burfield Close10 Jan 2022
BatterdaleLast Season
Stag Green Avenue20 Jan 2022
Lodge Drive20 Jan 2022
Bridge Road05 Jan 2022
Stacklands04 Jan 2022
High Oaks Road04 Jan 2022
Chequers FieldLast Season
Hatfield Footpath 159Last Season
College LaneLast Season
Bishops RiseLast Season
BrickfieldLast Season
The Spinney04 Jan 2022
Peartree Court04 Jan 2022
Beechfield Road04 Jan 2022
Minster CloseLast Season
Shallcross CrescentLast Season
Redhall LaneLast Season
Broad AcresLast Season
Mill CloseLast Season
Days MeadLast Season
Walden Place04 Jan 2022
Meadow DellLast Season
Meadow CroftLast Season
Roe Green LaneLast Season
Haseldine MeadowsLast Season
Oxlease DriveLast Season
ChennellsLast Season
Footpath Between Indells And Fern DellsLast Season
The Pastures04 Jan 2022
Cycleway Subways At Junction Of Mundells And Bessemer Road04 Jan 2022
Nursery Gardens18 Jan 2022
Monkswood04 Jan 2022
Viaduct Way04 Jan 2022
Beehive Green04 Jan 2022
Camfield04 Jan 2022
Leigh CommonLast Season
Hall Grove04 Jan 2022
Oaktree Garth04 Jan 2022
Gainswood04 Jan 2022
Heronswood Road04 Jan 2022
Herns Lane04 Jan 2022
Little RiversLast Season
Strawfields04 Jan 2022
New Wood04 Jan 2022
Nettlecroft04 Jan 2022
Brooksfield04 Jan 2022
JackdawsLast Season
Forresters Drive04 Jan 2022
Ramblers Way04 Jan 2022
Glenwood04 Jan 2022
The Shaws04 Jan 2022
Access Road West From Black Fan Road Roundabout To Morrisons Superstore And Car Park04 Jan 2022
Buttercup CloseLast Season
Hatfield Footpath 136Last Season
Town Fields17 Jan 2022
Wellfield Road10 Jan 2022
Cotton FieldLast Season
Crop CommonLast Season
Tempsford04 Jan 2022
Widford Road04 Jan 2022
Westcott04 Jan 2022
Longmead04 Jan 2022
Stockbreach CloseLast Season
FoxhollowsLast Season
Breaks Road18 Jan 2022
Rooks Hill19 Jan 2022
Subway Footpaths And Steps Under Bridge Street Roundabout19 Jan 2022
Howlands04 Jan 2022
Bush Hall LaneLast Season
Wood Close20 Jan 2022
Mcdonald CourtLast Season
High ViewLast Season
The DownsLast Season
ChilternsLast Season
Ash DriveLast Season
HollyfieldLast Season
Path From St Audreys Close To Deerswood AvenueLast Season
Groom Place04 Jan 2022
Ludwick Way04 Jan 2022
Athelstan Walk South04 Jan 2022
Broadwater Road04 Jan 2022
Southdown RoadLast Season
Hazel GroveLast Season
NewsteadLast Season
Gorse CloseLast Season
Travellers LaneLast Season
Wigmores North19 Jan 2022
Woodhall Court04 Jan 2022
Knolles CrescentLast Season
South Way RoundaboutLast Season
Digswell Lane04 Jan 2022
Welwyn Footpath 05504 Jan 2022
High Street04 Jan 2022
Briars LaneLast Season
Oaklands WoodLast Season
Cedar RoadLast Season
Otter GardensLast Season
TomsfieldLast Season
Park RoadLast Season
Hanyards LaneLast Season
Brownfields04 Jan 2022
Haldens04 Jan 2022
Rosedale20 Jan 2022
Fallowfield19 Jan 2022
Black Fan Road04 Jan 2022
Burycroft04 Jan 2022
Monks Rise04 Jan 2022
Maidensfield04 Jan 2022
Harwood Close04 Jan 2022
Marley RoadLast Season
Little Wade06 Jan 2022
The Wade06 Jan 2022
Ryelands06 Jan 2022
Coltsfoot04 Jan 2022
Boxfield04 Jan 2022
Longlands Road04 Jan 2022
Ethelred Close04 Jan 2022
Duncan Close04 Jan 2022
Walnut Grove06 Jan 2022
West Mead04 Jan 2022
Wheatley Road04 Jan 2022
Verulam Close04 Jan 2022
Tansycroft04 Jan 2022
Bunnsfield04 Jan 2022
Grove MeadowLast Season
Poppyfields04 Jan 2022
Dalewood04 Jan 2022
Hatfield Footpath 001Last Season
Footpath From 63 Little Mead To 55 Drovers WayLast Season
Branch CloseLast Season
HillfieldLast Season
St Michaels ViewLast Season
Wood CommonLast Season
Heyford Way17 Jan 2022
Halifax Way04 Jan 2022
Waterford Green04 Jan 2022
Wellington Drive04 Jan 2022
Witchford04 Jan 2022
Footpath From House 6 Harvest Mead To House 2 CobmeadLast Season
GlebelandLast Season
Beaconsfield RoadLast Season
Salisbury SquareLast Season
