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Continental Landscapes supply grounds maintenance services for Elderpark Housing Association within the Govan and Ibrox areas of Glasgow.

Record Sheet - Grounds Maintenance

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Site NameLocationLast Visit DateNext Visit Date
72-80 Craigton RoadGovan16/07/202030/07/2020
40-48 Craigton Road, 3-19 Nimmo DriveGovan16/07/202030/07/2020
2 Nimmo Dr, 6-28 Craigton Rd, 145-163 Crossloan Rd, 103-133 Elderpark StGovan16/07/202030/07/2020
44-82 Elderpark St, 171-189 Crossloan Rd, 49-77 Uist StGovan17/07/202031/07/2020
Community CentreGovan17/07/202031/07/2020
30 Uist StGovan20/07/202003/08/2020
The mound area (Langlands Rd & Uist St)Govan17/07/202031/07/2020
4-42 Elderpark St, 1-37 Uist St, 174-178 Crossloan Rd, Langland RdGovan27/07/202010/08/2020
16-26 Greenfield StGovan22/07/202005/08/2020
Harhill New BuildingGovan22/07/202005/08/2020
Fairfield Gds, Fairfield PlGovan22/07/202005/08/2020
Garmouth St (67, 81, 95 - backs only)Govan17/07/202031/07/2020
Garmouth Gds (Elderpark Offices)Govan17/07/202031/07/2020
St Anthony'sGovan17/07/202031/07/2020
40-44 Uist St, 201-203 Crossloan RdGovan16/07/202030/07/2020
Langlands Path (starts October 2014)Govan16/07/202030/07/2020
2 Columbia St, 59-71 Summertown Rd, 1-3 Briton St, 4 Clynder St, 1-35 Clynder St, 14-16 Brighton Pl, 17-19 Brighton Pl, 47-51 Clynder St Ibrox17/07/202031/07/2020
Rhynnie Dr, Skene Rd, Hinshellwood DrIbrox17/07/202031/07/2020