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We last visited the assets listed below on the date given.
Our intended schedule for premium grass cutting work is to revisit the site weekly between April and September, and fortnightly in March, October and November.

We carry on cutting in the inclement weather and will only miss or delay a cut if we find we are causing damage such as leaving ruts, or there is a health and safety issue.

Our grass cutting machines are fitted with special tyres, to enable working on grassed areas during wet weather. Sometimes when the ground conditions are wet the disturbed surface soil appears to stain the grass, however this is superficial and no damage has actually occurred and will soon wash out. It may look unsightly for a day or two. However if we were to delay the cut due to wet weather for several days, this will cause more damage and mess, therefore we continue to cut the grass when some people may not expect us to.

Our teams are very well experienced and have cut the grass in Leeds for several years, and found that this system works.

To find your street simply type its name into the 'Search' box.

LocationLast Cut
Pinfold Lane30 Jul 2020
Fifth Avenue30 Jul 2020
Midland House30 Jul 2020
Holmsley Field Court30 Jul 2020
Town Street29 Jul 2020
Woodhall Grove30 Jul 2020
Carrfield Lane03 Aug 2020
Moor Haven Court30 Jul 2020
Queenswood Court29 Jul 2020
Moor Avenue29 Jul 2020
Woodlea Mount31 Jul 2020
Hollins Grove31 Jul 2020
Stony Rock Court30 Jul 2020
Spring Close Gardens03 Aug 2020
White Laithe Croft03 Aug 2020
Preston Lane31 Jul 2020
Wickham Avenue29 Jul 2020
St Marys Walk30 Jul 2020
Greenhow Close29 Jul 2020
Larkfield Mount28 Jul 2020
Northfield Place30 Jul 2020
Brookleigh27 Jul 2020
Church Close30 Jul 2020
Westbourne Crescent03 Aug 2020
Belle Vue Road Estate03 Aug 2020
Greengate30 Jul 2020
High Ridge Court30 Jul 2020
Pembroke Grange30 Jul 2020
Adams Croft03 Aug 2020
Arthington Court03 Aug 2020
Holly Road29 Jul 2020
Temple Lawn30 Jul 2020
The Crescent28 Jul 2020
Wayland Approach Estate03 Aug 2020
Springfield Mount28 Jul 2020
Dawsons Corner Bungalows03 Aug 2020
Churchill Flats03 Aug 2020
Halliday Court03 Aug 2020
Newton Court29 Jul 2020
Sir Karl Cohen Square30 Jul 2020
The Grove -Finkle Lane03 Aug 2020
Eltham Court29 Jul 2020
The Square29 Jul 2020
Farrar Court03 Aug 2020
The Link30 Jul 2020
Whitelaithe Court03 Aug 2020
Armley Grove Place30 Jul 2020
Sharp Lane Sheltered Housing03 Aug 2020
Church Lane30 Jul 2020
St Mathias Court29 Jul 2020
Billing View28 Jul 2020
Fairfield Avenue28 Jul 2020
Nursery Garth31 Jul 2020
Albert Square28 Jul 2020
Shakespeare Close29 Jul 2020
Westerton Close28 Jul 2020
Ashton Crescent29 Jul 2020
Windmill Green29 Jul 2020
Siegen Close03 Aug 2020
Button Hill Sheltered Housing30 Jul 2020
Brooklands Ave30 Jul 2020
Mount Pleasant31 Jul 2020
New Road / Ashton Crescent29 Jul 2020
Carrfield Estate03 Aug 2020
Hawthorn Road28 Jul 2020
Whitley Croft03 Aug 2020
Myerscroft / Leacroft03 Aug 2020
Otley Lane29 Jul 2020
Henshaw Avenue28 Jul 2020
Bennett Court03 Aug 2020
Stanley Grove29 Jul 2020
Middleton Park Green03 Aug 2020
St Augustines Court30 Jul 2020
Broadfields / Broadgate Drive28 Jul 2020
Main Street30 Jul 2020
Thornhill Court29 Jul 2020
Water Lane27 Jul 2020
Potternewton Heights30 Jul 2020
Primrose Hill Garth30 Jul 2020
Cross Hills Court30 Jul 2020
Westfield Grove31 Jul 2020
Old Road -Minster OAP Flats30 Jul 2020
The Oval28 Jul 2020
Hillcreast Close30 Jul 2020
Ashlea Court27 Jul 2020
Stanningley Court27 Jul 2020
Parsons Green30 Jul 2020
Greenfold30 Jul 2020
Walton Road / Durrant Close30 Jul 2020
Claremont Grove27 Jul 2020
Richardshaw Lane / Rutland Court03 Aug 2020
Hawthorn Avenue28 Jul 2020
St Andrews Court28 Jul 2020
Church Approach03 Aug 2020
Winrose Drive03 Aug 2020
Westbourne Drive03 Aug 2020
Dulverton Court03 Aug 2020
Coldcotes Walk30 Jul 2020
Wharfedale Court Pool03 Aug 2020
Ireland Crescent03 Aug 2020
Naburn Court03 Aug 2020
Ramsgate Crescent28 Jul 2020
Birch Road31 Jul 2020
Potternewton Court30 Jul 2020
Whitelaithe Garth03 Aug 2020
Cross Grasmere Street30 Jul 2020
Home Lea29 Jul 2020
Fink Hill28 Jul 2020
Whingate Court29 Jul 2020
Wellington Gardens28 Jul 2020
Saddlers Walk31 Jul 2020
Albion Street29 Jul 2020
Crimbles Place03 Aug 2020
Greenside03 Aug 2020
Valley Ridge31 Jul 2020
Newton Close29 Jul 2020
Jumbles Court29 Jul 2020
Cranmore Green03 Aug 2020
Royds Court30 Jul 2020
Churchfield LaneLast Season
High Ridge Park30 Jul 2020
Sandon Mount03 Aug 2020
Balm Road03 Aug 2020
Chapel Lane -Haworth Court28 Jul 2020
Wood Lane28 Jul 2020
Fearnley Place30 Jul 2020
Gibson Lane31 Jul 2020
Churchville Drive30 Jul 2020
Belle Isle Circus03 Aug 2020
Nursery Way31 Jul 2020
Oak Place28 Jul 2020
Rycroft Green Sheltered Housing27 Jul 2020
Walton Road30 Jul 2020
York Road30 Jul 2020
Stanhope Gardens28 Jul 2020
Hill Crest30 Jul 2020
Westbourne Gardens03 Aug 2020
Carlton Lane29 Jul 2020
Saville Close29 Jul 2020
Garden House Close30 Jul 2020
Blackburn Court29 Jul 2020
Primrose Hill Close30 Jul 2020
Victoria Street31 Jul 2020
Grange Court03 Aug 2020
Cardinal Gardens03 Aug 2020
Montague Road29 Jul 2020
Stead Lane29 Jul 2020
Burnsall Court30 Jul 2020
The Grove22 Jul 2020
Union Court03 Aug 2020
Phil May Court28 Jul 2020
Broom Nook03 Aug 2020