Park StreetLast Season
Church Road19 Jan 2022
The Campus Roundabout06 Jan 2022
Parkway19 Jan 2022
Longcroft Lane06 Jan 2022
Parkfields19 Jan 2022
Barleycroft Road04 Jan 2022
Footpath Between The Old Drive And Handside Lane05 Jan 2022
Heather RoadLast Season
Chambers Grove06 Jan 2022
ChequersLast Season
Track South From Ascots Lane To Caravan SiteLast Season
Garden AvenueLast Season
Northdown RoadLast Season
DownsfieldLast Season
Bridgefields04 Jan 2022
The Reeds04 Jan 2022
Edgars Court04 Jan 2022
Goblins Green04 Jan 2022
Broadwater Crescent04 Jan 2022
Tewin Road04 Jan 2022
Blakemere Road04 Jan 2022
Digswell Rise04 Jan 2022
The Vineyard04 Jan 2022
Lane EndLast Season
Furzen CrescentLast Season
BradshawsLast Season
Woodpecker CloseLast Season
Willow WayLast Season
Leaside CloseLast Season
Dellsome LaneLast Season
Somers SquareLast Season
Old Forge Close04 Jan 2022
Mimram Road04 Jan 2022
Dove CourtLast Season
Eagle WayLast Season
HaltsideLast Season
Blythway20 Jan 2022
The BoulevardLast Season
Rowans04 Jan 2022
Crookhams04 Jan 2022
Quickbeams04 Jan 2022
Salmon Close04 Jan 2022
Harwood Hill04 Jan 2022
Holly Walk04 Jan 2022
South LeyLast Season
Four Acres06 Jan 2022
Sweet BriarLast Season
Autumn Grove04 Jan 2022
East Mead04 Jan 2022
Bassingburn Walk04 Jan 2022
Furzefield Road04 Jan 2022
Walnut Court06 Jan 2022
Bushey Ley04 Jan 2022
Daniells04 Jan 2022
Broomhills04 Jan 2022
Little Ridge04 Jan 2022
Hocklands04 Jan 2022
Amwell Common04 Jan 2022
Pelham Court04 Jan 2022
Bader Close04 Jan 2022
Ely CloseLast Season
Market PlaceLast Season
Hatfield Avenue/Comet Way RoundaboutLast Season
Drovers WayLast Season
Pond CroftLast Season
Great HeathLast Season
St Albans Road WestLast Season
Wrestlers CloseLast Season
Mitchell Close04 Jan 2022
Oakington04 Jan 2022
Upper Shot04 Jan 2022
Watchlytes04 Jan 2022
The Campus05 Jan 2022
Orchard WayLast Season
St Albans Road EastLast Season
Path North From French Horn Lane Subway Pst St Lukes Church To Rear Of Ashley CourtLast Season
Rectory Gardens18 Jan 2022
Old Rectory DriveLast Season
Fore StreetLast Season
Hatfield Footpath 113Last Season
Rooks Close04 Jan 2022
Guessens WalkLast Season
Barnside Court05 Jan 2022
The Holdings20 Jan 2022
Lime Tree CourtLast Season
Cherry WayLast Season
Bedwell Close04 Jan 2022
Knightsfield04 Jan 2022
Great Dell04 Jan 2022
Digswell Road06 Jan 2022
Acacia StreetLast Season
HawthornesLast Season
Tudor CloseLast Season
Daffodil CloseLast Season
Manor RoadLast Season
Wigmores South19 Jan 2022
Well Garth04 Jan 2022
Holloways LaneLast Season
Garden Road04 Jan 2022
Prospect Place04 Jan 2022
Days CloseLast Season
HillcrestLast Season
Birch DriveLast Season
Raven CourtLast Season
Falcon CloseLast Season
Linnet WalkLast Season
Finch CloseLast Season
VeritysLast Season
Thrush AvenueLast Season
Tolmers RoadLast Season
Nursery HillLast Season
Archfield04 Jan 2022
The Firs04 Jan 2022
Ingles04 Jan 2022
Picketts04 Jan 2022
Summer Dale04 Jan 2022
Corn Mead04 Jan 2022
KirklandsLast Season
Rollswood06 Jan 2022
Lady Grove05 Jan 2022
Harebell05 Jan 2022
Service Road West Of Hollybush Lane Serving Shops Parade And The Hollybush PhLast Season
Mountway Close04 Jan 2022
Homestead CourtLast Season
Hurstlings04 Jan 2022
Archers Ride04 Jan 2022
The Jinnings04 Jan 2022
Moorside04 Jan 2022
Cole Green Lane04 Jan 2022
Salisbury Gardens04 Jan 2022
Rosemoor Close04 Jan 2022
Two Acres06 Jan 2022
Wellcroft Close04 Jan 2022
Great Break04 Jan 2022
BreakmeadLast Season
Birds Close04 Jan 2022
Stoneycroft04 Jan 2022
Moors Walk04 Jan 2022
Great Conduit04 Jan 2022
Chalk Dale04 Jan 2022
Buddcroft04 Jan 2022
Appletree Way04 Jan 2022
Cowslips04 Jan 2022
Chilton Green04 Jan 2022

All maintenance subject to weather/ground conditions.